10 best folk remedies from red and black, small and large ants in the apartment

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17 March 2016

There is not one person who does not know who the ants.But what if these little creatures have decided to live in your apartment or house?In this situation, the main thing - timely response: do not wait until they are all flooded your home.There are lots of different ways, how to get rid of the ants at home.

about the most effective, we will tell you today.

get rid of the ants

best folk remedies from home ants

  1. One of the most accessible and safe means of ants in the apartment - drug daisy , which you can find at any drugstore.It is absolutely safe, you can fill in any place where there are ants (bed things, food and any other place).And most importantly - these insects simply do not tolerate, and go for a couple of days.
  2. in a glass of water, add a little sugar or honey , and put it in places where ants.The insects will crawl to feast on sweet - and drown in the water.get rid of the ants
  3. sugar or honey, mix in equal proportions with boric acid. This mixture slightly dilute with water and place small drops on the rou
    tes ants.Insects swarmed the mixture slowly and will refer to its nest to the uterus.So you can destroy the entire colony.Withdrawal of ants in this way will take you one week, the main thing - do not forget to regularly update the bait.
  4. A good folk remedy for red ants is meat bait. To do this you need to mix a little minced with a small amount of borax.The resulting mixture is decomposed into places where ants.
  5. Cook on low heat for 3 eggs and 3 kartoshinu. Then clean the egg from the shell, remove the protein.Chop the potatoes, along with egg yolks to form a puree.The resulting mixture, add 1 package of dry boric acid and a teaspoon of sugar.Once again mix well.From this mixture, roll small balls and place them in places where the ants, or their paths.This procedure must be done twice at the beginning and end of the waning moon, that is - with an interval of 10 days.Make sure that this time the ants had no place to get a drink, leave overnight and shells dry cloth.get rid of the ants
  6. you need a little bit of yeast, jams and boric acid. Mix all of these ingredients.The resulting substance smudge on the saucer or a small flat plate and put it in places where ants.This folk remedy for red and black ants will help you forget about these insects in a few weeks.
  7. In the struggle with the red ants proved to be very effective in the following mixture: take in equal proportions glycerin, borax, honey, water, sugar - and mix thoroughly.Lay is a treat in places where uninvited guests.Red invaders with pleasure a treat to your refreshments and share it with others.Within a week you will be able to forget about these insects as a terrible nightmare.
  8. If your house just appeared ants, anoint their routes garlic .They do not like the smell, so rather quickly leave your house.get rid of the ants
  9. Dissolve yeast in warm water and add some sugar or something sweet.The resulting liquid pour into small containers and place them in areas where ants are most commonly seen.
  10. most gentle way to get rid of ants - is to force them to leave your home.To do this, you need to create unfavorable conditions for the life of these insects.This will help you lemon, sunflower oil, parsley, anise, wild mint, clove and garlic and chamomile drug , which have already been mentioned above.This means you need to rub the edge of the trail and tingling dishes.

Warning!Any folk remedy for domestic ants should be used with extreme caution where there are children or pets.After eating the bait, they can get serious poisoning.

get rid of the ants

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