First aid for head-butting the child - what to do if a child fell and hit his head?

By Admin | Children
16 March 2016

Skull baby more fragile and vulnerable than an adult.Accordingly, the risk of serious injury increases substantially.Especially, 1-year life of the crumbs when the bones have not yet grow together, and can easily slip off the strike.Kids drop out of carriages, cots, roll off the changing table and just flop out of the blue.Well, if everything will bump or bruise, but what mom if pipsqueak hit his head?

The child hit his head

content of the article:

  • Treat the place of injury after hitting the child's head
  • child fell and hit his head, but no damage
  • If any symptoms after the child's head injury is an urgent need to show the doctor

Treat the place

injury after hitting his head on the child - the rules of first aid in the cone, the wounds on his head.

If your pipsqueak hit his head, the most important thing - do not panic and do not frighten the most kid his panic.

  • soberly and coolly assess the state of the crumbs : gently shift the child on the bed and look around your head - whether visible damage (bruis
    ing or redness, abrasions on the forehead and head, a bump, bleeding, swelling, soft tissue dissection).
  • If the baby fell in the kitchen while you were turning pancakes, detail Ask crumbs - where he fell, he fell and hit some place.Unless, of course, been able to speak pipsqueak.
  • In the fall of a serious height on a hard surface (tile, concrete, etc.), Do not pull the time - immediately call an ambulance.
  • If you fall on the carpet in the game, most likely, the worst thing that is waiting for the baby - a lump, but care does not hurt.
  • Reassure the child and something to distract - hysteria increases bleeding (if any) and raises intracranial pressure.

The child hit his head

  • Apply ice to the site of injury, wrapped in a towel .Keep it to 15 minutes, the ice is needed to relieve swelling and to prevent the spread of hematoma.In the absence of ice pack can be used with any frozen food.
  • Treat the wound with hydrogen peroxide or abrasion , avoid getting infections.With further bleeding (if not stopped) - call an ambulance.
  • carefully watch the crumbs .If signs of a concussion immediately call an ambulance.Before the arrival of the doctors did not let the crumbs of painkillers, "not to lubricate the picture" for diagnosis.

child fell and hit his head, but no damage - to monitor the overall state of the baby

happens that after the fall and head injury in a child my mother can not find any visible damage.What to do?

  • In the coming days Be especially attentive to their crumbs .Nearest after the fall of the clock - the most important symptoms.
  • Note - Does not turned his head at the kid , not whether it has pulled sharply to sleep, do not you sick of it, whether he is able to answer questions and so forth.
  • not give crumbs to sleep , not to miss the appearance of certainsymptoms.
  • If the baby calmed down after 10-20 minutes , and visible symptoms did not appear during the day, most likely, everything was easy soft tissue injury.But if there is even the slightest doubt and suspicion, consult a doctor.It is better to be safe once again.
  • children 1 year of life can not tell - that where it hurts .As a rule, they are only a loud cry, nervousness, refuse to eat, sleep restlessly after the injury, nausea or vomiting.If the symptoms are prolonged, and even enhanced - can assume a concussion.

The child hit his head

If any symptoms after a head injury a child urgently needs to see a doctor - Be Careful!

urgently call an ambulance should be with the following symptoms:

  • Kid faints.
  • is severe bleeding.
  • crumbs sick or vomit.
  • the child has headaches.
  • Toddler sharply drawn into a dream.
  • restless child, will not stop crying.
  • pupils kid increased or are of different sizes.
  • child is not able to answer even simple questions.
  • Movement toddler sharp and disorderly.
  • convulsions.
  • confusion.
  • not move a limb.
  • There is bleeding from the ears, nose (sometimes with the appearance there of a colorless liquid).
  • appeared strange blue-black spots or a bruise behind the ear.
  • The whites of the eyes there was blood.

What to do before the arrival of the doctor?

  • Put the crumbs to the side to avoid choked vomiting.
  • Secure the child in a safe position.
  • Check his pulse, evenness (the presence of) breathing and pupil size.
  • Do not let the baby to bed and keep it in a horizontal position, so that the head and body were on the same level.
  • artificial respiration, if the baby is not breathing.Zaprokinte back his head, make sure the latch does not overlap the larynx, and the kid holding his nose, blow air "from mouth to mouth."You're doing it correctly, if the chest rises visually.
  • In convulsions immediately turn the baby on his side in this state, he needed complete rest.Medicines do not let us wait for the doctor.

Even if all is well, and a serious examination you do not need - do not relax .Watch the baby for 7-10 days.Just Bring him to the doctor, if in doubt.And remember, it is better to once again make sure the baby's health than to treat the effects of injury, you are "overlooked".