Home kit for the newborn - what to buy for a newborn kits?

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26 March 2016

In preparation for childbirth, expectant mothers usually write long shopping lists.Among them, children's dishes and things in the hospital, and clothing, and money to care for toddler, and so forth. But before you buy toys, musical carousel, and another set of diapers, you should remember about another important list - means a newborn in the medicine cabinet.Ready first aid kit (such sets are now available in all drugstores) better not to take - something it would not necessarily, but something is not useful.

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So, you need to buy a first aid kit in the newborn sure, and that should be based on "just in case"?

What should be in the medicine cabinet for a newborn

  • sterile c / b wool and cotton pads
    With their own twisted cotton flagella kid clears nasal passages and ear.Convenient, becauseleave less mikrochastichek wool on the skin remains.Also, you must purchase sterile bandages, antibacterial plasters gauze (diapers, etc..) And gauze bandages (for parents).
  • Cotton Buds
    requirements to this point - the presence of the limiter (not to damage the eye) and wide wadded head.Sticks come in handy for a "point" applying medication.

    Memo: not be cleaned with cotton sticks crumbs nose and the inside of the ear.

  • Manicure scissors Children
    Requirements - rounded ends, short blade case.Some mothers are much more convenient to use clipper (mini tweezers).Features children's clipper limiter ring finger mother, the presence of the lens 4-fold increase, nail file to remove sharp corners marigolds.
  • Wipes
    Baby wipes are useful for "fast" in the health field conditions or at home "on the run" (not replace caving!).Requirements: hypoallergenic, no alcohol, fragrances, flavors and sensations of stickiness, the optimal pH for baby, plastic sealed package.

    Memo: do not purchase a lot at once, and large packages - known as crumbs skin reacts to certain tissues.And do not forget to check the expiration date and integrity of the package.

  • Powder
    will take care of the skin (for "folds") after changing diapers and bathing.The task - the fight against diaper rash, calming effect.The preferred powder box with puff or novelty - cream talc.Aromatic additives in the not recommended.

    Memo: simultaneous use of powder and baby diaper rash cream for dry skin is not recommended (these funds different purposes).

  • Remedies for colic and gas formation
    to calm tummy from Chad in the medicine cabinet will be useful the following tools: fennel seeds and fennel (from bloating), granulated, special teas (sold in pharmacies - for example, Plantex)Espumizan.
  • Electronic thermometer (mercury is best avoided) + thermometer to measure the temperature of the water in the bath .
  • tools from an elevated temperature
    Paracetamol (preferably in the form of rectal suppositories), Nurofen, Panadol.See also: How to bring down the heat in the newborn - first aid kid at a high temperature.

    Memo : aspirin and analgin for use for newborns banned!

  • means of a cold
    Ready solution clean sea water (for example, Marimer or akvamaris) for washing nozzle Nazivin + (0.01%).
  • venting tube №1
    It is useful in constipation and bloating.
  • remedy for constipation
    Chamomile (enema with its broth), Duphalac, drugs with lactulose, glycerin suppositories.Although the most effective is the people's tried and tested method - a tiny piece of children's soap smooth instead of rectal suppositories.

    Memo: consultation with a doctor on a topic of choice of drugs is required!

  • Enema 50 ml (smallest)
    is better to buy 2-3 pieces.One - the true purpose of the second is used as an aspirator (klizmochki suck the crumbs mucus from the nose with a cold is much easier than many aspirator).
  • Aspirator
    Which is better?Ironically, the most effective - suction-syringe (the above "enema"), with a special tip.Mechanical aspirator - less traumatic model, but would have to suck the snot through my mother's mouth (uncomfortable and unsightly).More expensive models, but very effective - the electronic suction powerful vacuum (similar to the "cuckoo" in ENT).
  • Fenistil gel
    useful treatment drug allergy to insect bites from itching and so on. Fenistil-drop also in the medicine cabinet will not interfere with (or Tavegil, Suprastin).
  • Permanganic (5-percent solution or powder)
    It may be necessary to process the umbilical wound or for baths.

    Memo: potassium permanganate desiccate the skin of the baby, so the "bath" treatments better alternative would be a decoction of herbs (succession, chamomile, sage).

  • Iodine (5%)
  • Chlorophyllipt (1%)
    mothers used instead of green stuff, does not burn the skin when applied effectively treat pimples / bites.Or Zelenka (1%).
  • Hydrogen peroxide (3%)
    should always be in the medicine cabinet for fast disinfection of scratches and wounds.
  • Pipettes - 2-3 pcs.
    pipettes for the baby must be in boxes, with rounded tips.
  • Funds from dysbacteriosis and diarrhea
    For the treatment of dysbiosis and recovery of the intestine - Bifidumbacterin, or Hilak Linex Forte, diarrhea - Smecta (dosage strictly on age).

  • Sorbents Activated charcoal or Entegnin POLYSORB - sorbents that may be needed in case of intestinal infections, intoxication, poisoning, etc.
  • syringe dispenser for drugs
  • Baby cream / oil
    need to buy baby creams and oils for the little ones - Byubhen Johnson Baby and others.
  • Creams of diaper rash and dermatitis
    Bepanten, D-panthenol.Will bring significant benefits in the diaper dermatitis, irritation from diapers and even cracked nipples (an indispensable tool for mom).
  • white oil
    suitable for the treatment, for example, vapor tube before it is used.And to remove the crusts on the head treatment of prickly heat / irritation, moisture, etc. sinuses.
  • gel gums
    It will be very useful when they start teething.

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What should be in the medicine cabinet for a newborn

Important rules for storage of children's medicine cabinet:

  • newborn kit should be kept separate from adults medicines .Baby first aid kit should be kept away from children, dark place, in a special box or drawer.
  • Candles of newborn kits stored in the refrigerator .
  • instructions on medication, it is desirable to maintain , then had the opportunity to recall the dosage note the expiry date and buy new drug.
  • Also in children's medicine cabinet, you can store all phone numbers emergency care for children .

Site Colady.ru warns self can harm the health of your baby!All medicines for newborn use only on doctor's advice, applying exact dosage!