A child choked, suffocated - first aid infants in an emergency

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24 March 2016

When a child is born, mother wants to protect him from all the dangers of the big world.One of these dangers is the penetration of any foreign objects into the airways.Small parts of toys, hair, a piece of food - all these things stuck in my throat, can cause respiratory failure and even death of the baby.

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A child choked, suffocated - first aid infants

content of the article:

  • Signs that a child choked
  • What if the baby choked?
  • Preventing accidents in children

Signs that a child is choking and suffocating

To avoid the terrible consequences, it is crucial to prevent any objects into the mouth or nose of the baby.If you do notice that a child that something is wrong, and his favorite toys are missing, such as the nose or the buttons, then an urgent need to act .

A child choked, suffocated - first aid infants

So which of the signs indicate that the child suffocated and choked on something?

  • Turning blue skin of the child.
  • Choking (if the baby starts
    greedily gasping).
  • sharp increase in salivation. This is due to the fact that the body is trying to push through the saliva of a foreign object into the stomach.
  • ¬ębulging 'eyes.
  • very strong and sudden cough.
  • The child can change the voice , or it can do to lose it.
  • Breathing heavy, marked whistles and rattles.
  • In the worst case, the child may lose consciousness from lack of oxygen.

A child choked, suffocated - first aid infants

newborn First aid - what to do if a child is choking?

If you have noticed the child at least one symptom of the above, then you need to act quickly.The main thing - do not panic, as this can only harm the baby.

Video: First Aid newborn if he choked

How can urgently help the newborn to avoid the bitter consequences?

  • If the child cries, groans or cries, it means that the air passage is - you need to help your child to cough it to spit out the foreign object.It is best to do it pat between the shoulder blades and presses the spoon to the base of the tongue.
    A child choked, suffocated - first aid infants
  • If a child does not cry, and pulls the stomach, waving his arms, trying to breathe, you have very little time.All you need to do quickly and accurately. To start, call an ambulance on the phone "03".
  • Next you need take the baby by the legs and lower the head down. pat on the back between the shoulder blades (like clapping at the bottom of the bottle, in order to clear cap) three to five times.
    A child choked, suffocated - first aid infants
  • If the object is still in the airway, put the baby on a flat surface, turn his head slightly to the side and gently several times rhythmically press down on the lower part of the sternum and, at the same time, the upper part of the abdomen. pressing direction - straight up to push an object from the airway.It is important to ensure that the press were not strong, because children under one year have a risk of rupture of internal organs.
  • Open the child's mouth and try to find the object with your finger .Try to pull it out with your finger or tweezers.
  • If the result - zero, to do child CPR , to at least some of the air into the lungs of the baby.To do this, tilt the child's head back and lift the chin - in a position to do rescue breathing easier.Put your child's hand on the lungs.Next, cover the nose and mouth of the child's mouth and force twice breathe air into his mouth and nose.If you feel that the child's chest has risen, it means that part of the air into the lungs.
    A child choked, suffocated - first aid infants
  • followed by repeat all the points to the arrival of an ambulance.

Preventing accidents in children - what to do to the child is not choking food or small objects?

order not to face the same problem as the need for emergency removal of items from the respiratory tract of Chad, to remember a few important rules:

  • sure that the hairs of the soft toys are not easily escaped .All the toys with a long nap better placed away on the shelf, the baby could not get them.
  • Do not let your child play with toys consisting of small parts .Always pay attention to the strength of the attachment parts (they can not be easy to break or bite).
  • from infancy to teach a child to what is in your mouth you can not pull anything. This will help in the future to eliminate many of the problems.
  • Teach your child that you can not indulge in shopping. Do not allow crumbs to play with toys for a meal.Many parents distract the child's toys to better eating.If you use this method of "distraction" for a second, do not leave your child unattended.
  • Also, do not give food to the child while he plays. this mistake inexperienced parents allowed very often.
  • Do not feed the crumbs, contrary to his wishes. This can lead to the fact that the baby will inhale and choke on a piece of food.

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