16 best-selling toys for children 4-5 years

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16 March 2016

crumbs for 4-5 years two or three toys for little.Cozy kids microcosm baby at this age is created not only cubes and pyramids, and from many diverse toys that allow assign roles, "to reign" in their world, to learn the little things and try out new tasks.What toys for this age today the most useful and interesting?

Toys for tots 4-5 years - and board games, and stuffed animals, and toys on the radio, and designers, and more.The main thing - that they are organized, trained, disciplined kid, stimulate its development, develop social skills.
your attention - the popularity rating of toys for children 4-5 years, based on feedback from parents.

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  • 8 best toys for girls 4-5 years
  • 8 best toys for boys 4-5 years

8 best toys for girls 4-5 years

  • Interactive PUPS Baby Bon

toy like a real baby.One of the latest achievements of the German "wizards" that manufacture.This baby doll can not only blink and cry and drink from the bottle to burst gruel with a spoon, move

the handles / legs, dirty diapers and even go to the potty.By bobblehead attached (or sold separately) to make - from pots and clothes to strollers / cots, dishes, furniture, kits and so on. The use of toys: a girl learns to care for the infant learns to care for and take care of (even toy creature).PUPS Interactive develops imagination of the child and allows him to feel a little bit older, it is a kind of "training" through simulations of life.The game of daughters and mothers - a "foundation" for the development of the maternal instinct and the traditional family units in the child's mind.Approximate price - 2500-4000 p.


  • Table easel

universal thing for a child's development.It is advisable to choose an easel with the possibility of drawing with crayons, paints and so on.With multiple work surfaces, with the possibility of fixing large sheets of paper, with compartments for pens and paints.This easel can be easily folded into a nice bag and transferred without problems by hand or in the car.The set is usually present a lot of useful gizmos - from stencils themselves to drawing tools.The benefits of such a gift is beyond doubt - the development of creative thinking, fine motor skills, self-organization and so on. Approximate price - about 2,000 rubles.

  • Cubes "easy to read" (cubes Chaplygin)

very popular toy, with which for many kids to quickly and easily learn to read.If your toddler already knows the alphabet, but with the reading of the words is not coping, these cubes - your magic wand.Especially in front of the school to which there are very few.Author's technique consists in the development of the principle of reading through the game.Usually enough three days, the baby began to put the letters in the word.Approximate price - 2500 p.

  • Dance mat

This toy is designed for children from 4-5 years and up to ... infinity.There are many solutions - mats on the basis of hard and soft, with a connection to the TV and computer with a microphone and without, battery and mains, and so forth. One rug (the easiest, with a minimum of functions), you can just dance, repeating the movement on the screen.Another mat may be supplemented karaoke, automatic shutdown and so forth. What is the benefit?The advantages - the sea.This is a good mood child, and physical development, and excitement, and develop a sense of rhythm, and the desire to improve their skills (program summarizes and communicates - how perfectly danced child).It's a way to take the children (to distract them a computer) and have to move, it is an occasion for a fun time with your friends, which will save a fortune leaves mothers and fathers in the centers of entertainment.At its rug can dance for free and on any given day.Approximate price - 1000-3000 p.


  • Set plaiting bracelets from rezinochek

many types of such sets, as well as companies producing them.From ordinary rezinochek colored, with a special hook and small pendants for the baubles, the child can create, from simple bracelets and challenging - almost a work of art.Such "folk art" today is extremely popular, and even my mother happy knit these bracelets with her daughter.Methods of weaving is in the instructions and the child can easily master them himself.Advantages of toys: the development of fine motor skills, perseverance, imagination, new skills and a good time.The approximate price of a large set - 1000-2000 p.

  • Toy Antistress

pleasant to the touch, pretty, with a special filler - these toys and being asked to hand.Off impossible.In addition to the aesthetic, this toy has a fantastic therapeutic effect: special filler granules relieve mental stress, develop fine motor skills, calm the nervous system and so on. Approximate price - 500-2000 p.


  • Puzzles

Toy puzzle invented to date quite a few, but the popularity of puzzles is not falling, and growing.Use puzzles: the development of logical and creative thinking, the development of mindfulness, memory, imagination, color perception, fine motor skills and so on. Approximate price - 200-1500 p.

  • Set the young sculptor (creation of plaster figures)

entertaining and useful process, which like any creative girl.Serious skills are needed to cope with the creation of figures each child.We just need to pour into prepared forms plaster solution (to help prepare mother) wait until dry and then paint the figures in a measure of fantasy and desire.If the present set of magnets, the painted figures can be attached to a refrigerator.The benefits: the development of imagination and fine motor skills, perseverance and precision, patience.Approximate price - 200-500 p.

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8 best toys for boys 4-5 years

  • Lego

According to reviews moms and dads, this toy isout of competition.In the assembly, the famous designer and involved children and parents, with the same pleasure collecting, constructing, reconstructing the design of multi-colored parts.The reason for the popularity of the benefits of toys: a wide selection - a theme and plot, flexibility (you can pick up designer for all ages), the development of fine motor skills, color vision, creative and engineering talent, high quality toys.Approximate price - 500-5000 (above) p.

  • Machine on radio

also one of the "hits of sales" for many years.Current models of cars, but still able to "own" move enthrall every boy (and every dad).Play with toy cars is transformed into an exciting competition in which the child develops thinking, reaction, coordination of movements, and so on. Approximate price - 800-4000r.


  • Railroad

This toy was invented long ago, but even today, in the time of tablets and iPhones, is at the peak of popularity.Well, except give up even one boy from the opportunity to be a machinist?This toy does not simply give the child watches a relaxing and exciting pastime, but also help in the development of imagination, spatial thinking, fine motor skills, creativity.Approximate price - 1500-4000 p.

  • Twister

buying this game as hyperactive kids, and Tikhonov, sloths, which can not be made to move.Game, useful in all senses - for physical development, the development of a sense of balance, coordination, social skills, agility and flexibility, stress relief, and so on. Twister enthralls all the players, and most importantly - time passes not only fun, butand useful!Approximate price - about 1000 rubles.

  • Designer dinosaur (RC)

novelty on the market of designers, already loved by all fans of the dinosaurs and designers.Toy "3in1": the designer, the interactive toy dinosaur.Assembled child of bright designer dinosaur can move independently through its body embedded in the motor and the control panel.This toy will bring the child benefit in the development of fine motor skills, intelligence, accuracy and perseverance, mindfulness.Approximate price - 700-800 p.

  • Autotrack

about the track and racing know all the boys.A children's autotrack - it is an opportunity to race straight into my room.Option race track and functionality (+ equipment) auto racing depends on the size of the parental purse.This toy is successfully competing with computer games, and what is today its main advantage.Do you want to divert the child races against computer?Buy it autotrack - even developing its engineering skills, learning to work in a team, getting used to a healthy competition, gets acquainted with the principles of fair competition.To interest was even higher, you can buy auto tracking with cartoon characters that your child likes.Or with reduced replicas of these tracks and cars.Approximate price - 500-5000 p above.


  • Volume puzzles (3-D)

unique toys, colorful, fun and rewarding.If ordinary puzzles can only assemble, disassemble and clean in the box until the next time, the volume puzzles - this is an opportunity to continue with an already established structure of puzzles.The benefits: the development of fine motor skills, the basics of architecture, color vision, perseverance and care.From fragments of toys created not a flat picture and vivid figure of the volume that can be used to play, and even to decorate the interior of a child's room - knights' castles, skyscrapers, ships and airplanes, and so on. These puzzles are often attached and figures for the games story.Approximate price - 500-3000.

  • Synthesizer for child

You do not have to clutter up the room a real piano, modern synthesizers solve this problem.Pluses of the synthesizer - the sea.It's the development of musical taste and hearing a great start for professional music lessons, tutorials, ease of use, the ability to record their own tunes, adjustable volume and connect the headphones (not mad neighbors and households), the ability to take the instrument with you on your trip, andmany more.Approximate price - 1500-6000 p

Age 4-5 years - the most favorable for the full development of your baby.Choose not just a popular and vibrant, and educational toys.Let the games benefit!