How to teach a child to the pot - advice from experienced moms

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25 March 2016

How to choose a pot This process is accustoming the child to the pot, every mom goes its own way.For the most part, mothers or leave the kids right to "ripen" to the pot or apply maximum effort to the kids started to go on the potty at a very early age (as well as to save a lot of money laundry and considerable expenses for diapers).How and when to teach the baby to the pot?

content of the article:

  • When teach a child to the pot?
  • Signs of readiness baby potty
  • accustom to the pot.Important
  • How to teach a child to the pot?
  • Choosing the right pot for the child
  • Types of pots.Professional advice on choosing a pot

When teach a child to the pot?

How to teach a child to the pot no clear age limits in this respect does not exist.It is clear that for six months - it's too early, and four years - a little late.Toilet training occurs individually for each child in the period of time from the moment the child has learned to sit and walk, until the writing in the pants has somehow uncivilized.What you need to remember in preparation for this

important learning process?

  • Be patient , the support of all members of the family and, preferably, a sense of humor.
  • not compare "Pot achievements" of his child with the achievements of the children of friends and relatives.These competitions are meaningless.Your child is an individual.
  • Do not expect too quick success. process is likely to be long and complex.
  • Be zdravomyslyaschi and calm.In no case do not punish the baby, if it does not justify your expectations.
  • If you see that the baby is not ready, not torment his educational process .You will understand that "it is time."
  • child must learn consciously. But producing reflex (carefully, not aggressively) is also possible.
  • Approximate age of "readiness" to learn the baby - from eighteen to thirty months.According to experts, up to eighteen months, the baby still can not control his bladder.

On what grounds can determine that the baby potty?

  • How to teach a child to the pot child can voice their desires and feelings .
  • child interested in the process of going to the toilet , he takes an interest in the pot.
  • child learned to sit, walk, stand .
  • child able to remove yourself (wear) pants .
  • child begins to imitate parents and elder siblings.
  • Remove wet diaper child also may itself.
  • chair baby already formed and regular.
  • child can stay dry for three to four hours day.
  • child learned in his own way to demonstrate a desire to go to the toilet .

accustom to the pot.Important

  • How to teach a child to the pot During training try to choose clothes for the baby, which I easily removed .
  • Encourage your child for success Prefab prizes .You can also entertain the toddler games, or hang next to a pot of special board, which with the help of colorful labels marked "successes."
  • Constantly ask - if he wanted to use the toilet.
  • After waking up, before going to sleep after every meal and before the walk allot child on the potty.Even if he did not write - just to generate reflex .
  • Do not force your baby to sit on the potty .If the child refuses, turn the learning process into a game.
  • gradual transition from diapers to the usual waterproof and panties .The child does not like "wet" feeling, and the learning process goes quickly.
  • Keep pot at hand. If you see that the baby is ready to "nadudonit" panties (each kid their signs - some fidgeting, someone Sucitu legs, someone nostrils and curves), grab the pot and sits baby.Preferably, playfully - the process of going to the potty daze liked.
  • accustom boys to the toilet, preferably with the help of my father's .The first time it is better to sit on the pot, to avoid splashing on the floor and walls.

How to teach a child to the pot?

  • How to teach a child to the pot Prepare to that training should take place regularly , without interruption.It makes no sense to develop these skills only on holidays or at the time of arrival in-law.
  • Prerequisite training - good mood and state of health child.It is understood that when the kid is capricious or temperature, torture him these sciences is not necessary.
  • Summer - the perfect time for toilet training .For kids - a minimum of clothing.That is, to erase every few hours (freeing, of course, the baby from diapers) a bunch of pantyhose and panties you do not have.
  • Each explore pot catch the right moment .After eating, sleeping, street, once the feeling that "it's time", do not miss the moment.
  • get?The kid still went to the pot? Praise baby!
  • wasted again? do not worry , do not show his disappointment, not to give up - sooner or later the child will still begin to do it.
  • How to teach a child to the pot Do not fix the attention only crumbs on the pot. calling his attention to such actions as opening the pot, remove and dressing trusishek, emptying and cleaning the pot, return it to the place.And do not be greedy for praise!
  • diaper Leave Your gradually. During the day, without them, and during sleep or a long walk in the cold season are very useful.
  • woke up dry? urgently take out the pot. And while the kid is trying (or trying to) make their case, showing his dry diaper and again praise, praise, praise.
  • maximum time spent on the pot - 10-15 minutes .

Choosing the right pot for the child

How to teach a child to the pot Of course, if the pot is bright, fun and music, baby sitting on it will be more interesting.But:

  • Encourage play with the pot should not be .Just as there is a bed on which sleep, eat and pot, on which he wrote and cocoa.
  • too long sitting on the pot is harmful , it can lead to problems with the rectum, hemorrhoids, stagnation of blood in the pelvis.

important role in the success accustom baby to the toilet itself plays a pot. When it is selected, consider the following :

  • material.
    course, plastic is most convenient.Its easy to clean, it is not heavy to carry comfortably.Pay attention to the quality of plastic - it must not contain harmful substances.Requires a certificate, even if you are uncomfortable - they say, "because some of the pot detain sellers."In fact, your baby's health is more important than your shyness.
  • cover.
    It is desirable that it was pot.And at the same time handle.
  • unacceptable that were present on the pot bumps, cracks and other defects. This haven for germs and risk of injury to children's skin.
  • How to choose a pot Compliance pot and anatomical features of the body size of the baby. Form pot for girls - round (oval), for a boy - stretched forward , with a raised front part.
  • height pot - about 12 cm and preferably of the same diameter of the container.To legs rested on the floor.After two years, height and diameter of the pot increases to 15 cm.
  • simplicity.
    The simpler, the better.Excessive comfort relaxes and lengthens the time spent on the pot.Therefore, from the "chair" and high backs refuse.

Types of pots.Professional advice on choosing a pot

  • How to choose a pot wooden chair with a hole and the container underneath.
    Choice bad: the risk of infection, inability disinfection quality (wood washed bad).And it is totally unacceptable that a pot sitting on a chair near the dining-table.
  • musical potty. Great for baby.Music begins to play after the baby pee.This type of pot fastest help teach the crumbs to the toilet.Less: according to experts, musical potty generates the wrong reflex - heard a melody somewhere away from home, the baby may be wet pants.That is, such a relationship between urinary and music - a violation of physiological norms.
  • How to choose a pot pot toy.
    example, a typewriter.Not recommended all the same reasons - the pot with this child does not want to get up, and long sitting harmful.
  • pot oval, having little support for the back and front projection - ideal for both sexes.