Strollers for twins - the 11 best models of 2014 for your twins

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18 March 2016

When your family "double" completion, then worries twice more.Twins in our time is not quite a frequent phenomenon, although many women want to conceive twins, so the choice of strollers, cribs and other important equipment is complicated.In this article we will explain all the nuances of the selection of strollers for twins, so that you were as easy to choose exactly what you need.

content of the article:

  • Description stroller: design, device assignment
  • 11 most popular models of carriages for twins
  • Tips: What to look for when buying a wheelchair-cradles

Strollersfor twins: design, function, operation

double strollers are designed for twins, as well as for children, whose age difference is relatively small.Strollers for twins have the same classification as the single model.In addition, they can be further divided by type of arrangement for children:

  • Stroller in which children are arranged side by side , i.e. the seat or cradle mounted on the frame parallel to each other.Childr
    en, being in a wheelchair, have the same angle, are located at equal distances from the mother.At the same time, often grown twins hooligans each other interfere with each other to sleep.Carriages of this type may have a common cradle or two twin cradle.The latter option is preferable as it is possible to adjust each individual crib for each child;
  • carriage in which seats are arranged one behind the other .This applies to recreational options.The carriage of this type is narrower and maneuverable, but sitting behind the disadvantaged child, he can not see anything because of sitting in front.There is a problem with the expansion of the front seat to the "lying" position.In this case, the kid who sits behind, absolutely no room for the legs;
  • carriage in which children are placed back to back. model is not very convenient for parents, because of problems with transportation.Children do not see each other, it can also create some problems if the kids ever want to communicate with each other.Conversely, young fighters will benefit from short-term separation.

Benefits carriages for twins:

  • Compact . carriages for twins takes up much less space than two single stroller;
  • Cost . Typically, stroller for twins is much cheaper than two similar single model;
  • Ease operation .This is especially true for those moms who walk with the kids alone.Walking with two carriages in this case is impossible.But with a stroller for twins mom can one cope with two children.

Disadvantages carriages for twins:

  • weight. is especially true for Transformers and models with cradles;
  • bad maneuverability. Whatever it was, and strollers for twins more unwieldy than a single instance;
  • not included in the standard passenger lift.

most popular models of carriages for twins

carriages for twins 2 in 1 Tako Jumper Duo
Baby carriages for twins 2 in 1 Tako Jumper Duo

stroller Tako Jumper Duo ulterior motive is very popular - in the unit thought every detailto walk Mom with kids were comfortable and unproblematic.

Cradles crumbs have adjustable head restraints.Roofs on cradles protect children from wind and bright sun.On the cradles have comfortable handle, and can be used as a carrying.Modules mounted on the frame in different directions - in the course against movement independently.

Two recreational unit, which is provided with wheelchairs, have adjustable backrests and footrests.On foot kids in cold weather you can throw a warm comfortable blankets.Two slicker kids and modules protect against rain and wind, and the five-point harness will keep in place the most restless crumbs.

average cost model Tako Jumper Duo 2 in 1 - 20500 rubles

Reviews owners 2in1 stroller Tako Jumper Duo:


bought this stroller your baby - not naraduemsya.Very comfortable, beautiful, and, compared with the same, inexpensive.


stroller is very comfortable, I do.But we somehow quickly broke depreciation on wheels, and it is now almost impossible to raise it to the curb.Another drawback - hoods, when open, are not fixed - one of them himself locked when driving, you have to constantly correct.

carriages for twins 2in1 Cozy Duo

carriages for twins 2in1 Cozy Duo - very comfortable and very maneuverable model for the twins.Toddlers are placed next to each other, in the cradle with the correct frame, which provide for children's sensitive spines maximize the correct position.

seats for toddlers can be installed facing mom or facing forward.The carriage is equipped with two covers for the legs and two raincoats.Large wheels allow easy movement, even on rough roads.

average cost model Cozy Duo - 24400 rubles

Reviews owners stroller 2in1 Cozy Duo


I saw this stroller with a friend - was surprised that such a large unit can control such a small mother)).Wheelchair really maneuverable - we walk with the kids without problems, and the roads are not very good, especially because often walk in the park, where the soil and grass.


quality stroller, a kind of workhorse that will serve us for a long time - as long as the children do not want to walk the legs, without a wheelchair.

carriages for twins Casualplay Stwinner

Baby carriages for twins carriages for twins Casualplay Stwinner, on responses of parents of twins, is the most versatile and convenient stroller for two children.

Children's transport system is provided with a convenient Unisystem, which allows parents to combine endlessly with the provisions of carry cots and seats.Structure carriages made of aluminum, which gives it strength and stability, coupled with ease.

average cost model Casualplay Stwinner - 28,000 rubles

Reviews owners stroller Casualplay Stwinner:

most beautiful and stylish stroller!As it turned out, also very convenient.The only drawback - the front wheels in winter snow gets stuck, it's hard to go.For winter stroller is not provided.

carriages for twins Hauck Roadster Duo SL

Baby carriages for twins Hauck Roadster Duo SL Hauck Roadster Duo SL - such as baby carriage for the two kids.It has rather big size, but very agile and easily controllable.The carriage has 4 large wheels for depreciation suspension, which provides a soft ride even on a bad road.

rubber wheels, they do not rattle when driving - it will provide a good children sleep while walking and will not irritate during wakefulness.Armchairs, bumpers, side steps are easy adjustment.At the bottom of the stroller has a large basket of toys and shopping while walking.

average cost model Hauck Roadster Duo SL - 22,000 rubles

Reviews owners strollers Hauck Roadster Duo SL:


We have the same age, we use this stroller - friends gave.As far as I know, the first owners of complaints on this transport was not.We have also noticed that the stroller has a folding system uncomfortable, handles get dirty on the wheel.The design of strollers strongly shaken - and not just because of the fact that we - the second owner.Wheelchair got us almost new (former owners were presented model is better), but the loosening was found immediately.

carriages for twins Bugaboo Donkey Twinn Oll Black

Baby carriages for twins Bugaboo Donkey Twinn Oll Black Stroller Bugaboo Donkey Oll Black belongs to the category of premium carriages.Very stylish and beautiful, it is very convenient - for both moms and kids.This stroller is easy to rebuild in a stroller for same age, it "grows" with the children-twins, and high quality and thoughtfulness of all units allow wheelchairs to operate it from birth to the time when the kids are completely abandon their own transport for a walk.

seats, car seats and the cradle may be mounted in any position and in any combination thereof, independently from each other.

average cost model Bugaboo Donkey Twinn Oll Black - 72900 rubles

Reviews owners strollers Bugaboo Donkey Twinn Oll Black:


This stroller - a gift to our friends from Germany.Stylish, comfortable, simply irreplaceable - for one child, and for twins or same age.Wheelchair maneuverability, easily reconstructed and regulated, vhoditv trunk of our small car

carriages for twins Bumbleride Indie Twin Movement Edition

Bumbleride Indie Twin Movement Edition Pram for twins Bumbleride Indie Twin Movement Edition 2 in 1 has a convenient division for kids, whereby they do not interfere with each other.This stroller is easy to place in doorways, thanks to a small width - only 75 cm, chair of this type - a rarity.

front wheels - double, swivel, they greatly increase the agility of children's transport.Cradle-carrying can be used from birth until the age of 9 months babies.Pleasure blocks have five-point seat belts, adjustable footrest.Wheelchair easy to fold, very compact and easy to carry and store.

average cost model Bumbleride Indie Twin Movement Edition - 40,000 rubles

Reviews owners strollers :


stroller is very comfortable for the summer and the winter, it has larger wheels, quiet and soft.Children are separated and do not interfere with each other.

Wheelchair -transformer MIGALSCY ASIA EXCELLENT TWIN

stroller equipped with a steel frame, which is rapidly developing in the form of a book, which is very convenient.Reversible handle allows kids to roll and face, and back to him.Air wheels are equipped with good shock absorption.

cozy cape on legs to protect from the weather.Pleasure variant is characterized by the ability to independently adjust the backrest (one baby can sleep, and the second - to sit).

average cost model MIGALSCY ASIA EXCELLENT TWIN - 10000-12000 rubles.

Reviews owners strollers MIGALSCY ASIA EXCELLENT TWIN :


gets very easy to place in a small elevator in the folded state.When all the doors is going well, except for an elevator door.I adapted to ensure that the wheelchair before taking a stroll to demolish the first floor, and then return the children.Three steps of the porch is no longer a problem, because the model is quite maneuverable.


very bulky and heavy.But this is not surprising.After all, pushchair designed for twins.But kids roomy and comfortable.It is very convenient that the two cradles are independent from each other.I have one kid loves to sleep on the street, and the second - on the sides watching.Wheelchair is designed so that it is possible.


We have long suffered in this wheelchair, and then bought two singles.The children always go for a walk with his wife.So, the two carriages can quite take.

stroller for twins convertible TAKO DUO DRIVER

carriages for twins a parallel arrangement of blocks.Inflatable wheels, adjustable cushioning, backrest changes to a horizontal position.Handle reversible, there is a viewing window, carry, five-point safety belts.

average cost model TAKO DUO DRIVER - 15,000 rubles.

Reviews owners TAKO DUO DRIVER :


comfortable, I would say that neubivaemaya.Kids in her very comfortable to sleep and stay awake.The wheels are easily removed, folded stroller without any problems, which is convenient for transportation.It is taking place in any door.We have a freight elevator in the building, so the problems with access to the street there.The only thing that did not like - the lack of depth of seats recreational options.


Classroom pram!The perfect combination of quality-price.I recommend to all.My wife and I are very happy.Beds for children are large and comfortable.Is transformed into a walking option quickly and easily.


bad stroller.It lasts much longer if you do not need to add it every day.Brakes Six months later, obscenities hold.Broken teeth on wheels.And so, the children comfortable, great seats.

One of the popular models TEUTONIA TEAM ALU S4

Universal stroller for twins.This is the most comfortable and spacious model for twins of all.Excellent flotation provided the front swivel wheels of large diameter.Several provisions of the back, long bed.

Suitable for use from birth in every season.In the heat of the hood can be removed (there will be only a mosquito net for ventilation) in winter hood and bumpers protect against wind and rain.Upholstery soft, high-quality, easily removed for washing.The handle is height adjustable.

average price of carriage of this model - 35 000 rubles.

Reviews owners TEUTONIA TEAM ALU S4:


expensive, heavy, does not pass in the door.The main drawback - the descent from the hill you can lose the front wheel, as they are easily unfastened.I do not recommend them to grease, as described in the instructions.Otherwise, the wheels will fall off from any stone.


Wheelchair maneuverable, you can manage it with one hand.Very large room for children.Carriers - super!Easy to operate.


When you need to remove the carriage from the brakes, pull over first, and then on his own.Wheelchair use constantly.Shopping basket big and roomy.Relatively easy.Spacious cradle, I used them almost a year after the birth of children.There clutch on the legs.

Stroller-cane for twins Lider Kids

buggies easily folded, has 12 wheels.The backrest is lowered into the prone position.
five-point harness allows moms to be calm for the children.The height of the steps is regulated.The front swivel wheels give the model lightness and maneuverability.There beam before the child, which provides additional security.The front rail is removed, which is especially important when children want to get out of their own wheelchairs.

average cost model Lider Kids - 10,000 rubles.

Reviews owners Lider Kids :


weighs only 11 kg.We live on the second floor.Independently demolished stroller with children on the first floor, as the elevator is not included.Not enough sun visor.The folding mechanism works flawlessly.When folded, the stroller takes up very little space, no problem is placed in the trunk of the car.


Seats Strollers are close, there are three of the back and five-point harness.In general, stroller like.Especially like the front swivel wheels with locking system.On a flat road ride is good and controlled by one hand.


Wheels strollers are not very big, the sand and dirt go bad.Like safety belts, baby strapped securely.Canopies from the sun - the decor, nothing more.From the sun, they are not protected.Wheelchair for the price affordable, fully corresponds to its value.I advise all the happy parents of twins.

Stroller for twins Chipolino Gemini

comfortable and beautiful stroller.The colors for girls and boys, as well as opposite-sex twins - pink and blue.Included is a cover for the feet.It weighs very little, it is easily transported in an elevator car and folded.Equipped with 12 small plastic wheels.