How to look for a nanny: Babysitting and their subtypes

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26 March 2016

How to find a babysitter some time ago, young mothers do not even think about a rapid return to work - sat quietly in the three-year maternity leave and to engage children.Today the situation has changed dramatically: a single moms do not have enough full communion, others (most of them) - funding.As a result - many mothers are looking for babysitters for the kids as young as two or three months of age.But the nurse are different, and the baby - a single, native and beloved.And a nanny for him want to find the best.How to properly search for his child sitter, nanny, and what all are?

content of the article:

  • We are looking for the right nanny "Subspecies" nannies
  • What are the nanny;the pros and cons
  • Where and how to find a babysitter?
  • Questions to Ask the nurse.Interview
  • «Insidious" questions for the nurse for an interview
  • How to behave with a nanny?
  • Babysitting for children.How to be safe?

I am looking for a baby sitter for an hour, day, night, day - how not to be mistaken with the choice?

Day nanny - nanny day

features work daytime nanny

  • How to find a babysitter Kid such nurse is engaged exclusively in the afternoon (between 6 and 12 h.).
  • time nanny - from eight in the morning (sometimes later).
  • Weekend - one or two days a week.

Obligations day babysitting:

  • Parenting baby during the day (developmental activities, games, reading books).
  • A full child care (bathing, feeding, walking).
  • Cleaning in the children's room and other areas where there will be a child.
  • Sometimes cooking for the baby.
  • By agreement - support the baby in the celebrations.

Night nurse - nurse for the night

Features of night babysitting

  • How to find a babysitter - a night nanny Hours, respectively, only at night (from 10 to 14 h.).
  • Getting Started - from 8-9 pm.End - to 9am.
  • one or two days off a week.

Responsibilities night babysitting

  • Bathing baby.
  • Preparing a child to sleep.
  • Preparation berth.
  • the morning and evening - hygiene.
  • care of babies in the morning and during the night.
  • Sometimes - feeding.

time-based nurse, nurse for an hour

Features of hourly babysitting

  • How to find a babysitter - time-based nanny employment and caring for the baby in a strictly certain hours.For example, in the evening, for a few hours in the day or the time-out parents.
  • Individual time.It can take three hours but can - a few days.
  • hourly pay.

Responsibilities hourly babysitting

  • Complete care of the child, in accordance with the objectives and the time at which she was invited.
  • Provided evening work - games, reading books, feeding and preparing dinner for the night.
  • Provided that babysitting services needed for a few days - baby care, including all necessary activities and procedures.

daily nanny, nanny for a day

Features of daily babysitting

  • How to find a babysitter - daily babysitting time - around the clock.
  • Usually such nanny need an extremely busy mom or to infants.
  • output - by appointment.
  • Schedule - 2/2, 3/3, in the presence of a second daily babysitting.

Responsibilities daily babysitting

  • full-featured clock care and care for the baby.
  • Accommodation in a house being right in the child.

Meeting with accommodation

Features of the nurse to stay

  • How to find a babysitter - nanny with accommodation around the clock to find close to the child.
  • accommodation room (house, apartment), provided by the parents of the baby.
  • time of the day depends on the parents.
  • Weekend - a day or two a week.
  • usual daily salary.

Responsibilities nanny live-

  • clear adherence and the daily routine, as well as its organization.
  • Baby Nutrition and cooking for him.
  • Leisure child (leisure, entertainment).
  • Walking.
  • Support baby to the doctor or for a holiday.
  • complete care, day and night.
  • Cleaning in the children's room.

nurse educator, nurse governess, babysitter at home: the pros and cons

Nanny at home, baby sitter, nanny live-

How to find a babysitter - babysitter at home It may be a person from the agency or "friends of friends."The schedule is negotiated in advance for child care is carried out directly at your home.

  • kid does not have anywhere to carry
  • child is in familiar surroundings.
  • rhythm of his life does not change.


  • nanny salary costs, its transportation to your home and food.
  • presence of a stranger in the house in your absence.

Home to nurse

How to find a babysitter - home to nurse Usually such nanny she raises the child and wants to combine education with the completion of the budget.

  • On nanny salary will leave less money than professional nurses.
  • No need to pay for food and travel nurse.
  • kid will not get bored if the nurse has your child.


  • road to babysitting and back will be a burden for you and for your baby.
  • Being with another aunt, and even in a strange place - stress for the child.
  • Babysitting having their children will not be able to pay proper attention to your kid.
  • As for the legal and medical aspects - you are in a losing position.
  • teaching and medical education for a nanny-home-based workers - a rarity.

Nanny in home daycare - a private kindergarten at home

Home Kindergarten from previous nanny babysitter at home this is different in that it has the appropriate license for the provision of educational services.


  • Finding child among his peers.
  • Easier learning necessary skills.
  • absence of mothers less severe impact on the child.


  • risk for a child to "catch" any infections from other children (starting with SARS and ending measles, rubella, etc.).
  • From a psychological point of view: finding a child under three years old in kindergarten is not recommended.
  • Babysitting, caring for multiple kids will not be able to give the necessary attention to your child.


How to find a nanny - governess, nanny The duties of a nurse, in addition to the traditional set of services also includes training your child to a foreign language, as well as training for school.This nanny will cost more expensive than others.The only negative - in the cost of services.


Girlfriend Babysitter In the role of the nurse acts as your good friend or girlfriend.

  • Girlfriend easier to trust a child than an outsider.
  • The fact that a child will be treated well and fed on time, there is no doubt.
  • Usually pay a babysitter does not even implied.


  • girlfriend filed a claim in the case of force majeure, it will be very difficult.

Nanny grandmother ad

How to find a babysitter - nanny grandmother This nurse is usually through the ads that are served (hangs), or through a friend.


  • Life experience babysitting.
  • increased level of responsibility and care.
  • lower payment services, compared with professional nannies.


  • elderly person is very difficult to keep up with a moving child.
  • If an elderly nanny something happens (and health problems in old age, of course, are not excluded), it can cause serious stress for the child.Not to mention the fact that in this case it is left to itself.

Nanny - young Sosa order, teenage nanny, babysitter neighbor

How to find a babysitter - baby sitter These nannies are popular abroad (baby sitter).They work for two or three hours, looking after the baby without mom and dad.It is believed that the development of a child with a young nurse is more active.Of the benefits can be identified low cost services.As for the cons, the most important - is the lack of proper experience.That is, a young nurse has much to be able to adore your child (and, as a rule, it is the adoration of each), to deal in home appliances, and other necessary things, but can not help but notice that the baby fell awkwardly, that he had a fever and so on.

Where and how to find a babysitter?

How to find a babysitter matter how urgently you did not need a babysitter, take your time.Patiently choose until you understand - this is it.Still, the nurse you trust not protect their things, and the most expensive thing on the ground - your baby.So, where to look?

  • the ad.
    several options: to distribute ads on poles and entrances of nearby houses, buy a newspaper or place on the Internet.The cost of the nurse is inexpensive, and the agency will not have to pay.Minus: a stranger in the street in your home.That is, the nurse may be just a thief, navodchitsey, lover foreign husbands or worse (this is a terrible option will not even considered).Of course, you may get lucky.And your ad will call real modern Mary Poppins (sometimes strangers are close relatives), but it is better not to risk it.
  • relatives, friends and friends of friends.
    This "cry" - the fastest way to find a babysitter.And the people who respond are likely to be old enough and experienced, and will not take a lot of money (and sometimes do not take).Cons: like it or not, but you'll have to listen to on a regular basis "correct" opinion of your education, "blockhead", and all the information about what is happening in your house will be available to all relatives and friends.
  • nurse from the agency.
    Trendy, fast, reliable and inexpensive way.Easier to nowhere: one call to the agency, the formulation of their wishes, and ... the nurse already ringing at your door.Plus a lot: experience babysitting choice - from hair color to the education and age nanny and you can choose your preferred price for a nanny.But most importantly - a thorough check of the personnel at the agency.That is, you can be sure that you do not send a man without education, medical books and with a criminal record.

interview with the nanny - what questions you need to ask!

Interview with the nurse Psychologists say that the first impression is the most important.In many ways - yes, though you can bet.

  • So should first pay attention to the clock .Punctuality - one of the indicators of human responsibility.I was late even for an interview?Feel free to cross out of its list of candidates.
  • appearance. heels, miniskirt and "war paint" as unacceptable as carelessness.In addition, attention should be paid to the nurse's facial expression at the meeting.The negative facial expressions, grimaces, and sheer insincerity - an occasion to say goodbye.
  • experience and education.You are looking for a babysitter babies?Medical education is compulsory.Experience - is similar.About personal qualities, such as love for children, and can not speak.
  • Health nurse. course, the nurse needs to be healthy.Medical book is obligatory.As well as the absence of diseases such as AIDS, HIV, mental health and STI disease (need help, test results).With regard to the age and general physical condition - the nurse must have the strength to care for an active mobile baby.
  • former employer. may also want to ask about the reasons for parting with previous employers.And even better - get them coordinate and communicate personally.
  • School. If your children have already grown up baby-sitting (or even better - up), then problems such as sudden sick and output, as well as short absences during the day, you will not.
  • Location babysitting. ideal situation if the nurse lives near you.
  • time with your child. Ask how she usually spends time with the child.It is clear that the response should not be limited to walking and feeding.
  • habit. Babysitting having bad habits, should not be allowed to care for the child.

«Insidious" questions - how to check a nanny

  • How to find a babysitter «How do you see the perfect child?". In this case, peace and obedience of the child - not the best answer.The kid has to smile and enjoy life.
  • «Your favorite everyday meal?» .Fast food and dumplings - just do not fit.Fricassee of rabbit in wine sauce - too.
  • «What do you do if the baby falls (impacts, be burnt and so forth.)?» .The answer should contain not only information about first aid, and babysitting certification that it will notify parents about the injury.
  • «Were there mistakes in your practice?» .All wrong.The reaction to the answer depends on the sincerity of the nurse.
  • «What are your previous cartoons loved the pupil? ».Perfect Nanny knows about all the children brought up.

Do not forget to ask the opinion of the child.If a child at the sight of the nurse in horror hammered into a corner and refuse to even shake hands with her, then the nurse can immediately say goodbye.

How to behave with a nanny?

How to find a babysitter Once you have decided on the choice of the nurse should be a stage, as the conclusion of the contract.The contract specifies all the items, details and features of cooperation - from the responsibilities and work schedule until the force majeure.Even if your babysitter is not one agency, and you find it yourself through an ad, you should conclude the contract.

  • first few days - the "lapping» each other mothers, nannies and baby.During this time, you can understand how to treat the baby nurse as the nurse refers to it, which methods are used in the education of the nurse, is responsible Does suited to his duties.
  • Teach your nanny to use their appliances .Make a list of all the important details about which she should know (a problem with the equipment, poor wiring, and so on.).
  • Leave all your nurse coordinates - phone numbers, work address, phone numbers needed urgent medical care, and so forth.
  • Do not take your nurse, as a member of your family, and not discuss with her your family affairs and problems.

Babysitting for children.How to be safe?

How to be safe, if a child is sitting babysitting Unfortunately, even the most careful inspection can not protect them from human negligence.As a "podstelit straws" to feel more or less easy for your baby, left with a stranger?

  • periodically come home "suddenly» , instead of after work, in the usual time.So you can see - what exactly is occupied by the nurse, not thrown if the child unattended in the other room, he cleanly dressed, washed whether he handles and so forth.
  • Ask neighbors to watch your nanny and baby , if possible(this possibility is usually while walking babysitting and child).That is, to see - as a nanny with a child behaves like the kid reacts, what exactly they are doing on a walk.
  • child - the main "indicator" integrity babysitting. If the baby happy, neat, full, cheerful, happy nurse's arrival - so all is well.If the baby becomes fussy, its condition and the mood changed, and in the morning he breaks up with you on hysteria, should look into the situation.
  • Even if you completely trust the babysitter, hidden camera and recorder you do not interfere.With work, you will be able to observe the actions of the nurse through the Internet (when installing the webcam).This equipment does not require major investments, and you can install it yourself.Warn the nurse that it "removes the hidden camera", or not - it thrifty.