4 issue of payment cards child in St. Petersburg: the balance of what and where to buy, how to cash out?

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22 March 2016

All young mums Petersburg put money on the maintenance of a newborn baby.To do this, there is a "Children's Card", which is transferred at the same time a certain amount of money.Separate sections of the population on the money "child card" lists each month.

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Kids card St. Petersburg

content of the article:

  • How to check the balance of children's card in St. Petersburg?
  • List of children's stores in St. Petersburg map
  • What products on children's card to buy?
  • Can I cash out the nursery card, and how?

amount of the benefit on the children's map - how to check the balance of children's card in St. Petersburg?

This card is issued by the Bank "Saint-Petersburg" and looks like a normal credit card to pay for purchases.On this card are assigned limits, so pay for purchases in all stores you will not succeed.

Kids card St. Petersburg - how to check the balance

What amount will be transferred to the children's card?

  • at the birth of their first child at the
    card simultaneously transferred 20 153 p.
  • After the birth of a second baby your child's card will be credited with 26 870 p.
  • At the birth of the third child amount will be equal to 33 588 p.
  • If a needy family , each month on children's card will be transferred 1.5 times the size of the subsistence minimum.In 2014 - equal to the sum of 10 339 p.
  • per child in an intact family month transferred 2 393 p.
  • If the family is incomplete , then the maintenance of a child issued 2702 p.per month.
  • for the child in the family of a serviceman transferred 2702 p.per month.
  • on the content of the second and subsequent child transferred 3088 p.per month.

Kids card St. Petersburg - how to check the balance

How to check the balance of children's cards?

  • View balance in check. If the goods were bought for children's card, it will be indicated on the check account balance.
  • by telephone.If call the number 329-50-12, you can find out the balance of the card in an automatic service that exists for children's card holders.
  • also possible to map in advance "to bind" Internet bank , to help at any time to check the balance on the map.

Shops in pediatric map - a list of stores of St. Petersburg, where you can buy goods on the children's card

Unfortunately, list of shops where you can buy things for the baby at the children's card, limited .In all stores, in addition to the following, simply will not accept this card to pay for goods.

Kids card St. Petersburg - a list of stores

The list includes such Petersburg stores like:

  • All stores "Children's World»
  • All stores "healthy baby" (including the online store)
  • Pharmacies "Binky»
  • All stores' children »
  • Shops" Scarce »
  • All stores" Lukomorye »
  • chain of hypermarkets," Okay »
  • children's departmentGostiny Dvor (on Nevsky).
  • department store "Moscow".
  • Shop "Multi World", at the Grand Raznochinnaya.
  • in stores «SELA».
  • in the network of shops "Junior."
  • in some stores "Lenta" (Rustaveli Avenue and Khasan Street).
  • on the avenue Science and Tozhkovskoy in stores "Musi-Pusey."

What products on children's card to buy?

In these stores you can buy on this map almost any children's clothes (except toys) .

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Kids card St. Petersburg - that can be bought


  • Carriages (walking, transformers, etc.).
  • cot.
  • Pampers.
  • Highchairs (or chair for feeding).
  • Seat.If parents have a car, then the child seat for the car is a must.
  • Baby food (mixture, yogurt, cereals and so on.).
  • shoes and clothing.
  • essentials, items for care of the crumbs to feed and others. Read: What do I need to buy for feeding the newborn - a useful list.

also on your card, you can buy shampoos, shower gels, foams, oils, and other children's cosmetics .

Can I cash out the nursery map in St. Petersburg, and how to do it?

Many parents after receiving the children's card thinking about, whether it can be cashed in St. Petersburg .It is possible - but, unfortunately, only one way.

Kids card St. Petersburg - both cash
You can pay someone else to purchase a certain amount of the map in exchange for cash (by mutual agreement, of course).Other options of cashing money from card no.