Bags and Accessories Ripani: new collections, quality, price, reviews

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18 May 2016

Bags and Accessories Ripani Mastery of the Italians, the combination of traditional and cutting-edge trends Ripani allocate products among many other manufacturers.

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content of the article:

  • Brand Ripani - history
  • For some collections are created Ripani?
  • most fashionable collections range from Ripani
  • Price fashionable bags and accessories Ripani
  • reviews of things the owners of the brand Ripani

brand handbags Ripani - history and especially

In 1965 Aldo Ripani founded a company to produce leather goods, anduntil today Ripani brand remains one of the leading manufacturers of Italy.
Distinctive features steel brand:

  • skill and professionalism employees provide a unique quality leather goods;
  • Alternative interpretation of the latest fashion trends;
  • The combination of products trendy and elegant sophistication ;
  • use the most quality materials , the latest technologies;
  • unique accessories ;
  • Design , attract attention and stand out from the crowd.

For someone created a collection of bags Ripani?

If you prefer:

  • unique style ,
  • Bright underlining their individuality ,
  • restraint in the use of accessories and moderation in detail ,
  • And most importantly - real Italian quality ,

Brand Ripani - your choice !

most fashionable collection of bags, rulers, fashion trends from Ripani


Bags and Accessories Ripani
Black handbag-clutch made of genuine leather for the season with a topical embossed under the skin of reptiles .Elegance and restraint bags will make any image of the unique and stylish.
Clutch closes with a zipper and an additional valve .External pocket purse there.Inside - one branch, which is equipped with two pockets - zip and open, in order to keep in order all the necessary stuff.
handbag can be worn only hand - optional shoulder strap there that distinguishes this model from many similar bags clutch of other firms.

Bags and Accessories Ripani

This bag reserved red decorated with a brush made of genuine leather under the base color and trademark Ripani .Spacious and stylish, it is made in the traditional classic design that makes the model relevant and practical.Rather short and unregulated handle allows to carry the bag in your hand and in the crook of the elbow.Also included is an adjustable strap for those who prefer to wear a bag on his shoulder.
bag closes with a zipper.Inside it consists of a spacious main compartment and two small pockets - zip for documents and open to mobile phone.Additional external pockets, this model is not the same.At the bottom there
metal legs .

Bags and Accessories Ripani

original pink bag with white trim made of leather.It is quite roomy, with looks compact and original.
bag is fastened with a zipper, inside it consists of a single department.Additional pockets - neither external nor internal, but this model comes complete cosmetic , which on the one hand with success will replace the usual pockets, on the other hand is the best way of complement.


Bags and Accessories Ripani

black wallet from genuine leather with a zipper.Slim and convenient, it is very functional.Necessary Office for banknotes and coins are supplemented by several compartments for cards.

Bags and Accessories Ripani

Another variant of the purse, which offers brand Ripani - Wallet button .Red color, with embossed snake skin - this model looks very stylish and original.Purse contains the necessary compartments for bills and fines, as well as the now traditional separation for multiple cards and business cards.

Price fashionable bags and accessories Ripani

Bags from Ripani are within from 5500 to 9200 rubles .
Purses company Ripani are from 3100 to 4400 rubles .

Reviews proprietresses bags Ripani

Irina, 34 years
When I first saw the bag of the brand, I really liked the design, but usually I wear the bag completely different plan.My daily "collections" - all bright, original.And these bags are attracted its soothing colors.But when I saw the price - to buy reconsidered.So how can a good quality bag cost as much?But when I saw this brand handbag from a friend - could not resist and asked what her opinion.Reviews were such that I went out and bought.And without a moment's regret.If you simply ridiculous prices (compared to other Italian brands) - amazing quality, stylish design, you can always find a model of taste and mood.I would recommend - for whatever purposes you will not pick up his bag, be sure to find something!

Anna, 26 years
very high quality bags - even welcome it with.I like them all: the quality and design, and that require a minimum of care - enough to wipe dirt rag, even special liquids for skin care do not require.
I have several different models.Originally bought - because cheap handbags, and look stylish and expensive.And then so much like the model that did not "changeĀ» Ripani.
I have four different models, and I must say that the bags hold great form: how much is not necessary to put - looks perfect.

Olesya, 20 years
good bag.Very convenient, practical.Maybe not as stylish and bright, but in almost any situation relevant: to study and go to the cafe and restaurant to go and work, and to the party.I like their capacity.And yet - the choice of colors, the combination of colors in the models.highly recommend.The price is excellent and the quality is super.

Inessa, 29, has long been
prefer Ripani.No complaints about the bags - an excellent quality choice for those who appreciate style, quality and money.

Inga, 21 years
do not understand that these bags so special.Modestly and price, and noted they did not allocate one - I would have to stand out, this is not exactly taken!When you buy yourself a bag for every day - simply took what the eye does not throw.The quality I can not complain, and about convenience, too bad I will not say anything - comfortable, solidly, but only just.Nothing original, from which one would gasp.Mediocre and soundly.But not anymore!

Assiyat, 21 years
Convenient and very practical - this is the main advantage of the company.This concerns not only shopping bags, but also purses.And most importantly - very stylish, with great taste made model.All accessories are perfectly matched.And a large variety of models - to suit every taste and color in each collection.I like the products of this company, I would recommend.