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15 March 2016

Multivarki - useful and convenient home helper.It was invented not so long ago, but it managed to win the hearts saucepan compatriots.Indeed, such a device can cook without human intervention.The container is heated on all sides, the food languishing, fried, cooked by steaming or baked.Thus, it can create a variety of dishes.

Multivarki can be an ordinary type, and work as an electric pot, and like a pressure cooker, where a sealed space food is cooked much faster.

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  • heating elements
  • Control Type
  • ceramic, Teflon, steel bowl
  • Power
  • Additional features

How to choose multivarku

Multivarki Choice of heating elements

Multivarki a large bowl, located in a rugged on the heating element, which is responsible for cooking.

programmed set program time and temperature of cooking.A additional function - multipovar allow yourself to think out of the program, setting important parameters manually.

main part of the device - heating element that can be placed:

  • only from below.
  • bottom and sides.
  • bottom, top and sides.

The last option is the most effective location.Since the cup warms evenly, cooking takes less time and more economical energy consumption.
How to choose multivarku

mechanical, electronic, touch-control type Multivarki

Electronic pan can only be represented in the form bowls and two levers , determine the temperature and cooking time.And the quality of the cooking, this simplicity will not affect.But for the convenience of housewives were invented special control mechanisms.

most frequently presented on the shelves of our stores Multivarki touch panel LCD display and indicator lamps, and simple models with only two or three buttons and a rotary switch.

All control types have their advantages and disadvantages:

  • Average reliable mechanical switch , zateyliv but not especially beautiful.
  • As LCD tends to break , and the touchpad can not begin to respond to the touch.But this is more rare than the rule.

How to choose multivarku

How to choose multivarku to cover the bowl and its volume?

for cooking varying complexity in Multivarki use one cup, which has universal properties. It warms evenly, it does not stick food, it is easy to clean and use.

most common bowls are made of steel and aluminum , coated with Teflon or a heavy-duty ceramic.A Multivarki - pressure cookers are characterized by heavy-duty metal bowls.

Bowls, teflon coated, eventually lose its non-stick properties, especially if you treat them casually.
How to choose multivarku
ceramic bowls more resistant to cleaning powders.They are hygienic, durable, does not absorb odors and juices.Even after cooking cherry jam bowl of this does not change its color.But, unfortunately, ceramic coating can crack , if you drop a bowl on the floor.

Many important fact - is the volume of the cup. suitable for a small family and a 2 liter saucepan.But for a family of 4 or for a very hospitable hosts should advise most 5-6 liter multivarku that feed all the family.

Choice Multivarki power - expert advice

known fact that multivarka economical appliance twice.

power consumption of these devices may be from 490 to 1500 kW .And Multivarki upper limit of consumption is only useful in a huge families of 10 people or a very busy life.Indeed, such a device is ready very quickly.

best power Multivarki 600-800kVt .Such a device and prepares the optimum speed and not burn too much electricity, do not hit on the wallet.
How to choose multivarku

Do all functions Multivarki Need?

Modern Multivarki replace not only pots and pans, and steamer, pressure cooker, bakery, yogurt, rustic oven and much more.Besides, multipovar feature allows you to create your own program.

But often there is a fair question, and if need all these features?Maybe quite a few most needed.This question everyone will answer for themselves.Someone does not wish to bake bread at home, while others dream of homemade yogurt and healthy food for a couple.

Electronic pan has a variety of programs in addition to benefits such as additional functions.

  • timer or delayed start. very handy addition that will allow to prepare a milk porridge to awakening.In the morning do not have to rush to spin at the stove, customized children or breakfast sandwiches.We only have the evening to lay the ingredients select the program and to put a timer.
  • Automatic heating . cook the food to cool down before you came home from work.It will be warmed up, waiting for dinner.This is a very useful feature, because some dishes just need a little then before serving.
  • signal the end of cooking notifies that it is time for dinner.
  • For people with poor eyesight will be useful feature is voice guidance .It duplicates all the information messages on the display signals the beginning and end of cooking, suggests what button to push in a particular case.
  • thermal protection protects the device from overheating. example, if you run out of water in the bowl when steaming.Thus, the device does not burn himself.

How to choose multivarku
Multivarki - a unique device that frees the hands of many women. first users of this kitchen gadget have become mothers of young children working and busy nature, but today almost every family has a helper - multivarka, which saves a lot of time for your favorite hobbies and friends.

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