Sledge-stroller for children - 8 best models for winter 2014-2015

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18 March 2016

Winter for most moms - a difficult season, due to the complexity of movement with the kids through the snow and rescue children from the cold wind.And that winter, with all its joys, is not passed by the child, "personal transport" for him is a must.The salvation of my mother in this case are sled-carriage, that give pleasure to the kid and not much burden the parents to use. Sledge stroller for kids

content of the article:

  • What are the model of sledge-Chair?
  • What is the advantage sledge-stroller?
  • Select sled-carriage
  • best models sledge-Chair winter 2014-2015
  • Buy stroller, baby sled for easy on these reviews

Sledge-stroller - and the kinds of popular models

mostsimple version .The design of the sledge - a solid soft seat (it is back), folding handle, seat belts and soft armrests.Purpose - short walks in sunny winter weather, without wind.

Sledge-stroller for the winter, sunny day. design - high seat belt.Disadvantages - no footrests kid, awning and canopy.Advantages - easy to operate, a good cros

s by snow crust, low weight.

Sledge-stroller for winter windy day. design - runners, visor, seat belts, an awning that protects the child's legs from the wind and cold, the shape of the handle, which implies the presence of shopping bags, pocket for various necessities.Benefits - Protected baby from wind and snow.

Benefits sledge-Chair

Children "transport", first of all, requires reliability and durability.The kid has to feel in a sled-carriage comfortable and safe as possible.When the child is very small, walking with him in the fresh frosty air become very problematic - little legs tramped respectable distance can not, and the carriage drive through a thick layer of snow, as a rule, unable to.

  1. Compact (sledge-stroller occupied minimal space in the apartment and easy to fold);
  2. Bright stylish design (bright colors, the original shape of the handle, the runners and armrests, optional accessories);
  3. Ergonomics (sled-carriage can be easily put in the elevator, public transport and doorways);
  4. Security (seat belts in the sledge-stroller - a strong, sturdy and have special fasteners that eliminate the undoing of their children and, on the contrary, quite simply then loosened the parents when the child needs to urgently get out of the carriage, sledges);
  5. windproof, compact, easy to clean material;
  6. Extras;
  7. Ease (soft seats in certain models have a number of regulatory regimes, so they are suitable for children aged up to one year);
  8. Footrest (stage leg baby, which can be adjusted, eliminates fatigue feet at their traditional "overhang");
  9. Comfort (awning wraps feet baby (up to five years, depending on the model strollers, sleds), protecting from the cold and wind to handle wheelchairs easily hung my mother's bag, in a pocket additional products can be folded and rolling sled yourselfthe snow easily, without additional efforts);
  10. Sledge-stroller parents always pushed ourselves , but do not pull back the rope that allows you to always see their child.

How to choose a sled-carriage?

modern stores offer a very rich range of models sledge-Chair.But before you stop your choice on the parent of a model should be a thorough and responsible approach to the issue of its functionality and convenience.It is much easier to make a choice, taking the child to the store - first, you can check the capacity of the carriage, and, secondly, to ensure that the model will not disappoint the kid excessive brightness or contrast, fading.

Sledge-stroller - a gift not only for the doting mother, but also for the baby.Accordingly, this bright "toy", which also can drive, you should choose together, guided by the basic rules of good sledge-stroller.

main criteria to be met by sledge-stroller:

  1. Security .You should carefully check the seat belts, seat belt buckles, fasteners of the stroller, the stitches on the fabric;
  2. height and width sleds (the larger the width and height of the lower sled - the fewer opportunities for turning, based on the stability of the structure and location of the center of gravity);
  3. Slip. Long runners have better glide;
  4. Guarantee , terms of use;
  5. Customer Reviews (pros and cons of the models).They are available in the global network, to opt for certain models;
  6. softness of the seat;
  7. capacity and compliance with carriage-sleigh age and size of the child;
  8. Availability steps;
  9. ease of design, the possibility of folding it and change the position of "sitting, lying down";
  10. Availability tent, harbored feet, slicker and hood blocking the wind;
  11. Comfort handle;
  12. Materials sledge-stroller;
  13. absence of sharp protruding parts;
  14. runners. flat wide runners have less slip, but easy to navigate through the loose snow.Models with tubular runners make it easy to move around malozasnezhennoy road and the ice and facilitate the overall design of the sled;
  15. Having the opportunity to change the situation "facing forward and backward┬╗ .Such sled-carriage allows expand the child from the wind and snow.

Top model ANOC wheelchair-winter 2014-2015

1. Sledge-stroller "Nick Kids 7┬╗

  • Sledge-stroller winter 2014-2015 Sledge-stroller Nick 7 have a width of 40 flat benefitmm, which allows them to be stable in the snow.
  • The vehicle is equipped with a 5-titochechnym belt.
  • from the wind and rain to protect the child's three-piece folding hood, visor, having decorative ears.
  • backrest can be folded to a position reclining or lying down, which creates comfort for a sleeping child.
  • slope of steps is regulated, which is very convenient for sitting and lying to the child.
  • reversing handle on a sledge-stroller and allow the maneuver to choose the most convenient position of the baby.
  • wheel skids on a special mechanism changes.
  • a wheelchair-sled apron has a child who opens zippers on both sides.
  • for safety in the dark and bad weather stroller equipped with reflective piping.
  • Big wheel on a sledge-stroller - for easy transport.
  • place wide enough for a child - he will not be hampered, even in winter clothes.
  • a wheelchair-sledding has a viewing window to watch a child sitting in the truck.
  • Bright pattern on the machine makes a carriage-sleigh attractive and stylish.
  • Sledge-stroller has a bag for mom, which can comfortably accommodate everything needed for a walk

price - about 4950 rubles

2 .Sledge-stroller Skolzyashki "Blizzard" 8-P1

  • Sledge-stroller winter 2014-2015 design sled-Chair Skolzyashki Blizzard will seamlessly migrate and store even in a small apartment.
  • sledge-stroller backrest is adjustable and can be folded with a fully horizontal position that is comfortable for sleeping child.
  • folding footrest can be fixed in three levels.
  • Wheels front and rear carriage will carry on thawed.
  • fabric in a wheelchair-sledding is windproof and water-repellent properties, which is very important in bad weather.
  • Runners transport are made of steel flat oval profile 30h15 Art.1.2 mm.
  • design is equipped with a spacious hinged bag with bulky pockets.
  • Sledge-stroller have reflective piping - for safety in bad weather and at night.
  • Visor stroller can be used in two positions - a hood with viewing window or transparent visor.
  • reversing handle allows you to carry a child in two positions - face-to-face from the mother or mother.
  • Sledge-stroller equipped with a cover for the legs of a child with two zippers on both sides.
  • Sledge-stroller has a seat belt.

price - about 4300 rubles

3. Sledge-stroller Kristy Luxe Plus

  • Sledge-stroller winter 2014-2015 These sledge-stroller equipped with a reversible handle.
  • design has a large retractable sun visor that can take three positions and if necessary lowered completely, protecting the child from rain, snow and cold.
  • backrest has adjustable tilt in four positions and can take a full horizontal position, and it is governed by a new user-friendly design.
  • These sled-carriage has wide seat, providing comfort to the child in winter clothes.
  • Legged baby is thrown over a warm blanket.
  • to move through the thawed on a sled-carriage has wheels.
  • Sledge-stroller equipped with a seat belt.
  • Wheelchair-sled and can be folded for compact storage and transport.
  • vehicle structure assembled from flat oval profile.
  • fabric is moisture repellent and windproof properties.
  • Thanks to modern design, sledge-stroller look very stylish and attractive.
  • runners resistant, have an optimum length.

price - about 4300 rubles

4. Sledge-stroller Maiden 2

  • very attractive design sled-carriage, with snowflakes on the fabric.Comfort double handle provides easy handling sled on the road and ease of raising if necessary.Sledge-stroller is very compact when folded, and their storage and transport in transport does not cause too much trouble.
  • for legs kid has a warm cover with a zipper in the middle, and the fabric sled-carriage is a nice material with special impregnation, which is not blown in windy weather and excellent water repellent.For the various things there capacious bag behind, plus a pocket on the cover for the feet.
  • position backrest is continuously adjustable.On the seat has a three-point seat belt.A folding footrest adds maximum comfort for the child.
  • Hood sledge-stroller folds.Profile - durable steel.Reflective fabric allow safe travel with a stroller-sled in the dark.Raincoat included in the kit.A wide choice of colors allows you to choose to appeal to mother and baby.

Price: about 2600 rubles.

5. Sledge-stroller Kangaroo

  • frame - steel, flat-oval profile.Fabric - Waterproof, windproof possessing functions.
  • Visor sledge-stroller folded, there is also a folding footrest child.The belt allows you to protect your baby from falling out of the sled, the clasp is strong and easy to use for parents.The sledge-stroller has a removable bag for a variety of special needs, insulated cover and is provided with a lock and windproof film.
  • Sledge-stroller equipped with extra soft padding, and the construction itself is very compact and easy to fold.Designed data sleds for kids from eight months to five years.
  • Materials sledge meet the necessary quality standards.Ergonomic design and modern.Seat sledge - comfortable, ensuring the correct position of your baby as much as possible when driving.
  • Complete construction - special safety belts, side visor, which is equipped with a seat, Snow film, which is attached to the visor strollers, and comfortable insulated cover for the feet, do not hold down movements of the child.

Price: from 3500 to 3900 rubles.

6. Sledge-stroller Timka 2

  • Sledge-stroller equipped with a fold-flat skids that provide the most easy sliding on snow.The seat has two positions.
  • Visor develops, there is windproof cover for the feet and a special belt with easy-lock buckle.Comfortable handle height adjustable.The very design of easily and compactly folded and easily carried in a truck.The back is soft and comfortable for the child.
  • sleds are meant for kids from year to four years.

Price: 1700 - 2500 rubles.

7. Sledge-stroller Imgo hybrid with removable wheelbase

  • Base sledge-stroller is transformed, allowing the backrest to a "reclining".Tilt in three positions allows the use of a rigid back-sled carriage for children already seven months.With wheels - it's a great opportunity to save money by using the wheelchair at any time of the year.Mounting wheelbase eliminates the complexity and randomness using sledge-stroller.
  • weatherproof reliably protect the child "ears" of the hood (side-wind) and deep cover for the feet, with a zipper.The seat has a seat belt, and bag glove is a perfect solution for moms who do not have to carry in the hands (or shove on the carriage) the necessary stuff on the street.
  • Foldable powerful frame is firmly seated.Folded sledge-stroller virtually no space.A wide range of colors allows you to choose the best option for the recreational vehicle baby.

Price: 2 300 - 2 650 rubles.

8. Sledge-stroller Fairy Snowstorm Suite

  • Fast, easy and compact folding stroller, sled on runners.The ease and maneuverability enables you to easily control the stroller during the winter walks, bringing joy and my mother and the baby.
  • seat sleds equipped with a seat belt for the proper fixation of the child and adjustable depth.
  • addition to the sledge attached folding stroller canopy, comfortable insulated cover for the feet and a pocket for various accessories.
  • Sankey also have extra soft padding and footrest, which is adjustable in height.For the seat depth also has the ability to control.The backrest - tough runners - flat-tubular.

Price: 1 290 - 2 500 rubles


Bought son sled-carriage Kangaroo.All day did not depart from them, stroking, trying to drive.:) until the snow has almost no so on Kata Palace.Sledge great, every detail thought out.Sidushka comfortable hood on all sides to protect from the wind, cover is not blown sledges - a dense fabric.The height of the handle is also noted.Good try.I - low growth, the husband, on the contrary, beanpole, but both of us comfortably.Cost is also, in principle, bearable.I Recommend.:)


We use Timka.Excellent sled.To drive on snow-covered ground - no problem.Just some kind of magic (especially after the usual strollers something. :) model I liked the fact that it is quite high off the ground. In the land dityu still cold, and dirty much. Handles the child playful, and pulls somethingpick up the thread from the ground or shove foot somewhere. And then - will not reach at all desire. Plus, my girlfriend is closer to two years, it is absolutely not able to sit still quietly. And catching it all the time - beyond my strength. Andhere - a handy belt. Well, well, of course, that the wind, snow, rain hood closes, yes Case. And wee - in front of me, I see it well, like all her tricks. :) short, sledge-stroller - an excellentFor us it is very important to know your opinion!