15 best ways to distract the child from the computer - preschool, junior student and teenager

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22 March 2016

computer addiction problem in our children today, breaking all records.With teenagers, that kids - kids instantly immersed in a virtual reality, it displaces normal life.Given the harm caused "Virtual" and health, and particularly the child's mind, while using a PC must be strictly limited to parents.Subject to the control and the information that a child receives from the monitor screen.How to deal with the addiction of children? How to wean a child from your computer

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  • How to pull the child junior student from the computer
  • How to wean teenager from a computer

distracted preschooler fromPC - 5 parent tricks.

For preschooler time allowed to play on the computer is limited to 15 minutes (without interruption)."Time Monitor" (like TV) - Only about strictly metered "portions". With the replacement of the real world to the virtual occurs and replacement values: dies need for live communication, in the pleasure of living in a natural way. lose the ability to think, Port Health, spoiled character.How to wean a child from your computer What to do and how to divert your preschooler from the monitor?

  • Remove the computer and get only at certain time mom.Put restrictions on access to "adult" sites, and control the game in terms of their benefit to the child.
  • Communicate with your child. No computer is no substitute for communicating with mom and dad.Despite the work, employment problems and undercooked soup - be close to the child.Of course it's great when you can relax and do them, handing a child a laptop - "to, just do not bother me", but eventually the child simply eliminate the need for parents because it would delay the virtual world all its depth and the "brightness" of impressions.
  • Play with your child. course, strictly allotted time, but together.Pre podyschu game that will be useful for the development of offspring, and spend time with benefits.
  • Hide your computer for a couple of days this time and take a picnic with the search for pre-hidden "treasure", interesting attractions in the city and home evening with the "Lego", watching good movies, creating kites and so on.Show your child that the world without a computer is much more interesting.
  • Take baby in the "circle". Choose a circle in which the kid will run every day, forgetting not only PCs but also for you.Daily communication with peers and teachers, new knowledge and positive emotions gradually displace the computer from the baby's life.

not say kid - "This game - a bad, close the laptop!". Speak - «hare, let me show you a more interesting game."Or "baby, not blindly do we hare to Dad's coming?". Be trickier.The ban will always protest.Dragged the child from the computer behind the ears is not necessary - just replace a computer.

How to pull the child junior student from the computer - to show the wonders of ingenuity and initiative

for "treatment" according junior student councils remain the zhe.Pravda given older age , you can supplement them with a few little recommendations: How to wean a child from your computer

  • Get several daily traditions. For example, during meals - no TV and phone-based computers for stolom.Semeyny necessarily cook dinner together - with serving, interesting dishes and creating a pleasant atmosphere.Let the child takes part in this.Suffice it to carry away, and there - I think that in the evening hours of 2-3 the child you have conquered the Internet.After dinner - walk.It is possible to collect leaves for the herbarium, making snowmen, playing soccer, rollerblading, biking or paint landscapes from nature.The main thing is to cause positive emotions in children.Positive "Adrenaline" - akin to a drug.
  • Show your child "on the fingers", how much time he loses nothing. Sign the paper, draw a diagram - "that's how much you spent for a laptop this year, but would have to learn to play the guitar (to become a champion in any sport, grow a garden, etc.).confirm their willingness to help in this child by his actions - write it in the sports section, buy a guitar, give the camera and learn together the art of photography, dig in the attic cautery wood, etc..
  • as often as possible child abduction from the city. Look for interesting and safe ways to rest - catamarans, mountain trails, horseback riding, traveling, cycling from city to city with overnight stays in tents, and so on. Show the child of reality "offline" - exciting, interesting, and a lot of impressionsmemories.
  • Every child has a dream. «Mom, I want to be an artist!"."Go ahead," replies mom and son buys pens.But you can give your child a real chance - to try his hand in this matter.Arrange a child to art school or hire a teacher, invest in paint, brushes and easels, make regular employment.Yes, you'll spend a lot of time, but the child will sit on the canvas with a computer, let alone the benefits of this event and say no.If after a year the child gets tired of these arts - a new look for the dream, and again in the battle!
  • radical method: disconnect the Internet at home. Leave a modem, but includes it only in moments when a child of his own affairs.And the Internet - under the ban.Instead, the - all of the above.

How to wean a child from your computer And remember that personal example always and everywhere effective educational conversation , screaming and radical methods.How would you not want to "sit in the VC", "layknut" new images girlfriends or download a brand new melodrama, leave the computer for yourself "sessions" in the late evening, when the child was asleep.His example proving it , that life is beautiful and without online.

How to wean teenager from a computer - important advice to parents for the prevention of computer addiction in children

fight with computer addiction in children of teenage hardest:

  • Firstly, Internet is not disconnected and the laptop is nothide.
  • Secondly, study suggests today and tasks on your PC .
  • Thirdly, distract the child during adolescence, and game designer in the snow is not possible.What to do?

How to wean a child from your computer

  • internet forbid, computer cabinet does not hide - let the child to be an adult.But monitor the process.Block all untrustworthy sites, set filters for viruses and access to the resources where teens do nothing due to as yet fragile psyche and exposure to outside influence.Make sure that the time on the PC used for the benefit - the study of the new programs, the development of Photoshop, painting, making music and so on. Give the child a course to the house he wanted to practice their skills, rather than to sit hours on social networks.
  • Sports, clubs and so on. pleasure that the child receives from sports, dances and other mobile activities, can not be compared with the joy of another "like" or "party" in the shooting.He likes to shoot on the Internet?Take it to the appropriate section - let shoots dashes or paintball.He wants to boxing?Give it to the box.The daughter dreams of dancing?Buy a suit and send it wherever she wants.The child hesitates to communicate in real life?It is in the virtual - a brave super-hero?Take him to the training, which will help to cultivate a strong confident person.
  • Become your child's friend. At this age mandative tone and belt - no helpers.Now the child needs a friend.Listen to your child and participate in his life.Desires and interests of its problems - it is there you will find all the answers to the question "how to draw ...".
  • Give your child a gym or fitness , concert tickets or tickets to the youth camp.Constantly look for ways - take the teenager real interesting thing to be both useful and emotionally intense.Based on the fact - which is not enough for your child, from what exactly he is running on the Internet.It is possible that he just bored.This is the easiest option (will not be difficult to find an alternative).It is much harder if avoiding boredom in "Virtual" has grown into a serious relationship.There will have to work hard, because the moment has passed.
  • fulfillment. Now is the time - deeply and immerse themselves in the area of ​​interest, which is probably already stuck in the child's head.Until adulthood - just a little bit.If a child has already found, but are not able to develop in this direction - give him this opportunity.Support morally and financially.

How to wean a child from your computer

And how do you deal with computer addiction in a child?Share your experience with us!