7 best children Conditioners for underwear - the choice moms

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25 March 2016

softener has long been firmly settled in our tables to washing powder and bleach.Why do they need?To underwear fragrant smell to the clothes were soft, to ironing and so was easy.

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Which of air conditioners for the baby clothes are the most popular among moms?
Best Children Conditioners for linen

Children conditioner Eared Nian


  • antistatic effect.
  • Convenient dosing cap and bottle shape.
  • allowed to use for washing clothes newborn.
  • Speeds up ironing, provides softness linen, leaves a pleasant scent.
  • not cause allergies (proven by studies).
  • has composed aloe vera.
  • economical consumption.
    Best Children Conditioners for clothes - Eared nannies

Air Lenor for baby clothes


  • Provides soft linen and fresh for a long time.
  • Protects fabric from wear.
  • Saves uniforms and original brightness of colors.
  • antistatic effect and easy ironing after washing.
  • used with any kind of washing.
  • dermatologically tested.
  • Suitable for delicate baby skin.
  • economy.
  • effectively removes the smell of cat (
    if the pet is suddenly "embarrass" the laundry / clothes).
  • not cause allergies.
    Best Children Conditioners for laundry - Lenor

Air Vernel for baby clothes


  • suitable for sensitive baby skin.
  • hypoallergenic formula.
  • underwear after washing is tender, soft and can be easily ironed.
  • Affordable choice and volume of the bottle.
  • unobtrusive light fragrance.
  • Tested by dermatologists.
  • antistatic effect.
  • not require dilution with water.
  • dyes available.
  • suitable for any type of tissue.
    Best Children Conditioners for laundry - Vernel

Air Cotico for baby clothes


  • Provides clothing / garment softness and fragrance of orchids.
  • Speeds up ironing.
  • Prevents the laundry and clothing pellets.
  • neutralize static electricity.
  • can be used for washing items newborns.
  • hypoallergenic.
  • suitable for any type of tissue.
  • Retains shape / color of clothing.
  • Reduces creasing clothes to wear.
    Best Children Conditioners for laundry - Cotico

Air Our Mama BIO Active Components for baby clothes


  • The presence of extracts of aloe and chamomile.
  • delicate tool for any kind of tissue.
  • approved for washing things newborns.
  • not contain dyes.
  • liter capacity is sufficient for 20 washings (on average).
  • antistatic effect.
  • perfect softening of laundry.
  • affordable price.
    Best Children Conditioners for laundry - our mother BIO Active Components

Air NOPA Nordic A / S Meine Liebe


  • quiet unobtrusive flavor.
  • softness of linens and easy ironing.
  • Allowed laundry newborn.
  • economy.
  • does not synthetic dyes and fragrances.
  • Protects baby clothes from loss of form and color, eliminates odors.
  • Volume enough, on average, 25 automatic washes.
    Best Children Conditioners for laundry - NOPA Nordic A / S Meine Liebe

Air Pooh for baby clothes


  • hypoallergenic formula (aromatic additives do not cause allergies).
  • Tested by dermatologists.
  • unobtrusive flavor - banana, coconut and exotic fruits.
  • provides softness and lightness of linen ironing.
  • economical consumption.
    Best Children Conditioners for underwear - Down

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is important to remember that any other means other than the children's washing powders, used for newborn clothing is not recommended .

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Although manufacturers mark - "Suitable for laundry newborn" experts not advised to use any conditioners, bleaches and other means for washing clothes toddlers up to 3 years .The reason - the presence of surfactants and phosphates that are dangerous for the health of the newborn (even if permissible concentration of surfactant).