12 rules for selecting washing machine

By Admin | Domestic Affairs
18 March 2016

Mashinka_pod_rakovinu think about buying a washing machine?Or an old machine kicked the bucket?We will tell you how to choose a washing machine correctly, so you do not regret the wasted money, not to seek feverishly master and not to pay neighbors for repairing damaged.

Remember the basic criteria for selecting washing machine ...

  • Party download. choose - front or vertical?Technique with vertical load to put in the kitchen will be difficult, and convenient "shelf" in the bathroom this technique will not be - the top loaded laundry.Goodies "vertikalka" - space saving (width - about 45 cm), the lack of hatch, easy to use (no need to bend over and forgotten socks can dokinut the machine during the wash cycle).Advantages of front-loading machines: the ability to build in furniture, choice of models with loading up to 10 kg, convenient "shelf", moonroof.Less - high resolution (in bulk).


  • and maximum loading capacity in kg. If your family - a spouse or two you live alone and for his own pleasure, it is enough to
    load the machine with 3-4 kg.For a more "dense" social unit (about 4 people), the maximum load is increased to 5-6 kg.Well, for once numerous family should choose a car with a load of 8-10 kg.
  • Spin, laundry, energy efficiency - the main criteria. Washing class: A and B - the most effective treatment;C, D and E - less effective;F and G - the lowest level of efficiency.-Class (A measure of the residual humidity of clothes after spin): A - 40-45 percent, C - about 60 percent, D - an even lower level, but stumble on such a car today - it was an accident.Energy efficiency class (economy technology, the higher the class - the smaller the car, "eat" electricity): A - the most economical (with 60 g of water - about 1 kW / h), A + - more cost-effective (0.7-0.9kW / h).
  • spin speed. Usually it varies on the level - from 800 to 2000 (yes, there are such) revolutions.which is better?1305898763_stiralka2_novyy-razmer optimum spin speed - 1000 rpm / min.Machinery with a higher spin speed will be more expensive by 30-40 percent due to the high cost of parts, and a significant difference in the spin cycle, you will not notice.And it is not recommended to spin the laundry at a speed higher than 1000 rev / min - it just loses its appearance.
  • Software. norm for modern cars - 15-20 wash programs, with minor differences.Mandatory and most popular program among housewives: washing silk, synthetics, delicate items, cotton, hand wash (for easy gentle washing), washing of children's linen (with boiling), quick wash (30 minutes for lightly soiled items), pre-wash (orSoaking), processing of linen, silver or steam (for disinfection).Optional: rinse cycle selection or select individual elements of the cycle (the number of rinses, temperature, spin speed and so forth.).
  • Flud - partial or complete. in cheap machines usually have partial protection - special valves on the inlet hose (hose is damaged interrupted water supply) or the protection of the body from the overflow (in this case the water supply is stopped if the water in the tank rises above a certain level).As for the complete protection against leaks, it is a whole complex of protective measures.
  • tank and the drum - the choice of material. Features plastic tank: good insulation, chemical inertness, a very long service life.Features stainless steel tank: more long life (decades), noise.
  • Auto control the imbalance of the drum. How useful function?It allows you to extend the life of equipment, reduce the noise level.Action: the tangle of laundry into a tight ball, the machine itself, "unravels" clothes with the help of movements of the drum.
  • Foam control. also a useful feature that allows the machine to "extinguish" the foam (by suspending washing at the time) when you select the wrong / powder dispensing.
  • noise. best option - no higher than 70 dB during the spin cycle and no more than 55 dB - in the wash.
  • protection of children. Useful features of every mother.With the help of the control panel is locked to the inquisitive pipsqueak could not change the operation of the machine randomly pressing buttons.
  • ¬ęDelay Start". This timer allows you to move the laundry to take time.For example, at night (cheaper electricity at night).


Question brand choice - an individual - and, in fact, a minor.Machines with categorically bad reputation in the market virtually none.A major difference in cost comes from the design and brand.

So the first note - on functionality and technology options.