12 products that can not be stored in the refrigerator

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15 March 2016

All products have a shelf life we ​​used to hide in the refrigerator.From sausage and butter, finishing in fruits, vegetables and so on. And, like, lower temperatures should help to preserve our stocks, but such products are legion, and that the refrigerator "contraindicated".

What can not be stored in the refrigerator, and why?

Products that can not be stored in the refrigerator

  • Exotic fruits. reason: such products under the influence of low temperatures begin to rot, and allocated in the process of putrefaction gases - also harm our health.Best Mode for storing such fruits - wrapped in paper, at room temperature.
  • «Mother» domestic apples and pears. Reason: selection ethylene during storage , thus reducing shelf life, both the apples / pears and the fruit / vegetables that are stored with them.
  • marrows and pumpkins, melons. Reason: cold temperatures and lack of air lead to softness products to the appearance of mold.A melon is incised in such circumstances also emit dangerous substances (ethyl gas).It is recommended to store them
    (with integrated membrane) at room temperature.Packaging is also not required.
  • tomatoes and eggplant. Storage water-based vegetables on the shelves of the refrigerator leads to the appearance of dark spots on them, testifying rotting. best way to store - in a basket at room temperature or in a dried form (cut "medallions" and dry up like mushrooms on a string).
  • Onions. Reason: violation of the structure in a refrigerator, soft appearance and the appearance of mold.It is worth noting, and onion "flavor" does not improve the taste of other products.And if there is a potato, then because of their allocated gases and moisture rot onion multiply faster.Best way to store the product than a nylon stocking in the corner of the kitchen, is not thought up.
  • olive oil. Reason: deterioration of the properties useful in and palatability (starts to taste bitter), the appearance of a white precipitate (flakes).Store in a dark place at room temperature.
  • Honey. Similar to the previous point - biochemical substances are subject to the product in the refrigerator destruction.Such honey not bring much benefit.Store in a dry, dark nightstand.
  • Potatoes and carrots , other firm vegetables.Reason: sprouting, rot, mold .A potato starch at temperatures below 7 degrees tends to turn into sugar, which leads to a change in the taste and texture quality potatoes.The longest (and without health effects) such vegetables are stored in a ventilated wooden crate on top of the paper in the closet (dry and dark).
  • Chocolate .Reason: condensation on the surface of the product, its further crystallization, the emergence of "gray" (raid), and in sealed packaging - and the development of mold.Special harm is not, but that's organoleptic properties are reduced, and the aesthetic appearance will be lost.
  • bread. If you buy a lot of bread and eat a little bit, then it is better to store in the freezer, not in the refrigerator.And even better - less than 3 days at room temperature.In the refrigerator, he instantly absorbs all smells products , and even at high humidity and "acquires" mold.
  • Garlic. product that absolutely can not stand the cold .To garlic is rotted and covered with mold, keep it in special containers in a dry, ventilated place out of the refrigerator.
  • Bananas. Moisture and cold for these fruits acts detrimental - process of decay is multiply faster , palatability lost.The ideal storage method - hanging in the kitchen state (as in the palm), in a dark corner.

Products that can not be stored in the refrigerator
Well, jams and preserves with smoked , which is cooler and thrive, just pointless stored in the refrigerator.They only take up valuable space.

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