The best models of bicycles, wheelchairs for children

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15 March 2016

Through resourcefulness bicycle manufacturers, came to light a "miracle of technology" for children and parents as a tricycle Wheel.It is in this modern transport mothers with their dads transplant brood from the moment when the stroller kids are already too old, too early to buy a real bike and walking legs over long distances - hard.

What bikes wheelchairs recognized as the most comfortable?

your attention - the top 10 models.

  • 3-wheeled bicycle Lexus Trike

One of the features of these bikes - in the possibility of "growth" after the little master.That is, first - Bike Wheel with parent handle (from 1 year to 2 years), and then the traditional, comfortable and stylish three-wheeled bike.

process control the bike with the parent handle simplifies its communication with the front wheel - no stress for mom.

For safety baby - optimal arrangement of the pedals, seats and steering wheel, as well as seat belts and supplemental insurance, for comfort - soft case seats, but for ease of movement

on any roads - inflatable wheels.

average cost - 3800-8000 rubles.


  • 3-wheel bicycle with handle Puky

This bike is presented by the German manufacturer.Of the advantages - quite a wide range of models, German quality and scope "to the maximum".Solid and safe transport for children 1.5-4 years.

equipment: safety belts (all models), high and comfortable back, brake, adjustable handle (height + tilt angle) and a bag for the mother's details, trunk, convenient lock the main wheels and steering.

has 2 modes of operation - Control for mom or independent management for the baby.

Stylish, robust and reliable bike, wheelchair, rightly occupies the 2nd place in popularity.

average price - 3500-15000 rubles.

bike with handle

  • 3-wheel bike Lamborghini AIR from Azimut

for children - 1-4 years.It features bright stylish design, soothing colors, high reliability and safety.

Equipment: comfortable backrest (3 positions) and canopy-roof (3 positions), the protective bumper, reliable safety straps, soft seat, inflatable big wheels with bearings (for which most of this bike and love the parents), the parent handle,Bag and basket, and so on. Wheelchair easily transformed into a bicycle.

average cost - 4000-7000 rubles.

Bike azimut

  • 3-wheel bike Jaguar

comfortable and beautiful trucks for tots 1-4 years.

Equipment: basket and sun canopy, comfortable seating, music effects, the parent handle, and so forth.
Buyers emphasize the stability of the bicycle, a wide choice of models, reliability and design flexibility.

Average price - 2500-3000 rubles.

Bike jaguar

  • 3-wheeled bicycle Geoby

This transport is equipped with parasol and fun horn, footrest and the parent handle, good back, a basket of toys and so forth.

Bike liking andkids and moms, dads, for its lightness and compactness, safety and fun design.Designed for crumbs 1.5-3 years.

Average price - 2500-4000 rubles.

Bike geoby

  • 3-wheel bike Kettler

This bike is different from the German manufacturer of high quality materials and workmanship, safety, discreet design.

Designed for crumbs of 2-4 years.Of the features: Parental control handle for the ride (operates kid yourself), steering wheel, light weight, the presence of the basket.Seatbelts sold separately.

average price - about 10,000 rubles.

bike kettler

  • 3-wheel bike Siskin

budget, but also an ideal playground for the model.Not everyone has the opportunity to buy an expensive crumbs "trolley" for a couple of years of riding, and finch becomes different, high-quality option.

This transport can be operated in a non-stop, and the whole gang - it will be nothing.Recommended age - 2-4 years.

From pluses - rubber pads on the wheels, light weight, simple structure, convenient parent handle.

Average price - 3000-4000 rubles.

Bike finch

  • 3-wheel bike Smoby

One of the most popular models today at the Russian (and not only) moms and dads.

Bike Smobi known for its safety and quality, aesthetic appeal and technical advantages.

All models - parent lever handle and the basket, security, comfortable wheels, a tilt and so forth.

From advantages: reliability of design, maximum comfort for the child of 2-4 years.

average price - 3000-10000 rubles.

Bike smoby

  • 3-wheel bike Injusa City

Modern, comfortable transportation for children from the Spanish manufacturer.

Features: high-quality materials, stylish frame and overall design, security and adjustable back and seat, wide stable wheels parental handle (3 positions), foot and trunk, canopy, optional "spare wheel" brake for mothers andpr.

Some models can be used for brood with 5-8 months and 3-4 years.

Average price - 7000-8000 rubles.

Bike injusa

  • 3-wheel bicycle with handle Kid (Start)

According to Mom and Dad, the model can be called "Soviet" for its resemblance to a "bicycle childhood."

Budget "kids" are available with plastic or metal wheels - the choice is up to the parents.

Features: control handle, body and bag for toys, stable wheels, the back, secure the wheels with rubber tires.

of plus parents report design reliability, simplicity, "indestructibility" and maneuverability.

bike is designed for kids 2-5 years - to train cycling (long distance baby will ride hard).

Average price - 1000-1500 rubles.

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