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27 March 2016

What to give my daughter dances Children begin to move to the music, barely learned to stand on his feet.And the girls - even more so.Link to the dance and music they have a very early.Of course, to teach her daughter the first pas possible already from the cradle: dancing harm can not bring - only benefits.Especially the dances involve not only the physical aspect of the child's development, but also mental.

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What kind of dance to choose for her daughter?At what age is better to give a dance school?And what exactly are the benefits of dance for children?

content of the article:

  • How useful dances for girls?
  • At what age can give a daughter to the dance?
  • Select dance school for her daughter
  • What dances choose for my daughter?Types of dancing
  • Things to remember parents, giving a daughter to a dance

How useful dances for girls?

For girls dancing are considered the best sport (second place - swimming).Why is that?Wh

at do the dance?

  • What to give my daughter dances Immunity.
  • Strengthening the vestibular apparatus.
  • Improved memory and develop thinking skills.
  • Formation of a correct posture , plasticity, grace and beautiful gait.
  • Minimum injuries , compared to other sports.
  • Development artistry , motor coordination, musical ear, sense of rhythm.
  • Overcoming female complexes and embarrassment.
  • Gaining confidence , develop willpower.
  • Active work pelvic , that in the future will facilitate easy delivery and avoid problems in the women's field.
  • Easier overcome puberty .

At what age is better to give the girl to the dance?

What to give my daughter dances Today, children offer a variety of different dance styles - from folk dance to acrobatic rock 'n' roll and so on. Dance sensible children begin about seven years.Until that time, experts recommend giving kids gymnastics, rhythmic and other educational circles.Even with seven years in all kinds of dances can give a daughter.For example, the tango or the rumba does not fit the little girl.They are based - sensuality, show that it can not even twelve year old girl.Or Irish dance: master such complex movements the child can not do.In every age its demands:

  • Some teachers take eighteen months to train kids.But explain such crumbs dance technique is simply impossible.And for those of physical activity a bit early.
  • In two or three years the girl is too clumsy for dancing and not able to accurately understand the teacher.Again, exercise is limited.A maximum of two times per week and not more than thirty minutes.
  • With four or five years has taken many dance schools.Even at this age kids are often confused left and right legs , and very awkward in his movements.
  • But with six or seven - it's time to start .

Choosing a dance school for girls

What to give my daughter dances To start, make a list of all the schools of dance (dance clubs), that is in your area.Next, determine the choice, taking into account all the necessary criteria for a good dance school:

  • cost of lessons. Ask how and when to make a payment, that included what to do when the baby got sick, and the payment paid, and so on.
  • location of the school. better if the school will be next to your house.The child will be hard after school to go to the other end of the city to dance.It's either discourage the girl to dance all hunting or impact on health.
  • Schedule. Generally, lessons are conducted in the evenings, because teachers - acting dancers.In this case it is useful to ask about changes in the timetable, internal regulations and so forth.
  • Teachers. Of course, the best teachers - active professional dancers (or dancers in the past), with certain rewards.Ensure training of teachers (diplomas, certificates, awards).The teacher should have a choreographic education, work experience, pedagogical skills, and know not only the technology and history, but also the psychology of the dance.
  • Talk with parents of children who are already attending the school.Learn about teaching methods, awards and punishments students.
  • Find out about the risks and traumatic dance.
  • status of the school. school should have a landline number, the site with the right information, awards, articles from various sources, experience.The best indicator of when the students of the school became well-known dancers.
  • Interior. A good school should have a large hall (warm and ventilated), equipment, mirror on the wall, saw (classical dance), dressing room, which is regularly cleaned, bathroom with shower, durable flooring.

What dances choose for my daughter?Types of dancing

What to give my daughter dances better if the child will determine which dance closer.To do this, hold special sessions in which it appears - what girl has more abilities, and what is more than the soul.It is clear that if the daughter dreams of becoming a ballerina, then push it in the hip-hop does not make sense.And vice versa.What kinds of dance today mothers give their princesses?

  • tap dance (step). Dance Base - shock and rhythmic footwork, clad in special shoes.Key movements the child is able to learn since five or six years.With a variety of movements, there is no limit for improvement skills.The child is calm?Attentive?It has an excellent ear for music?Perhaps the tap dance - that is necessary.
  • Hip Hop. very energetic kind of dance sport.There are no strict laws and sentimentality, but there is arrogance, stubbornness and its atmosphere is acting.Child classes can lead since five or six years.
  • What to give my daughter dances Ballet. art rather than just a dance.It requires stamina, willpower and character.Generates elegance, grace, physical and mental flexibility.Bring my daughter to the ballet can be as early as four years.But the need for the development of the choreography of the body and the concentration is achieved only six or seven years.It is with great care to bring their crumbs of the ballet: remember the heavy physical work, undermining the joints and so forth.
  • Body ballet. Balet- "light" for babies at all (to four years).Heavy loads are not available, but the elements of choreography and stretching included.
  • Modern Dance .These include tectonics, Crump, house, break dance, modern, popping and so on. You can start with ten or eleven years.
  • Jazz. Stylish kind of dance that combines ballet, African, contemporary dance and new technology available.Base training - a compound movements and their coordination, jazz terminology sense of music.Education - seven years.
  • What to give my daughter dances Belly .Probably better for women's health until nothing came up.This dance is useful at any age (with the exception of puberty).You can start already from three to five years.
  • Latin American dances. Cha-cha-cha, jive, rumba, samba and other dances "passion" require some displays of affection.Of course, at a younger age this girl is not imbued with dance.It is better to start from the age of sixteen.
  • Oriental dance. With five girls are taught just a beautiful wave movements and ligaments.With eight years - added eight and hitting her hips, sixteen - examined all the other elements.
  • Folk Dances .Polka, gypsy, jig and hopak, Scottish, and so on. Depending on the complexity of dance, children's lead from five to seven years.
  • What to give my daughter dances Ballroom dancing. tango, foxtrot, waltz and so on. Of course, ballroom dancing - the most popular and fashionable at all times.For girls it - the opportunity to learn so many things at once - from posture, flexibility and grace, ending the ability to "submit" themselves.In ballroom dancing children lead with four to five years.

What parents need to know, giving a daughter to a dance

  • What to give my daughter dances What would you dance or gave their child (but especially with respect to ballroom dancing), prepare for the high costs .Sport, costumes, travel, shoes, competitions - all this requires money, and considerable.
  • not skimp on comfortable shoes suitable for the child .From it depends on the health of his daughter, and success in dance.
  • should know that dance classes can cause spinal curvature .This is especially true option when a serious difference between the partners in the growth of (the ideal difference - about fifteen centimeters).
  • After the first trial lesson detail Ask the teacher - does it make sense to you to do, and the better.

What to give my daughter dances Well, if you decided to put her daughter on a professional tantsorshi then Be especially careful to the health of the child, prepare a large purse with big money and do not miss classes without good reason .