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26 March 2016

Unlike adults, children firmly believe that the world was created just for them, in a fairy tale and magic.A child under the age of seven wonders of the air needed for the disclosure of their imagination and creativity.According to psychologists, a child just needed Christmas story - it will have the most beneficial effect on his life, both in the future and in the present.Why is that?Because faith in miracles, planted in childhood, remains with the person for life.And sometimes it was she who helps an adult to cope with the most intractable situations.

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content of the article:

  • How to answer children's questions?
  • Needless to blackmail the child?
  • Lee said the "truth"?
  • Invite whether home for the child?
  • Parents and New Year's performance
  • How to change?

What's the right answer children's questions?

howcast quickly growing up, sooner or later the old man noticing Frost sneakers from a store arou

nd the corner or peelable beards begin to torment the parents questions.Many fathers and mothers are lost, unable to react quickly to the question of the child and at the same time, not wanting to destroy the sense of fairy tales have a favorite child.What are the most frequent questions asked by our kids in the days of the New Year celebrations universal?And how to answer them, to reassure doubting child?

  • Where does Santa Claus? Santa Claus lives at the palace with his granddaughter Snow Maiden, assistant deer and gnomes in the city of Veliky Ustyug.
  • Who is Santa Claus? Santa Claus - a cousin of Santa Claus, who lives in America.Santa Claus cousins ​​also live in France (Père Noël), Finland (Yelopukki) and other countries.Each of the brothers followed in his country for winter weather and gives kids the joy in the New Year.
  • From Santa Claus to know who and what to give? Santa Claus all the kids and even adults write letters.Then send them mail or email.And you can just put the letter under the pillow, and assistants of Santa Claus during the night found him and will carry into the palace.If the baby is not yet able to write, then she writes him dad or mom.Santa Claus reads all the letters and then looks into his magic book - whether well-behaved boys and girls.Then he goes to the toy factory and give instructions to his aides, a gift, put some baby.Gifts that the factory do not, gnomes and magical beasts of the forest (helpers of Santa Claus) buy in the store.
  • What goes Santa Claus? Real Santa Claus depends on the city in which you want to take gifts, and the weather.He then travels in a sleigh pulled by reindeer, the snowmobile, then by car.
  • Can anything to give to Santa Claus? Of course you can!Santa Claus will be very pleased.Most of all he liked the drawings on the theme of winter and the New Year.They can be sent in a letter or hang next to the Christmas tree for the New Year.And you can put on the eve of New Year's Eve cookies and milk for Santa Claus - he was very tired on the road and will be happy to eat.
  • brings you Santa Claus gifts for parents and other adults? Santa Claus brings gifts only kids, but adults give them to each other, because, of course, also want the holiday.
  • Why gifts Santa Claus does not always like this, of which he is asked? First, Santa Claus can not just be a toy factory, which asks the child.And secondly, there are things that Santa Claus might consider dangerous for a child.For example, the present gun, tank or a dinosaur.Or, for example, an animal that asks the baby, too, and just can not fit in the apartment - a real horse or elephant.Third, before you give any serious gift, Santa Claus certainly consults with the child's parents.
  • Why are so many Santa Clauses in the New Year, and Santa Claus on holiday in kindergarten peeled off his mustache - they fake? The real Santa Claus is very little time.He needs to prepare his magical sleigh, check - whether all the gifts collected for children, and give instructions to his assistants.So he come on holiday can not, and instead come his assistants, who are also very fond of children.

Gifts and bad behavior

Very often parents are not very obedient kids say something like - "If you pick your nose, then Father Christmas will not bring gifts," or "If you do not get out of theroom ... "or ... and stuff, stuff, stuff.This, of course, wrong in terms of education.

Child can cheer , push right to the good deeds the words: "The more you keep yourself going, the greater the chance that Santa Claus will make all your desires."But categorical "did not deserve" better left to themselves.Child waiting for the New Year for a year, believing in a miracle, waiting for a fairy tale, execution cherished dream.And the mood in this way, he just decides that welcome gift Santa Claus did not bring because of his bad behavior.

Binding behavior of the child and the magic of the holiday is not recommended.Loving parents will always find an opportunity to solve the problem with the "picking nose" or unharvested toys.New year should remain the same New Year: the kid does not need the memories of how Santa Claus deprived him of the designer or dolls because pranks.

Should I tell the child that Santa Claus does not exist?

Many were in a situation where the baby, inspired by the "terrible truth about Santa Claus" falls into melancholy, disappointed in the fairy tale, and parents, who for so many years he "lied."In this case, you can tell the child about the prototype of Santa Claus - Saint Nicholas, a real person who lived many centuries ago.I adore children, bringing them gifts and helping the poor, Nicholas left the tradition of congratulating each other on Christmas and give gifts.

  • course, keep the faith baby in a Santa Claus should be as long as possible.And parents, guidance cynical - "you can not believe what is not" and "lie - it's bad," deliberately injure the psyche of the child, even though doing it with the best intentions.
  • If a child is still a pipsqueak, and the elder brother had "opened his eyes" that parents can calm him down a simple phrase: "Father Christmas comes only to those who believe in it.And while you're to believe the fairy tale will live, and Santa Claus will bring gifts. "
  • In a situation when it's time to reveal the truth, you can try to pull the issue "on the brakes."Surrounded by his beloved family, mom and dad at the family a warm dinner, you can logically lead the child to the idea that, growing up, we see how the shape of most things, while at the same time, the essence remains the same.During the presentation of several disparate gifts daze tactfully and gently hint at the complex device of our lives, while not forgetting to mention that miracles necessarily happen with all those who believe in them.
  • can lead the child to a certain boundary beyond which the father or grandfather will be in the guise of Santa Claus.A gift that all of my heart I wish the baby and the parents' love will soften the bitterness of lost faith.
  • Give your child (if you believe in the moral forces) to make this life a conclusion on their own.Through, for example, any responsible mission - to buy himself a toy of his dreams (within, of course, the family budget).This is a serious purchase targeted nature necessarily come across the baby to certain thoughts.

answer, if a child asks about the existence of Santa Claus?

One of the greatest desires of the child - to get acquainted with real Santa Claus.And, of course, the kid smart enough to realize that the guy on morning - only the assistant of the fabulous old.But where is the main Santa Claus?Anyone who breaks the window, flying in a sleigh and hiding presents under the tree.He does have?

We have found that children of faith in Santa Claus should be maintained as long as possible, so the question of "whether to tell the truth" is eliminated.Then what can be answered favorite kids, naive wide-open eyes that look with faith and hope?Certainly "there."

Should I order the child actors in the New Year?

Someone thinks that the child's trust in the good old man needed support, someone sticks to the opposite opinion.But difference between "just a gift under the tree" and "personal greeting Santa Claus" is a huge .Most children are not so much eager to play with bearded grandfather how much to tell him everything that has happened in a year of life.And for the parents there is nothing nicer than to see how the baby is happy and excited about this miracle - a meeting with Santa Claus.

course, you can give yourself malyshni gifts, saving on professional actors.Or contact your friends, who will do it for us, plastered cotton chin and dressed in a red robe.But do this in memory of the child Santa Claus, as someone's friend, smelling not the first New Year's glass?Or overage husband of a friend, dressed in little Snow White?

course, the professional actor is much more joy will bring the kid.And money does not play a role, given the fact that these moments will stay with the baby forever.

According to the recommendations of psychologists, to invite Santa Claus to kids under two years old are not worth it.Alien guy in a red sheepskin coat can trigger the baby tantrum, and a feast for the child will be ruined.But for older rebyatni, after three years - it is not just possible, and even necessary.They have already realized all the solemnity of the moment, and if you advance to prepare them for the arrival of such an important guest, the visit of Santa Claus will be held to cheer.

Reviews forums


Hmm.And I remember well these holidays ... One day, I decided to verify the existence of Santa Claus and for a long time did not take her eyes off the Christmas tree.To mom and dad caught.:) turned away only a few minutes before the battle of chimes.Dad had for those minutes quickly attach a gift to a branch.:) fast.:) Present was very happy, but who put - and not seen.Though suspected!:)


I always believed in Santa Claus.Even now, I believe.Although :) saw Mom pours gifts under the Christmas tree.


Santa Claus certainly need it!It is now we know that they were gifts from their parents.But then some!:) How cool was ... We believed in the fairy tale to the end.And Santa Claus, which ordered the parents seemed very natural.:)


I saw my grandfather in Santa Claus dresses.And all at once I realized.However, it is not really upset me.On the contrary even.


Not Ded Moroz exactly need!The child is a joy to pull his beard, hoarse voice ... And listen to how long the children preparing for his arrival ... poems teach draw pictures ... No Santa Claus and New Year - not a holiday.:)

Should parents to dress in Santa Claus?

order not to disappoint the child in this magical holiday, Santa Claus needs a must.Santa Claus on call Santa Claus on a matinee or dad dressed up Santa Claus - but it should be.And to understand the desire of the child, it is enough to recall himself at that age.

In a year or two the baby can still be frightened of such a character, even if it will smell and talk like dad.But for older kids Dad Father Frost and the Snow Maiden will bring my mother a lot of joy.Who, if not they best know their kids, their possible reactions and desires.But we need something just - robe, a staff, a bag with gifts, gloves and a mask with a beard.And fun holiday for children, and adults themselves, provided.

Reviews forums:


Kids New Year are waiting for more than a birthday.This is a special holiday.But strangers ... worth the risk because of the unknown, of the actor's mood (and God forbid healthy) child?It's better to beat their own meeting with the wizard.


Our daughter is also the first time afraid of Santa Claus.And we decided that until she grows up, Santa Claus will grandfather.:) Although the tree, where a lot of children, the child is also quite comfortable.


We only work with the Santa Claus invite.It turns out cheaply and safely.Every year on the job offer that opportunity.A big plus - you always know who will come in and will entertain children.I advise those who have such options.And the kid is fun and parents are not particularly expensive.


The last new year our dad dressed in a Santa Claus.He did not even recognize his own mother.:) kids were delighted.But in the morning it was not so much fun when the children found me sleeping with Santa Claus.I had to tell my grandfather was very tired at night and fell asleep on my bed, quickly expel them out of the bedroom, and the "Santa Claus", "send" in Ustyug from the balcony on the sled."There are," Dad told the children that lost the keys and had to climb over the balcony, and then just drove away, and Santa Claus ... :) In general, lies, those final.:) Now be careful.

How to dress himself, the child did not notice a dirty trick?

to one fantastic night to become the main wizard of Ustyug, you need not so much.First, of course, the desire and love for children.Second, bit masking.And it is desirable that the masking did not bring inconvenience.

  • pompons on a red cap. That he did not fall in the Olivier, while the child tells the poem, and pounded on the faces of the audience, sew it to the frill cap.
  • Beard .It is a constant attribute of Santa Claus.As a rule, it is present in all sets of costumes for the future of magic reindeer herders.The slit for the mouth in such a beard does not always meet the requirements and that it did not have otfyrkivalsya while interacting with children or, even worse, to raise, is puzzled with the expansion of the holes in advance.
  • Stockings Santa Claus. in his pants from the store sets especially not to move - they are too narrow.Therefore, it makes sense to replace them with red trousers (leggings).
  • red coat of Santa Claus - the main part of the costume.And it is desirable if it is made of synthetic fabric, not too hard on yourself to tie sash.Sweating and then chose to Claus Santa Claus risks meet January 1 with pneumonia.
  • Boots Santa Claus. This item supplied are not usually included.So better to buy boots to match the image.
  • as staff stalks can be used ordinary mop, painted white and decorated with tinsel and snowflakes.

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