8 modern electronic gadgets for children 10 years old - that will interest your child?

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27 March 2016

mouse and keyboard, our children today take possession before the pencils and paper.The debate about the dangers and benefits of electronic gadgets, probably never fade away, but everyone agrees that today without them is almost not enough.Some technological innovations are helping in the development of children, while others provide for continuous communication with the child, and others - already an integral part of life.Therefore, the task of parents - to keep pace with the times, steadily maintaining a balance between "offline" and the influence of progress.

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What gadgets are useful gifts for the modern child 10 years?

Electronic Gadgets for the child 10 years

  1. Children netbook PeeWee Pivot
    not a toy, but quite "adult" own computer.It was created specifically for children.Of the features worth noting the swivel touch screen, the ability to use a computer as a tablet, a powerful "adult" specifications.
    Electronic Gadgets for the child 10 years
    netbook has a waterproof housing and a keyboard that will stand the ro
    ugh treatment, parental control, tutorials, removable handle.In addition to special programs, netbooks have educational games, the operational reserve "memory», Wi-Fi and so forth.
    average cost netbook PeeWee Pivot - about 600-700 dollars .
  2. E-book
    latest models are equipped with this device is not only the ability to read books and watching videos and listening to audio files.Such a device, as many moms, it awakens the child's interest in books.The main advantage - large memory resources.In the e-book, parents can download the entire library as books from the curriculum and the books "for fun."EBook child can take with you on holiday or on a trip.
    Electronic Gadgets for children 10 years old - Reader PocketBook Basic New
    most popular models - Reader PocketBook Basic New (maximum "similarity" with the paper feels, proven safety for vision, the ability to install a memory card to 32GB, the battery lasts for reading 20 books) and Story Book inColor (card slotsMemory up to 16 GB, easy management, photo viewer, MP3-player).
    average cost of e-books - from 1500 to 6000 p .
  3. Children's camera
    The most popular camera for a child - Kidizoom Plus.Features: the presence of a memory card and flash rubberized case (the camera does not slip into the hands of a child), the rotation of the lens 180 degrees (if desired child can shoot yourself), the ability to shoot video with sound of the specified program, creating audio clips, slideshows and animation, puzzle games, easy management, children's design.
    Electronic Gadgets for children 10 years old - children Kidizoom Plus Camera
    All captured images and video can be spread to your computer via USB and even look at the TV screen.
    average cost of the gadget (in accordance with the characteristics and capabilities) - from 1500 to 7000 p .
  4. Backpack with solar panel
    Not all parents are aware of this new product.This gadget will be a very useful thing for your child at school, and at play.Features: practical, fashionable design, environmental friendliness, and most importantly - the presence of the solar cell.
    Electronic Gadgets for children 10 years old - Backpack with solar panel
    child will be able to charge a dead battery or other devaysa phone, and the parents do not have to worry once again, unsuccessfully nazvanivaya favorite "blockhead."Himself pack is charged by the sun or any light source (about 8 hours of continuous lighting), mains and USB-ports.
    The average cost of a backpack with solar panel - 2000-8000 p.
  5. Digital Voice Recorder
    your baby "sleeps" in the classroom?It does not has high care?Not able to quickly outline the themes of lessons?Buy him one of today's digital voice recorders.The lecture from the teacher can record and listen to the house, he moved to the lesson book, and you'll be aware of all the problems encountered with the teachers.Selecting recorders today is very big, and their ability - increasingly.
    Electronic Gadgets for children 10 years old - Digital Voice Recorder
    For instance, voice activation, an extremely small size (almost stick), switch the recording to the sound of the voices on and off when it is remission, the noise canceling function, memory, and an external microphone, easy operation, uploading files to a PC via USB-cable.Separate recorders are protected against forgery of records, allowing audio files may be evidence in the event of litigation.
    average cost of a digital recorder - 6000-10000 p.
  6. Digital Microscope
    assortment of trendy gadget is also quite broad, moms and dads can select the device the size of your wallet.What is interesting digital microscope?Firstly, it is an excellent alternative to the traditional optical microscope and is a nice gift for any young researcher (eg, DigiMicro 2.0).Secondly, the image with a digital microscope can be immediately displayed on a laptop screen TV and so forth.
    Electronic Gadgets for children 10 years old - Digital Microscope
    also its features include a removable / integrated display, the ability to take photos and videos, saving frames on the memory card, user-friendly software, a study of microparticlesand measurement of objects, food via USB-port, etc.
    cost of such a device will be from 2500 and up to 100,000 p .
  7. electronic telescope
    Even more interesting is the instrument by which the child can engage in astronomical research / observation.Model selection will depend on the financial condition of, and the technical characteristics (whether the device is needed to expand the horizons, for scientific purposes or simply a gift "that was").
    Electronic Gadgets for children 10 years old - Electronic Telescope
    Electronic modern telescope - a fashionable design and the possibility of a photo / video, universal output USB, the accuracy of the images, and so forth.
    cost "star pleasure» - from 3500 to 100000 p .
  8. Watch SpyNet Mission
    Neither the young spy will not give up such a gadget, because with him any secret mission is simply doomed to success.
    Electronic Gadgets for children 10 years old - Watch SpyNet Mission
    spyware hours Features: fashion design, LCD display, night vision function, the ability to record audio, photo and video files, search for "bugs", a timer with a stopwatch, a lie detector, downloading games and missions from the manufacturer, the camera-snake(for secret surveillance of the corner), the ability to download files to your PC, and so on. The average cost - about 4000 p .

course, fill up their child trendy gadgets to make for yourself 2-3 hours of free time - bad idea.Remember, then pull the child out of the world of technological innovations will be almost impossible.

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Use gadgets exclusively for the development and protection of their child , then not to worry, that the son (daughter) had forgotten how to count in your mind does not want to go out and refuses to communicate with people "offline."