Adaptation of a child in kindergarten - that parents need to know

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27 March 2016

Adaptation of a child in kindergarten first crossed the threshold of a kindergarten kid actually enters into a new life.And this stage is complicated not only for the father and mother and teachers, but mainly for the child.This is a serious stress for the child's mind and health.What are the features of adaptation of the kid in kindergarten, and how to prepare for it?

content of the article:

  • adaptation in kindergarten.As it flows?
  • Manifestations of maladjustment in Kindergarten
  • consequences of stress in the process of adaptation
  • How best to prepare your child for kindergarten?
  • recommendations to parents on the child's adaptation to the Sadiku

adaptation in kindergarten.As it flows?

Adaptation of a child in kindergarten What would be fantastic as it may seem, but stress , which is experiencing a child was the first time in kindergarten, is, according to psychologists, overload astronaut.Why is that?

  • It falls into a completely new environment .
  • His body is exposed to attack disease with a vengeance.
  • He has learn to live in society .
  • Most of the day he spends without mom .

manifestations of maladjustment of the child in kindergarten

Adaptation of a child in kindergarten

  • Negative emotions. from mild to a state of depression and worse.Severe such a state can be expressed in different ways - some by hyperactivity, then a complete lack of desire to have a child to make contact.
  • tears. Without that almost none of the baby can not do.Separation from the mother accompanied the interim whimper, then a continuous roar.
  • fear. Through it passes each child, and this can not be avoided.The only difference in the types of fear, and how quickly a child cope with it.Above all, the child is afraid of new people, the situation, other children and the fact that my mother will not come after him.Fear is the trigger for the effects of stress.

consequences of stress in the process of adaptation of the child in kindergarten

Adaptation of a child in kindergarten stress reactions child slopped into conflicts, moods and aggressive behavior, up to fights between children.It is understood that baby in this period is very vulnerable , and anger may occur without, at first glance, cause.The most reasonable - to ignore them, not forgetting, of course, to understand the problem situation.Also, the effects of stress can be:

  • converse development. child is familiar with all the social skills (ie the ability to independently eat, go to the potty, dress and so on.), Suddenly forgets what he knows.It has to feed with a spoon, and so disguise.
  • the inhibition and temporal degradation of speech development - kid remembers only interjections and verbs.
  • interest in learning and cognition because of nervous strain disappears.Captivate baby with something for a long time is not possible.
  • Sociability. to kindergarten at the kid had no problems with peers.Now, he just did not have the strength to communicate with annoying, screaming and rude peers.The child needs time to establish contacts and getting used to a new circle of friends.
  • appetite, sleep.Familiar home naps replaced categorical unwillingness toddler bed.Appetite is reduced or completely disappears.
  • Adaptation of a child in kindergarten On the basis of severe stress, the more - with severe adaptation in the body breaking down barriers to the baby's resistance to various diseases.In this situation, the child may be ill from light drafts.And, returning to the garden after an illness, kid again forced to undergo adaptations, resulting in sick again.That is why the child who started to go to kindergarten, from month three weeks spent at home.This situation is familiar to many mothers, and the best in it - wait for the garden, so as not to cause psychological trauma to the child.

Unfortunately, not every mother can leave the baby at home.As a rule, give the baby to the garden for some reason, the bulk of which - the employment of parents, necessity of earnings.And the invaluable experience of communicating with their peers, as well as life in society are important for the future of the student .

How best to prepare your child for kindergarten?

Adaptation of a child in kindergarten

  • Look for kid the closest to home daycare , not to torment the child a long way.
  • advance (gradually) accustom child to the regime of the day , which adhere to the kindergarten.
  • not superfluous will consulting pediatrician about the possible types of adaptation and timely action in the event of poor prognosis.
  • tempers child , strengthens the immune system, wear, weather, respectively.No need to coddle the child unnecessarily.
  • sending the kid to the garden, make sure it is healthy .
  • You should also make sure that the child is familiar with all skills of self-service .
  • Adaptation of a child in kindergarten Drive your baby for a walk kindergarten , that he became acquainted with teachers and peers.
  • first week better bring a baby into the garden possible late (nine o'clock in the morning, before the breakfast) - Peer tears at parting with their mothers will not go to the benefit of the child.
  • sure feed your baby before going - in the garden, he may initially refuse to eat.
  • Adaptation of a child in kindergarten first time (if the schedule and teachers) better be in a group with the baby .Take him in the first week or two, preferably before lunch.
  • From the second week gradually prolong the residence time in the garden baby .Leave for lunch.
  • On the third or fourth week, you can begin to leave child to nap .

Fast adaptation of the child in kindergarten - recommendations parents

Adaptation of a child in kindergarten

  • not discuss the problem with the baby nursery.
  • Under no circumstances do not threaten daze kindergarten .For example, for disobedience and so on. The child should perceive the garden as a place of rest, joy, communication and training, but not prison and jail.
  • Most walk on the playgrounds , visit the Center for Child Development, invites peer baby.
  • Adaptation of a child in kindergarten Observe the baby - if he manages to find a common language with their peers, he shy or, conversely, too bold.Assist the Council, seek together solutions to problems.
  • Tell me about the kid kindergarten positively .Point out the positive things - a lot of friends, interesting classes, walks, etc.
  • Lift the child self-esteem, say he became an adult , and a kindergarten - it's his job, almost like father and mother.Just do not forget between times, softly and unobtrusively, to prepare the baby to the difficulties.To his anticipation of big holiday is not broken on the harsh reality.
  • ideal if the baby gets into the group, which has already run its familiar peers.
  • Adaptation of a child in kindergarten Prepare your child to the daily separation for some time.Leave a short while with her grandmother or relatives.During the game, the kid with his peers on the court stand back, do not interfere with communication.But watch him, of course, do not stop.
  • Always promises , that you give your child.The kid must be sure that if the mother has promised to take him, nothing she will not interfere in this.
  • educators and kindergarten doctor must inform about the features of the character and health of the child .
  • Adaptation of a child in kindergarten Give your child to kindergarten his most favorite toy , that he felt more comfortable at first.
  • Taking the baby home, should not show him my concern.About how he ate, how much crying, and whether he is sad without you, it is better to ask the teacher.Wise to ask what the child has learned the new and who managed to make friends.
  • The weekend try to stick to the regime , established in kindergarten.

Adaptation of a child in kindergarten attend or not to attend kindergarten - the choice of the parents and their own responsibility.Speed ‚Äč‚Äčadaptation kid in the garden and stay safe in a society largely depends on the efforts of mothers and fathers .While teachers of educational institutions play an important role.Listen to your child and try to limit it too his tutelage - it will allow your child to become an independent quickly and adapt well in a team .A child who is well adapted to the conditions of the kindergarten is much easier to pass the period of adaptation to the school first grader.