Strollers pogodok - the best models in 2013

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24 March 2016

Best stroller for pogodok most joyful event in every woman's life is the birth of her remains.And the birth of two children at once - double happiness.And the same age and the twins - a moving and mischievous toddler demanding attention to themselves.And if the House fails to look after them, then the street is needed, as they say, be watched.And without a sidecar, of course, can not do.What should be the stroller for pogodok?

content of the article:

  • Wheelchair for pogodok.Features
  • best strollers for pogodok.Top 5
  • Graco - stroller-train for pogodok
  • stroller Phil and Teds - functional transformer
  • budget stroller pogodok ABC Design Zoom
  • Wheelchair for pogodok Jane Powertwin
  • buggies for pogodok Maclaren Twin

Buy stroller for pogodok - features a selection

Best stroller for pogodok main objective of strollers for pogodok - it comfort and safety for the two babies simultaneously .In accordance with these requirements, and developed advanced models of wheelchairs.Functionality is determined strollers such criteria , like:

  • adjustable independent back.
  • Availability footrests and seat belts.
  • Removable protective bumper.
  • soft fabric removable elements.
  • special design.
  • Easy to operate, maneuverability.
  • Easy folding mechanism.
  • reasonable size and weight.
  • capacious basket.
  • magnitude wheels.
  • cost, quality.

As for the structure, wheelchairs for pogodok can be divided into the following types:

  • Best stroller for pogodok Train.
    model in which the seat (cradle) follow each other (back or face-to-mother, facing each other).Seats themselves may be located on different levels or one.Minus - the difficulty in maneuvering.
  • hand in hand.
    seats nearby.The kids are divided by a partition (armrest).Minus - difficulty in passing through the narrow openings.
  • Transformer.
    Changeable seat and bassinet.The ability to put the kids to face each other, and against the direction of travel, close side by side.Minus - a lot of weight.

best strollers for pogodok - rating moms

Rating pogodok drawn carriages for mothers according pogodok-kids who have experienced this "machine" in the case.

Graco - carriage-train to pogodok

Best stroller for pogodok - Graco Wheelchair for same age, is a classic train.
Features strollers Graco

  • Affordable (about 7000 rubles).
  • patency in all elevators and doors.
  • Convenient basket.
  • Floating front wheels.
  • convenient addition with one hand.
  • non-inflatable Twin wheel (for winter roads will not work).
  • weight.
  • foot brake.

stroller Phil and Teds - functional transformer for pogodok

Best stroller for pogodok - Phil and Teds Wheelchair-transformer for the same age with multiple functions.
Features stroller Phil and Teds:

  • versatility.The ability to carry both one and two children.
  • cost (about 35 thousand).
  • rear seat (cot) is located under the front.
  • When uselessness second seat can be easily removed.
  • small carriage width.That is, problems with the passage in-door elevators are available.
  • excellent cushioning.
  • front wheel is turning, the other three - large and inflatable.
  • optimum weight.
  • stroke smooth, excellent stability.
  • seats are angled, vertical position not (this creates a certain discomfort for the kids).
  • Regulation "lower" the kid - not the most convenient, given the proximity to the land and the absence of review.

should also be noted inaccessibility basket at a time when both of the baby stroller sitting.

budgetary and functional stroller pogodok ABC Design Zoom

Best stroller for pogodok - ABC Design Zoom Wheelchair-train with a variety of modules.
Features strollers ABC Design Zoom:

  • Ability to install seats in different positions: facing each other, each other, to my mother, from my mother.
  • cost about 20 thousand rubles.
  • possibility of installing two cradles, two seat or bassinet and seat.
  • front wheels - swivel.
  • Wheelchair easily navigate stairs.
  • Quick and easy change of modules.
  • Excellent visibility for both kids.
  • good cushioning.
  • upright seating position is absent.
  • very great length stroller (it's a minus).
  • Not the most agile model.And not every elevator go down.

Supercharge stroller should not be - the wheels are not the strongest.

Wheelchair for pogodok Jane Powertwin - many functions and high maneuverability

Best stroller for pogodok - Jane Powertwin model is a traditional train with the best of features.
Features strollers Jane Powertwin:

  • cost about 25 thousand rubles.
  • excellent agility, handling and throughput.
  • Three large inflatable wheels (front - swivel).
  • Easy move.
  • ideal for Russian winter roads.
  • The rear seat has a horizontal position for a baby.
  • security system (Five-point belts).
  • front seat has a position "reclining".
  • Good handbrake.
  • Easy to fold, takes up little space.
  • Excellent quality.

buggies for pogodok Maclaren Twin

Best stroller for pogodok - Maclaren Twin Model-stick with the side seats.
Features strollers Maclaren Twin:

  • One of the most narrow wheelchairs, which seats arranged side by side.
  • cost - about 17-18 thousand rubles.
  • patency in any doors.
  • Easy addition and transportation (convenient when traveling).
  • Independent unfolding both seats to the horizontal position.
  • perfect view for both kids.
  • wheels hard, small.
  • Depreciation is not the best.
  • Because narrowed down - not the best option for the winter, when the kids dressed in bulky suits.
  • brake pedal.

And what a stroller for your baby-pogodok you choose?