Types of household water filters

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13 March 2016

Water Filters - very necessary in today's world things.The fact that tap water is not always possess the necessary properties for drinking.It smells, it has an unpleasant taste, and sometimes it even caught particles of dirt and slime from water pipes.Drink this liquid is very unpleasant and, most importantly - safe.

why many residents of modern cities are wondering which one to choose to buy not hit the pocket and brought as much as possible benefit.

  1. nozzle on the faucet

This filter does not require any special skills for installation.It can be installed directly on the crane.It consists of the filter, and two tubes.



  • inexpensive.
  • occupies little space.
  • When you move you can take with you without disrupting communications.


  • disadvantage of this device is that it requires a good head.
  • As well as the low degree of purification.Such nozzle cleans only from mechanical impurities, can block the excessive amount of chlorine, but it can not eliminate the odor a
    nd harmful microorganisms in the water, if any.

2. Pitcher

most common water filter today.Almost every family has a water purifier.



  • Pitchers do not require installation.
  • They are easy to carry.
  • These filters are not expensive.


  • disadvantage jug is part of a replaceable cartridge.One block is enough for about 30 - 45 days, provided that the family is not more than 3 people.A larger part of the cartridge should be changed more frequently.
  • Although not a high cost of the jug, using such a filter would cost many times more expensive installation of stationary water filter high purity.

3. Mechanical

This water filters like the Soviet "brook."This device consists of a group of fine-meshed nets or fine sand.The filter keeps out large debris only tap water.



  • Low Cost.
  • Widespread availability.
  • ease of use.


  • This device does not eliminate the smell and removes germs.
  • Another disadvantage of it is that it is disposable.Such a unit should be frequently cleaned or completely replaced after 1-2 months.

4. Coal

Coal - a natural sorbent.It absorbs harmful substances, producing only pure water.



  • relatively low price.
  • carbon filter removes chlorine from the water, eliminates germs and rusty color.
  • Absolutely harmless carbon.This eco-friendly device.


  • filter is not durable.Over time, the need to change the cartridge coal.If it does not change in time, the filter cleaning device to become a breeding ground for harmful microorganisms and bring more damage than untreated tap water.

5. Ion

This device removes heavy metals: mercury, lead, iron, copper.



  • filter reliably protect a family from the harmful effects of water cities.
  • resin to purify water are safe for human health.Therefore, this filter is completely environmentally friendly.


  • high price.
  • requires highly skilled service.
  • Ionic Cleaning has its limitations, and after a certain time it will be necessary to change either the filter or the layer containing the ion exchange resin.

6. The new word in the purification of water - it is an electromagnetic field

It allows calcined calcium and bring them mechanically.Thus, the water becomes softer.



  • shelf life of such a filter is unlimited.
  • The device solves the problem of hard water without boiling.


  • high cost.
  • You should periodically wash the net, catch dirt.

7. Bacterial

purify water from harmful microorganisms.This treatment relieves us from the traditional chlorination.Today, even many water utilities refuse to use chlorine to ultraviolet disinfection.In home

filters can also be used with ozone cleaning.But it is - a more expensive method.Often, the water is purified with silver ions.Today it is one of the most popular methods.



  • Affordable price
  • High quality cleaning.
  • minimum care unit.

minus at this device is not detected.

8. Cleaning fluid reverse osmosis

This - the most perfect of all modern systems.The process consists in the fact that water molecules pass through the small cells that trap larger molecule impurities.This is a natural way of cleaning that does not require external energy.

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  • Sustainability.
  • high degree of purification.


  • high price.
  • processing time.The water is filtered 24 hours a day and is collected in a special tank.

9. Best of all water purifiers considered stationary cleaning system, or multistage filters

They are installed under the sink and requires highly skilled installation.Typically, such a system includes several types of cleaning: mechanical, bacterial, ionic and further eliminates odors.After running the water through a filter you can drink without boiling.



  • high degree of purification.
  • minimal maintenance.
  • Convenient location, does not take the working space in the kitchen.


  • Highest Price
  • The need for professional installation.The filter is built into the communications system.

How to choose a water filter

necessary: ​​

  • Identify the purpose of cleaning.If you need water only for drinking, the fit and the jug.If you are relying on this water boil soup, cook a meal, it is necessary to establish a more powerful filter.
  • necessary to know the quality of your tap water.What it is dominated by pollution, whether there is a smell of dirt and rust?And, in accordance with these parameters, to select the filter according to the degree of cleaning.
  • If a family has children and the elderly, it is necessary to choose the most powerful filter that purifies water as bacteria and heavy metals, and of fine dirt.
  • If you plan to frequently use the filter, choose a device with high-speed purification.
  • Do not skimp on the price of the filter.After all, cheaper counterparts increasingly have to maintain, change cartridges and cleaned.A more economical versions of famous brands to quickly break down.

responsible approach to the selection filter.Indeed, in the water - our life!