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27 March 2016

Child Health for parents - the most important thing.So as soon as the child fever, parents panic and wonder what to do if your child fever?

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What should I do at a high temperature in the newborn

If the baby became fussy, not eating, crying - this is the first bell to measure his temperature.The temperature can be determined by fixing the thermometer in the mouth, axilla, rectum .It must be remembered that the temperature of the newborn is considered normal within from 36ºS to 37 ° C 0.5 ° C with tolerances.

Fever - is the body's response to a baby alien substances introduced into the body of the newborn.Therefore need to look at the child's behavior : if grudnichok not lost his appetite, active, continues to play, then this temperature can not knock down.
What should I do at a high temperature in the newborn
If you have determined the child high fever (the temperature rose above 38, 5 ° C), then:

  • Call your doctor at home. If grudnichka heat and continues to grow, then, if possible, do not waste time,
    do Bring the child to the hospital.When hyperthermal syndrome, when the body temperature under 40 ° C, it is necessary to provide first aid child (read below) in order to avoid the negative consequences associated with the operation of the brain and metabolism.
  • Create kid favorable conditions, ie,ventilate the room , to saturate it with oxygen.Make it so that the room temperature was about 21 degrees (higher temperatures can cause overheating of the child).Moisten the air.If there is no humidifier, you can simply hang a wet towel in the room or put the jar with water.
  • Do not put on a bunch of baby clothing items. Leave it thin c / b blouse, remove the diaper, which prevents normal heat transfer.
  • Most let your child drink (warm water, juice) or chest (every 5 - 10minut small portions), asat a high temperature in an infant loses a large amount of liquid.Drinking plenty of fluids will help "clean up" the toxins that are formed in the presence of virus in the body.
  • Do not upset the baby. If the child began to cry, comfort him, give him what he wants.In a crying baby temperature rises even more, and feel much worse.
  • lull the baby. In the dream, a fever is transferred much easier.
  • If the temperature of the newborn more 39ºS need wipe hands and feet grudnichka cloth , soaked in clean, warm (36ºS) water.Only without vinegar, alcohol and vodka - they can cause chemical burns on the delicate skin of the child.The same can put a compress on the forehead kids and changed periodically heated towels to cool.The analogue of the water compress can be a poultice of cabbage leaves.These compresses help to relieve fever in children.
  • When the temperature in infants, you should not:
    • clysterize with cool water and fully zamatyvat child in a wet cloth - this will cause spasms and muscle tremors.
    • Giving drugs to the arrival of the doctor and his consultation.All antipyretics medications are toxic and if improperly observing the dosage and frequency of admission of dangerous complications, side effects and poisoning.
  • If after a prescribed high temperature treatment in the newborn continues to hold for 2-3 days, need to call the doctor again , to amend the treatment.

What should I do at a high temperature in the newborn
Parents, be attentive to symptoms of the baby! In situations related to the health of your child, it is better to be safe ten times, and not let the problem take its course, writing off the heat at the baby, such as teething. sure to call your doctor - he will establish the true cause of the heat.

Site Colady.ru warns self can harm the health of your baby!To diagnose and prescribe treatment should only doctor after examining the child.And because the temperature increases in the child necessarily refer to a specialist!