How to remove yellow, white, long-standing sweat stains from clothes home remedies

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16 March 2016

The problem with sweat stains every woman faces.As a rule, the appearance of such spots is most noticeable on the back and armpits.And, more than any other "affected" silk and woolen fabrics.The best way to deal with this problem - zastiryvanie timely fashion (better - soap).But if the spot is still there, then they should be properly removed.

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Recipes remove stains

Remove the yellow sweat stains from white and bright clothing

  • baking soda. Mix baking soda with water (4 tablespoons / l ¼ cup).Wipe the resulting paste yellowed areas with a brush.We reserve the clothes in this state for an hour and a half.Erase the usual way and dry at room temperature.If necessary, repeat the same scenario.
  • Persol. This refers to the chemical bleach.It is mixed with water Pearsall (1 cup for 1 h / l), the resulting mixture to rub the stain with a brush (carefully), leave as is for a couple of hours, wash in the u
    sual way, to dry.
  • vodka or vinegar. Mix vodka or vinegar (optional) and water (1: 1), sprinkled with the appropriate sections of clothing, wash in the usual way.
  • hydrogen peroxide. whole jacket or separately patches soaked in water to which is added hydrogen peroxide (1 st / liter to 1 liter), the soak time to 30 minutes.Then wash in the usual way and dried, if necessary - repeat the procedure.
  • Fairy .Mix the product with water (1 h / l to 1 cup), put on clothes stained sections, leave for 2 hours.After a wash in the usual way.
  • Aspirin. Mix warm water and aspirin (1/2 cup to 2 pre-comminuted tablets).According to the wetting solution stains, leave for 2-3 hours.Wash off aspirin, wash in the usual way.If stains are not removed, divorce aspirin to a thick slurry (instead of ½ cup of water - a few drops), put on the spot, waiting for another hour after wash.
  • Sol. Dilute water with salt (1 tablespoon / l per cup), put on the spot, leave a couple of hours, Wash.The method is good for x / cotton fabrics, linen and silk
  • vinegar or citric acid. means Dilute with water (1 h / l per glass), wipe the stain, leave for a couple of hours, wash in the usual way.
  • ammonia + salt. Mix water (glass) with brown or smelling salts (1 h / l), add salt (1 h / l), put on the spot, rub with a brush.We are waiting for half an hour, wash in the usual way.
  • Soap + oxalic acid. brush to lather soap, rub the stain, leave for half an hour, zastiryvaem.Next, wipe the cloth in areas with patches of oxalic acid (in a glass - 1 h / L), wash off after 10 minutes, Wash.
  • ammonia and denatured alcohol. mixed in a ratio of 1 to 1 (1 h / l), applied to the fabric, wait half an hour, wash.Denatured alcohol can be mixed with egg yolk, the procedure repeated in the same sequence.
  • Boiling + soap. method for c / b clothes and linen.Rub the host / soap on a fine grater (1/2 cup), is poured into a metal bucket, boil until complete bleaching clothes - after boil 3-4 hours on low heat, stirring constantly. "

Recipes remove stains

Removing blind spots from sweat with a dark and black clothes

  • Table salt + ammonia . Suitable for x / cotton fabrics and linen.Mix salt with warm water (1 h / l per glass) and smelling salts (1 h / l), put on the spot, waiting for 15 minutes, rinsed or erase.
  • Sol. can be used for silk.Mix salt with warm water (1 h / l per glass) previously soaked clothes for 10 minutes in a conventional soap and water is then applied on the stains solution, waiting 10 minutes, and erase.
  • Soap. Use for woolens.The blowing soap in hot water, lathering them as portions of clothing stained and soaked thing in half an hour, wash.
  • ammonia. Just add the hand-washing: 1 liter of warm water - 1 hr / agent.

Recipes remove stains

How to wash chronic sweat stains from things?

First of all, we must remember that the removal of long-standing spots sweat begins always with pre-soaking - in ordinary soapy water, powder, bleach or detergent.

After soaking the thing should be well otpoloskat, and only then use one of the methods for removing stains .

most popular methods:

  • Vinegar + soda. Soak clothes in vinegar solution (5 l - 1-2 tbsp / liter of vinegar) for half an hour.Mix baking soda with warm water (4 tablespoons / l per glass), rub the stain with a solution.Bleach not further use to spot not darkened.Erase the usual way.
  • ammonia + lemon juice. Soak clothes in vinegar solution (see para. 1 st paragraph) for half an hour.Dilute with warm water smelling salts (1/2 cup to 1 tbsp / l), put a solution on the spot.Rinsed.Mix the lemon juice with water (1 tbsp / l ½ cup), soaked underarm area for 2 hours, Wash.
  • aspirin plus hydrogen peroxide. Soak the clothes in soapy water.Make a paste of aspirin (2 tablets for 1 h / l of water), put on the spot, waiting for 3:00, washed without bleach.Mix the water with hydrogen peroxide (10 to 1), put on the spot, waiting for 10 minutes, Wash.

Recipes remove stains

Housekeeping tip:

  • chlorine for bleaching is not suitable. response proteins "sweaty" spots, it leads to a darkening of the tissue in these areas.
  • not recommended much rub clothes when removing stains to avoid damaging the paint.
  • acetone and acetic acid forbidden to remove stains on silk acetate.
  • Solvents types gasoline, benzene and so on.- Banned for synthetics (nylon, nylon and so on.).
  • Not recommended removing stains from x / cotton fabrics with strong acids (hydrochloric acid, nitric acid), and a wool and silk - alkali.
  • Each new method is tested on the tissue site, which, when accident damage will not spoil the appearance of the garment.
  • Hot water secures spot!It is recommended to wash shirts / blouses at 30 degrees, and then air dried.
  • recommended remove stains from the inside of the clothes to avoid the appearance of spots around divorce.To protect the clothing from this effect can dampen the cloth around the spot when removing or sprinkle with chalk.
  • When using hydrogen peroxide be several times to rinse your clothes - the sun peroxide yellowing leaves on clothes!

Recipes remove stains
And last tip: avoid such deodorants, antiperspirants, as part of which there is a component that contributes to the appearance of spots - Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex Gly.

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