12 best ways to build relationships with older teens in the family - and how to establish a relationship with a teenager you ?

By Admin | Children
25 March 2016

Times teenagers are the most difficult for parents.Recently docile child begins to walk in unreliable companies, for unknown reasons to worry and get nervous when your attempts to protect his life.

about how to establish a relationship with a teenager, observing simple rules, see below.

  1. Think like a teenager

Most remember what you have interests, friends, problems with loved ones.What do you want from others - understanding and respect for freedom, emotional support?What are the highlights you had experienced?After all, it did not come by accident.These were tested for the formation of your personality, that perfect man that you have become.

relationship with teenager

  1. Respect your child

Try to take it as a person, ie,- Respect its features, independence and the right to personal mistakes.This - the basic rule in the relationship between adolescents and their parents.

relationship with teenager

  1. not violate the right to privacy

At this age, there are already those secrets, they are not willing to share with their p

arents.It's - well, because even you can find a couple of topics that you want to avoid when talking to children.

relationship with teenager

  1. not avoid contact

Assign the conversation in advance, so that the child could prepare.Do not read sermons and not rude.Be assured - and, if possible, be frank.

relationship with teenager

  1. Ask questions essentially

example, talk or ask directly about his flaws.If the child is not configured for the conversation - take his case.That joint exercises strengthen the relationship with a teenager in the family.

relationship with teenager

  1. not bother issues

No need to "turn on" the severity or lisping.Just show of its kind, that you love him and always want to listen to, understand and cope with the problems without imposing personal experience.In an interview in any case did not push the child, just use clarification or ask your teen how you'd better help him.

relationship with teenager

  1. encourage initiatives

Even if you absolutely indifferent iPods or teen idols, still hold a conversation, and show interest.

  1. Share personal stories

Not to teach, and not to put themselves in the example, you can gently telling examples of the situation from his life.And you do not always have to be in their right or best heroes.Such stories should be like "a silent, not as an example."For example, about first love, adolescent secrets, quarrels or fights with adults.

relationship with teenager

  1. Try not to decide for the child, but only to show their attitude to what is happening

decisions he must learn to accept yourself.

  1. Praise, as often as possible

For example, for a stylish selection of clothing for native support for academic success.It is best to do it in front of witnesses, because adolescents are particularly important to the opinions of others.

relationship with teenager

  1. Ask his opinion

If brewing important family matters, be sure to discuss them with your child.

relationship of parents and adolescents is much calmer if the child feels that his opinion is important for adults.

  1. Take his interests

Your child has a new range of interests?Enter his interests in the atmosphere of his family, and then warm relations with older teen guaranteed.Sports, music, art - all in your home should be perceived positively - even if you do not like hard rock.

relationship with teenager

Has your family life like situation?And as you come out of them?Share your stories in the comments below!