6 kinds of clean dishes

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14 March 2016

Eko tableware effort to achieve true purity and naturalness, people got to the kitchen appliances, and paid special attention to the dishes.Today, use of traditional metal or aluminum pans has become, at least, is not fashionable.Moreover, recent discoveries of scientists have identified the dangerous consequences when using such kitchen utensils.Therefore, in recent years the world's population moves en masse on eco dishes.

  1. Ceramic
    Clay - an ancient material that uses the human race.The ceramic form is convenient to bake meat in the oven, bake pies.And what a delicious soup are obtained in clay pots!Today clay makes even multivarok bowls, teapots, cookware, resistant to the action of microwaves and much more.
    ceramic crockery
    • Ceramic cookware heats quickly and keeps warm for a long time.


    • A significant drawback of such dishes - is its fragility.
    • As well as steam and water permeability.After cooking the meat in a pot liberally seasoned with garlic, you still owe will not be able to withdraw the ac
      rid smell of bulbous other.
    • Clay quickly absorb fat, and did not laundered. But many housewives have found their way: They use a certain kind of kitchen utensils for each dish.For example, pan for borscht, form meat, fish bowl.
    • Another disadvantage of pottery - a high price.
  2. Glass
    Glassware - chemically resistant to any impact.It can be pure powder, caustic creams.
    • glassware can be put in the microwave and oven.
    • It does not absorb odors, juices and fat.
    • Easy to clean.It is easy to wash both hands, and in the dishwasher.


    • But this glass, even specially tempered, remains fragile, therefore it requires delicate handling.
  3. Silicon
    It mainly spatulas, molds for cakes and pastries.
    Silicone utensils
    • Such utensils are not afraid of fire, when heated it does not emit harmful substances.
    • not absorb juices and fat from the products and therefore on its surface does not breed harmful microorganisms.And if necessary it can be boiled.


    • Lack of dishes - in a limited series.After all, there is no silicone pots, pans.
    • And silicone - very soft, so requires skill in handling them.
  4. bamboo utensils - NEW
    It is designed for decorating, serving and replacing cheaper and environmentally hazardous plastic disposable tableware.After bamboo decomposes completely within 9 months, when plastic will lie in the soil for millions of years.
    6 species ekoposudy
    • It is absolutely harmless to humans and can be washed in a dishwasher.
    • Bamboo does not emit harmful substances when heated, does not absorb fat flavor and juices.


    • He can not wash with harsh abrasives.
    • Bamboo plates are not designed for heating in a microwave oven.
    • Also, it can break off the bounce.
  5. Dishes from plant material, source is a plant sugar, which, transformed, translated into a material similar to plastic.
    Dishes from plant material
    Such utensils suitable even for six-month feeding crumbs. Plates made of this material are easy to clean in the dishwasher, do not fear of corrosive media and microwaves.
  6. special material - anodized aluminum
    It has high strength, resistance to aggressive media.It is easy to wash, as the arms, and by means of the dishwasher.
    6 species ekoposudy
    This material does not emit harmful substances when heated and out produce pans, molds for baking and frying, which makes the treated aluminum material so popular today.

Ware questionable ecological purity

  1. Stainless Pot resistant to the action of many substances
    But it is very dangerous nickel in their composition. After the cooking process, such as spicy food, this substance enters the food and can cause allergies, including - the strongest dermatitis.
  2. Enamelware relatively safe overall condition.But if
    enamel formed microcrack is the slightest, the corrosion begins, after which the harmful substances from the alloy enter into the food.In addition, enamel ware is very fragile.So if you do decide to use such utensils, then treat it very carefully .
  3. Teflon - a safe substance when used properly.
    Few people know that it can not be heated above 200⁰S.For reference, in the frying pan occurs at 120⁰S and "smoke" when oil starts 170⁰S.Keep this in mind, using Teflon-coated cookware.
    also not recommended to use a Teflon pan with scratches on the work surface.

Everything that relates to our food has a huge impact on health.Therefore it is very important to use safe utensils - and, thus, protect themselves from the dangerous influence of the industry.

And how clean and safe the dishes you prefer to use?