The most fashionable handbags 2013

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17 May 2016

The most fashionable handbags 2013 Trendy handbag - one of the most important and beloved women of accessories that can dramatically change your look: add the sophistication, elegance, or, on the contrary, to give it a creative nonchalance and carelessness.Neither women's fashion designer show, of course, is not without bags.

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What to choose?Convenient bag or an elegant clutch?Compact bag or a capacious bag?In the spring and summer of 2013 the world-famous fashion designers are offering us a wide selection of handbags in both size and shape, and color.

Trends handbags in 2013


most fashionable everyday option in 2013 will roomy bag with straps average length .Evening bags are mostly represented a little more than in previous seasons, miniature handbags, purses and clutches .By the way - at a time is allowed to wear a number of similar bags.


main feature, uniting all the bags of new collections - is models of restraint and simplicity .In a cut bags dominates or semicircular shape or straight clean lines .And straight and rounded lines at the same time is very rare combination.For evening bags and clutches this season is actual laconic rectangular and elongated shape , similar cases for tablet.Large rectangular handbag envelopes will be very fashionable to be used as a business bag.


among fashionable leather bags dominate, as in clothes, monochrome models bright saturated colors : deep blue, mint, bright yellow, juicy green and shades of orange and pink.For a quieter option, you can choose pastel shades of these colors, or, by the way, no less urgent warm shades of brown, beige and sand.For a festive occasion will be the most fashionable solutions shiny silver or gold handbags.


leader of fashion shows including shoes and handbags in terms of material became reptile skin .Particularly impressive it looks, combined with the usual smooth skin.Reptile skin is not inferior suede and embossed regular, twisted, rough and smooth skin , and textile fibers with pronounced .

Decorative elements

main trend for spring-summer 2013 was the emphatic simplicity of design is evident not only in the simplicity of the forms of bags, but in a minimum of decoration .For bags everyday option fashionable elements are spikes or studs, decorative handles, metal fittings, contrasting color stitching and piping.Handbags evening variant decorated with a continuous layer of glitter color, color pattern generators, or sequins.

Accents fashionable handbags for spring-summer 2013

Interesting texture

In the new season, designers have focused precisely on pronounced texture .Current trends for women's bags are the effect of the hologram, varnish and metallic leather, embossed pattern, the effect of scales.Trend will also be transparent plastic bags.

combination of two or more colors

Many models of bags of the new season will combine two or more colors .In addition, it will be possible to meet the combination of two prints and a combination of plain elements with patterns.These inserts are asymmetrical and perfectly emphasize the shape of a handbag.

underlined bulk

In 2013, this effect will be achieved mainly by style bags, as well as additional details - multilayer decorative tucks and bulk materials that emphasize the volume (lacquer, "steel" and quilted leather, shiny fabrics and weaving).

¬ęTo always be fashionable, not necessarily succumb to the standards and stereotypes" - with one voice shout at us the world-famous couturier.The last Paris Fashion Week showed us different sizes of fashionable women's handbags for spring and summer 2013 .Perhaps the most important parameter to select a favorite accessory for the summer season 2013 will form.
For you we have prepared photo galleries of the most interesting collections .

Pictures of the most fashionable women's bags in the collections of 2013

The photo below shows one of the most interesting fashion ideas in 2013: from left to right gold-pumpkin bag Tsumori Chisato , hereinafter - bag Carven .

The most fashionable handbags 2013 The most fashionable handbags 2013

This season, you can confidently implement their wildest fantasies and ideas.A striking example - the hypertrophied beach bag hoop from Chanel .Adhering to tradition, to the usual checkered finish and brand name Karl Lagerfeld to add more silicone wrap.It turned out very stylish, but unusual and very risky.Obviously, other accessories in the form of better avoided.A huge bag from Chanel hoop came almost every review of unusual accessories of the summer season of 2013.The photo below is presented as its miniature replica in red and white.

The most fashionable handbags 2013 The most fashionable handbags 2013

By the way, ladies reacted to the novelty rather ambiguous.Many believe that this bag - it's definitely not must-have of the coming warm season, and tend to believe that the bag-hoop is a rather fashionable thing of art, rather than a trend, attributing hula hoop bag for decoration.But do not forget the outrageous.The desire dandies and ladies stand out from the crowd and driven sales of similar items.
If you decide to create a strict and serious way, then, clearly, pay attention to the bags, backpacks Hermes.Classic black or soft sand - up to you, but what a backpack will serve you for a long time and is very convenient - no doubt.In addition, pleased fashionistas backpacks DKNY and Versus .Bags, backpacks, you can take a walk and shopping, they are uniquely accommodate all of the most important purchases.

The most fashionable handbags 2013 The most fashionable handbags 2013 The most fashionable handbags 2013

Another trend in 2013 - bag crystal Stella McCartney .The classic dress or suit in conjunction with the clutch will simply win-win result.Small bags from afar resembles a solar crystal, perfectly accentuate your shining beauty.
The most fashionable handbags 2013

Colors bags in this season just dazzled.Choosing fashionable handbag spring and summer of 2013, you should definitely pay attention to two trendy colors - burgundy and blue.These saturated colors look very noble and stylish, it perfectly demonstrates chic navy blue bag in the form of a portfolio of subsidiary brand Prada - Miu Miu .

The most fashionable handbags 2013 The most fashionable handbags 2013 The most fashionable handbags 2013

tone Bordeaux red and crimson shades emphasize your femininity and elegance.Especially, if the bag is made of ostrich leather, which goes out of fashion for several seasons, or any other soft leather.
The photo below shows small bag from Chanel , flap bag from Celine and translucent plastic bag Burberry Prorsum .Incidentally, the red tones are also present in the collection of Fendi.In it you can find a roomy bag with transparent inserts.

The most fashionable handbags 2013 The most fashionable handbags 2013 The most fashionable handbags 2013

Pale pink color with peach shimmer, black, white and beige tones left this season classic trendy colors.Many brands have experimented with a combination of several colors, creating a geometric abstraction.
must say that on prints for fashion handbags 2013 summer season are not very rich.Look closely at the snake prints or leopard spots, as well as traditional and checkered.Last I paid special attention to Fendi , efforts externality of the picture using a large textured weave. Guy Laroche offered bags with floral and geometric prints, allover woven garments.In general, the color of most designer handbags spring and summer of 2013 repeats the basic tone of clothing.

The most fashionable handbags 2013 The most fashionable handbags 2013 The most fashionable handbags 2013

When choosing accessories for Spring-Summer 2013 year, do not be afraid to stand out and be noticed, surely combine incongruous. Stylish, bright and beautiful bag , first, perfectly complement any of your image, and secondly, you will add confidence and contribute to the success, as well as, uniquely, will create the perfect mood.Whatever the size of the handbag of the season you choose, you will always stay in trend.