10 best educational games for children from 6 months to a year

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21 March 2016

Games - is not just a fun pastime for our crumbs.They help kids become familiar with the world and acquire new knowledge.Moreover, it is not about modern toys and gadgets that busy parents showered their children, but about developing games with his father and mother.These games help focus and improve research interest of the child.

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What games are the most effective for the development of the crumbs?

Top educational games for children from 6 months to a year

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  1. Cabbage
    small toy Wrap in several layers of paper.Give your child the opportunity to find a toy, turning each layer.
    Top educational games for children from 6 months to a year
    goal of the game - the development of perception and fine motor skills, control of movements of hands, a picture of the permanence of things.
  2. Tunnel
    create a tunnel from the existing boxes in the home or other improvised means (of course, taking into account the safety of the baby).Size tunnel assumes for the baby to freely crawling
    from point A to B. At the far end of the tunnel planting favorite bear child (cars, dolls ...) or sit down yourself.In order to understand the kid that was demanded of him (and not scared) to start propolzayem themselves through the tunnel.Then we run the kid and Manima him to her on the other side of the tunnel.
    goal of the game - the development of perception, confidence and coordination, strengthening of muscles, relaxation of tension, fighting fears.
  3. overcome obstacles
    The game involved mom and dad.Mom sits on the floor and stretches out her legs (you can bend both legs, or a bend, and the other left straightened, and so forth.), Puts the crumbs on the floor.Dad sits in front with a bright toy.Problem baby - crawl to toys, crawling through the legs or under them and thinking through their own way to overcome the obstacle.
    Top educational games for children from 6 months to a year
    can complicate the task of throwing on the floor between his parents a couple of pillows or erecting a tunnel out of the box.
    goal of the game - the development of ingenuity, coordination and motor / motor skills, muscle strengthening, development of a sense of balance and agility.
  4. Shurshunchiki
    crumbs Give a piece of paper, crumple teach.Crumpled paper ball use for the game - "Who will throw more" as a sphere for "bowling" (bowling putting light on the floor), throw in the air (one above) and throw in a box ("Basketball").Each successful hit praise baby.Do not leave the baby with paper balls for a second (the temptation - to try to paper on a tooth - is present in almost all children).
    goal of the game - familiarity with new materials (you can periodically change the paper in the glossy coffee leaf, cloth, foil, etc.), The development of motor skills and hand coordination, improving existing skills, learning objects manipulation, development of research and intereststimulation of visual coordination.
  5. Boxes
    Prepare several boxes of different sizes, colors and, desirable textures (with caps).Fold "one another" pre-hidden in the smallest box toy.Teach baby to open the boxes.Once he gets to the toy, teaching put boxes in the opposite direction and close their lids.
    We praise your child for every successful movement.You can put a toy in one of the boxes (see the baby), and mixed up all the boxes in front of the child, put them in one line - let pipsqueak will determine the very box with a "prize."
    goal of the game - testing of new movements, the development of motor skills and visual coordination, study of classification of objects by color and size, the development of the senses and memory, stimulate the optic / tactile.
  6. Cups
    Take 3 clear plastic cups, one in the presence of a baby hiding the ball.We offer crumbs to find the toy.Then we take 3 handkerchief, repeat "focus" with a toy.
    Top educational games for children from 6 months to a year
    later (when the baby will understand the problem) we obtain opaque cups and focus on the principle of the game show "twist-twirl", but slowly and not too confusing glasses.
    goal of the game - the development of attention, the formation of ideas about the independent existence of things.
  7. Name That Tune
    We put a child in front of a metal bowl, pour on the floor next to a hill of toys of different textures and content.Throw in turn each item into the basin to hear the sound of each toy.Gradually shifts the bowl from the child, he learned to get it from a distance.
    goal of the game - the development of intelligence and coordination, development of the ability to manipulate things, the development of creative thinking, the study of classification of objects by the sound (do not forget to accompany every sound commentaries - knocking, ringing, etc.).
  8. Home sorter
    In a typical small box cut openings of various shapes and sizes.Pour in front of toddler toys, toys invite him to lay down in the box through the holes.
    Top educational games for children from 6 months to a year
    goal of the game - motor development, attention, logic and coordination, familiarity with shapes and textures.
  9. Packaging
    2 Put the kid in front of the box.Pour next toy.We offer crumbs (by example) folded into one box white toy to another - red.Either one - soft, the other - plastic.There are many solutions - balls and cubes, small and large, and so forth.
    goal of the game - the development and uptake of care, familiarity with colors, textures and shapes, develop fine motor skills.
  10. Who is stronger blow
    to start teaching crumbs just to blow on you, puffing out cheeks.We show an example.Inhale and exhale with force.Once the baby to learn to blow, complicates the task.Please blow on a feather (light paper ball, etc..) To move him.When the wind blows, "race" - who is next.
    Top educational games for children from 6 months to a year
    later (after 1.5 years) begin to inflate bubbles, for a fun game with bubbles through a straw, and so on. Playing with water - is strictly controlled.
    goal of the game - muscle development (for the development of speech) and light, control your breathing.

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