Everything about the intimate hygiene of the newborn girl - how to wash away the baby girl

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20 March 2016

newborn baby requires greater attention.A little girl in need and in a special intimate hygiene.Young mums need to remember that the vagina of a newborn in the first days of life is sterile, and so it is important to protect the perineum from contamination and potential viral and bacterial threats.Gradually, the mucosa be inhabited useful microflora and will no longer require such careful care.

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  • Intimate hygiene baby immediately after birth
  • How to wash away the baby girl
  • intimate hygiene rules newborn girl
  • Terms breasts care of newborns

Intimate hygiene newborn girl

Intimate Hygienenewborn girl in the first days after birth

Most parents frightened obscure selections in the newborn child.But many indicators are not quite so dire, but on the contrary - it is quite normal for a newly born baby.

  • Due to the overabundance of hormones in the body of a newborn labia may swell.This is - a normal phenomenon, which normally disappears altogether after two weeks.
  • Just because of hormonal hyp
    ersecretion of mucus
    and possible merging of the labia minora.Therefore, they need to be periodically cleaned and the push.The problem is exacerbated in preterm girls, because of their small lips and stick out from this merging is only strengthened.
  • Girls normally allocated white mucus .Keep in mind that the secret is to protect the internal environment of an alien infection.Therefore, it should not clean up too often.But in the intimate folds often accumulate excess powder and cream, which must be removed with a cotton swab moistened with sterile oil, at least - two times a day.
  • little girl may occur of bleeding from the vagina during the first days of life.Nothing wrong with them there - this is the result of restructuring of the body of the intrauterine state in the infant.
  • Parents should alert pus or redness newborn.If you notice any of the above, please immediately to a pediatric gynecologist!

Intimate hygiene newborn girl

How to wash away the baby girl

Every mother should know and remember that:

  • Before water treatments should be carefully wash your hands.
  • only need to wash the baby from the pubis to the pope, to stool do not fall into the vagina.
  • babies need to bathe after each bowel movement.
  • necessarily considered cleaning the twice daily - morning and evening.
  • is recommended hygiene Malyshka and without detergent or plain water decoction of chamomile.Baby soap also can be used only when very dirty.
  • The child should have its own clean towel, which first wipe sex gap and groin folds, and then - the anus.
  • only need to wash the baby hand without pads and other accessories.It can injure the delicate skin.
  • After the water treatments can be treated folds baby cream and labia - sterile oil.

Intimate hygiene newborn girl

intimate hygiene rules newborn girl - important events and the best means

  • It is advisable to wash away the child every time you change the diaper.And after each rinse should arrange air baths.That is, the baby has to lie down in a warm room with no clothes and diapers.Since most of the day the baby's skin is warm diaper, it can rot and be irritated by contact with matter, and thus air baths are so important for the baby.
  • In the first days of life for cleaning the desirable to use boiled water, and two weeks later - already common flow.
  • It is imperative to adjust the water temperature in advance. It should not be too hot and cold.If feces stuck to, then you need to moisten the cotton pad in water and lay for a few seconds to the skin, and then remove the contamination.
  • Doctors do not prohibit the use of creams and powders , but warned that the whole need to know when to stop.A healthy baby does not need any oil or cream.They are useful only if you have problems: for example, when the oil dry suit, with redness and chafing - powder or cream under the diaper.
  • Try as little as possible to use wet wipes .Though they are imbued with a very gentle lotions, but still contain flavorings and other chemicals that can cause allergies, dermatitis and diaper rash.
  • Protect the child from contact with synthetic detergents.Thoroughly rinse diapers and other baby clothes.Use only baby powder and soap.

Intimate hygiene newborn girl

Rules of care of newborn girls breasts

  • Personal Care baby care includes both breasts. In the first days of life, the breast can swollen, can stand out or appear colostrum of bleeding.This is - the result of increasing estrogen in the body of the mother.
  • Do not try to squeeze out and somehow knead breasts. swelling subside across the state two to three weeks, but to speed up the process, you can apply a compress with camphor oil.In addition, it is necessary to wipe the nipples twice a day with a solution furatsilina.It disinfects, but does not injure the delicate skin.

These simple tips fit all personal hygiene of the newborn baby. Obey these rules, because ignoring them can lead to numerous diseases and problems in the future.

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