Envelopes for newborn to be discharged in the fall

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27 March 2016

Then when Mom is in the hospital with the baby (do not forget to get acquainted with the fact that the need in the hospital), Daddy has to take care that the mother and the baby and returned to the pre-arranged home, where there is everything you need.On the day of discharge from the hospital Daddy should still make sure that the baby was the envelope and set, in which he will go to his house.In autumn the weather is quite changeable, yesterday could be warm and sunny, but today the rain and slush.There are special envelopes and packages for this kind of weather, and how to choose them, and what are the models tell our article.

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Selection Criteria

Many young parents are constantly hearing about the dangers of changing mat, some of them continue to coddle her child in special changing table, while others give a child complete freedom of movement.Regardless of the category to which you belong, all the kids at first just

need an envelope.It is necessary not only to extract, but also useful in the future, for example for walking during the change of seasons.

If you select an envelope or kit, consider the following points:

  • Seasonal features.Buying envelope / package for the baby, pay attention to the weather alleged on his birthday.If it is, for example, in September and in your region are warm weather, you can purchase a summer or demi-season option.If the baby will be born in November, and you begin the first frost, then it is better to choose the right winter version of the envelope.
  • functionality .Modernity requires functionality and therefore flexibility and great opportunities.Choosing envelope for your baby, be sure to find out about their opportunities.The most versatile embodiment, when the envelope acts as a transformer, i.e.It can easily turn into a blanket, rug, mat.In addition, the fine if the envelope can be adjusted to the child's growth, as the growth characteristics of the individual should be considered.
  • Individual features of the baby. If the purchase takes place after the birth of your crumbs, then pay attention to his temperament and preferences (active movement, temperature preferences, etc.) as well as their wishes to the envelope.For example, for the energetic, bustling parents an ideal option would be an envelope on the zipper.Buttoned up and go!But for a kid who likes to pull the legs, suitable envelope with a wide bottom, which is fixed at the waist.
  • natural materials. And, of course, pay attention to the material of the envelope.They should be natural, allowing the skin to breathe crumbs.But at the same time, the envelope must protect the crumbs from the cold.

Top 10 models of envelopes and packages in the autumn statement

1. Envelope corner to extract Angelica

Description: Envelope corner with the outside is made of satin, trimmed with ruffled veil and decorated with a bowand fastens with a zipper.The inner side of the high-quality satin, warming due to hypoallergenic hollofaybera.Envelope Size: 40x60 cm.

Approximate cost: 1000 - 1500 rubles.

2. Set «Leonard»

Description: The set includes: envelope blanket coverall (jersey), cap and bonnet.This is a great kit, which is made of environmentally friendly materials.The outside of the envelope - a 100% silk, and the inner side - a 100% cotton.Dimensions: 40x60 cm (the envelope);100x100 cm (blanket);size - 50 (newborn).

cost of the kit will cost you 11,200 - 12,000 rubles .

3. The envelope of Choupette

Description: Demi option buttoned marine style, decorated with appliqué and monogram of the crystals, can be used for walks in the stroller.Sea theme makes the original envelope and relevant for romantic parents.A decorative bow is attached under the wind valve and serves as additional protection from wind and cold.Dimensions: 40h63 cm.

Estimated cost: 3200 - 3500 rubles.

4. Envelope transformer from the elite Baby

Description: This option is ideal for autumn weather in a statement.The envelope can be transformed by the zipper.It can also be used as a blanket in the stroller or diaper changing mat for baby.Dimensions: 40x60 cm.

Approximate cost: 1300 - 1500 rubles.

5. Envelope with handles' Color Rabbit "from Chepe

Description: original envelope to be discharged in two colors (for boys and girls).Convenient zipper in the center makes it easy to dress the baby.The envelope is very soft, lightweight and comfortable.It is recommended to dry clean or wash at 40 degrees.Size: 40h65 cm (up to 68 cm).

Estimated cost: 3700 - 4000 rubles.

6. Downy kit "Chocolate»

Description: The set includes: envelope and overalls.This warm stylish package, which is made of ecological materials, thereby allowing baby skin to "breathe".The original style will impress any one mom.Kit is perfect for autumn, winter and spring seasons.Dimensions: envelope - up to 73 cm;Coverall - up to 65 cm.

Estimated cost: 12,800 - 13,000 rubles .

7. Set transformer «Isis»

Description: The set includes: envelope-transformer, removable podstezhka, blanket, pillow, cap.This is perfect for the cold season of the year, the most popular model kit.The set is made of natural fabrics (cotton, wool, hollofayber).Dimensions: envelope - transformer - 70 cm;Blanket: 105 cm 105h.

Approximate cost of the set: 8000 - 8500 rubles.

8. Set "Fashion peas»

Description: the kit includes: a hooded jacket and a bag with straps.Universal set, no nonsense, easy to use and practical.Recommended dry cleaning or washing at 30 degrees.Dimensions: 60x40 cm.

This kit can be purchased for 5600 - 6000 rubles.

9. Set "Provence" from Chepe

Description: the kit includes: an envelope (2 zippers), blanket, cap.Universal kit for the color scheme for both boys and girls.Included is everything you need, and the blanket is useful to you in the future when the baby gets older.Dimensions: envelope - 68 cm .;blanket - 100x100 cm.

Approximate cost of the set: 6500 - 6800 rubles.

10. Set "Buttercup-Premium» from Chepe

Description: the kit includes: envelope, Blankets, cap, corner, diaper and tape.It is equipped with a maximum set at an extract, which provides for all.It is worth noting that it is a universal kit for all seasons.In addition, you can use each item separately.Dimensions: envelope - 40h73 cm .;blanket - 105h105 cm .;Area - 82h82 cm .;Diaper - 105h112 cm.

This kit will cost you 11,800 - 12,000 rubles .

Reviews forums:


My husband - a sailor, and when they learned that a boy, immediately delighted to continue the family business.When discharged in October, her husband handed the envelope to the hospital by Choupette .And our morjachok tried his first form!:) Wonderful envelope!Very gentle, stylish, elegant and high quality made!Our baby has become the most fashionable in the statement! :)


Set transformer « Isis » - really stunning beauty !!!On natural sheepskin, very beautiful colors!Just a wonderful, my most worthwhile purchase of all of these.To him it is still going very soft and quite warm blanket of hollofaybera.Outside - the softest cotton, in general, though naked luggage.As a result, ordinary cold we walked this way: I took Vaska, dressed in a thin c / b slipik further - hat, blanket, envelope, and all!Kids do not like to dress up, and then wrap - second, to develop - even easier.In short, a hundred times more practical than kombez.And warm, because as a kid in the entire pile-foot handle - all each other warm.I crack up so straight, so that she did not expect that everything is fine would be!Kombez also we had, but only then, that in the car seat without him train.And in the bitter cold, I wore instead a thin slip thicker something - such as fleece, for example, and under it bodykit or slip.If it was warm (autumn-spring), instead of the mother wrapped in blankets more subtle.Here!


Like all expectant mothers, a long time I wandered through the shops in search of a miracle, which would bring the baby home from the hospital.The stores did not find a miracle, but I saw him on the internet and fell in love at first sight.Package « Isis » are blanket podstezhka sheepskin, envelope, cushion and cap.Envelope decorated with elegant lace ornament has two zippers on the sides for easy use.Podstezhki buttoned, a chest pocket, which you can put a pillow.In addition to the ethereal beauty, the envelope is incredibly easy to use and high quality in execution.Walked in minus 30 for four hours, parents icicles child sleeping peacefully in the warm nest.A house just unbuttoned all-swings and turns a box with a sleeping baby.Minus one - price.But it is worth the money, believe me.My baby was born in the end of November, we waste all the winter in this envelope and early spring without the podstezhki.This is the thing that can be stored in the trunk for posterity!:)


Like any mother, of course, I would like that to my daughter first clothes were the most-most: convenient, comfortable, and of the most beautiful ... on the envelope and clothing firms Choupette we have longWe notice, but first once very much frightened price, and this kit was exactly what we were looking for - a relatively inexpensive and beautiful - no words.
kit consists of cotton overalls, decorated with luxurious lace, and several small strazikami pugovichkami that bright light is very beautiful shimmer.We used this set not only at discharge from the hospital, but also for 3 months when visiting guests as simply elegant clothes so that their choice did not regret once.Highly recommended !!!


This set ( «Provence" from Chepe ) gave me sister birth of his son.T akomu gift to me was very happy !!!
set looks wonderful at discharge from the hospital, very elegant, functional and warm.I gave birth on December 11 as a child in this envelope until we are walking their March, given that winter this year (2012), was delayed.Cap is not used, dressed only in a statement, he was big for a newborn.Envelope on the lock, the lock buttons up on both sides, which is very convenient.To quilt sewn delicate area also looks very elegant.The only negative that I would like to note - this is what the envelope too wide, but maybe it's a minus for us, becausemedium-sized baby was born, in the cold of 10-15 degrees, I have wrapped the baby in a shawl.Then the envelope was perfect for us width.But when warmed, the child was in this envelope as a pencil in a glass!:) But overall set of funky, easy to wash.I never regretted that sister chose this model, and no other.

If you are faced with the choice of an envelope or kit statement, we hope that our article will help you decide!If you have ideas and opinions about the models presented, share it with us!It is very important to know your opinion!