The main causes of red eyes in a child - when to see a doctor?

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20 March 2016

Attentive caring mother always notice even minor changes in behavior and the state of his child.And redness of the eyes - and even more so.

What does this symptom as redness of the eyes of the baby, and whether you need to contact a doctor?

Red eyes in a child - when to consult a doctor

content of the article:

  • main causes of red eyes in a child
  • When you need to see a doctor?

main causes of red eyes in a child - why the child may have red eyes?

first thought every second mother found in her child redness - hide away a computer with a TV, a drip eye drops and make the tea bags on the eyelids.

course, excessive eye strain - one of the reasons for their redness , but apart from it, there may be other, more serious.Therefore, timely diagnosis - the best mother's decision.

Red eyes in a child - Causes

The cause redness of eyes can be ...

  • Eye irritation due fatigue, overwork, over-voltage .
  • eye injury.
  • got into eyes foreign body, dirt or of infection.
  • blocked tear duct (more common in infants).
  • Conjunctivitis (reason - bacteria in
    fection, chlamydia, viruses).
  • Allergic conjunctivitis (dust, pollen or other allergens).The main symptoms - glued to the morning eyelids, tear, the yellow crusts on the eyelids.
  • Uveitis (inflammation of the choroid).The consequences of untreated disease - loss of vision including blindness.
  • Blepharitis (loss meibomian glands in the eyelids or the thicker edge of the ciliary century).Diagnostics - only a doctor.Treatment complex.
  • Glaucoma (nature of the disease - increased intraocular pressure).It can lead to blindness if left untreated.The main symptoms - blurred vision, headaches with reduction of the appearance of iridescent circles around the light sources.Glaucoma also dangerous because it can be a symptom of more serious disease.
  • Vitamin deficiency, anemia or diabetes - with prolonged redness of the eyes.

Red eyes in a child - Causes

Red whites of the eyes of the child - when you need to see a doctor?

put off a visit to the ophthalmologist not worth it anyway - better once again to make sure that the baby is healthy, than to miss anything serious.

Red eyes in a child - when to consult a doctor

categorically should not delay medical examination in the following situations:

  • If home "treatment" folk "lotions and poultices" of the computer and the TV does not help weariness. That is, drops dripped, tea bags attached, your computer is hidden, sleep full, and red eye passed.
  • Red eyes have kept a very long time and do not help no funds.
  • appears tearing, pus, crusts on the eyelids, photophobia.
  • eyes in the morning is not "unstickĀ» - have long to wash.
  • In the eyes of present foreign body sensation, burning pain.
  • sharply deteriorated vision.
  • noted "ghosting" in the eyes , Ā«flies", blurred vision, or "like rain on the glass," blurred "picture" lost "focus".
  • eyes get tired very quickly.

First and foremost, of course, should be sent to an ophthalmologist - but he will establish the cause and help cope with the disease, because timely diagnosis - it is half the success in the treatment of eye diseases .

Red eyes in a child - when to consult a doctor
But it mandatory eliminate all the red-eye provoking factors - TV and the computer, or remove the limit to determine the cause, control the lighting differences, not to read in the dark, lying, drinking vitamins, make sure that the dream wasa full night.

Site warns self can damage your health!The diagnosis should be considered only after the physician survey.Therefore detection of symptoms be sure to consult a specialist!