Basic rules of saving water in the home for the thrifty housewives

By Admin | Domestic Affairs
19 March 2016

From primitive need, economical use of water for domestic purposes has become something like a social trend.According to scientists' warnings, the water in the coming decades can replenish the number of precious resources.Among the prime concern of consumers viewed the ever-increasing tariffs for water supply.

problem of water conservation is becoming increasingly important and worries of every person engaged in mundane chores - such as bathing, washing hands, washing and the like.

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Here are some ways to save water at home:

  • Wash. laundry in the washing machine requires much less water than washing clothes by hand.Also, be aware that machines and dryers require large amounts of water compared to washing machine for the front.The drum should be loaded completely, to achieve the most efficient use of water.


  • Swimming - the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčergonomic baths.Very often you can hear that not much more economical to use a bath and shower.But this is possible o
    nly in certain cases.Taking a shower, spent a much smaller amount of water than when bathing in the bathroom, but only if the rate of bathing in the shower is very large, and the water pressure is set correctly.If one wants to warm up much more convenient to collect bath water.Assistants to save water and become a special bath made from materials that retain heat for a long time.
  • Installation water meter .Installing a water meter, of course, does not guarantee one hundred percent water savings, but provides a decent save the family budget.It is unlikely that you will require some amount of water, for which the payment is made in the absence of a water meter.In addition, the counter will always warn about cases of hidden water leaks.
  • Nozzles for water conservation. relatively inexpensive and easy way to save water in the home is the use of water-saving tips.The principle of operation of a fairly simple - they reduce the inflow of water.
  • Flushing toilet. Firstly, you can install a toilet with two water drainage regime.Secondly, it is enough to put in the cistern liter or two-liter water bottle filled with water.Each sink is to be expended to save water.Important - please note that the capacity will not disturb the discharge mechanism.


  • Replacing conventional faucets in the sink and tub on Rychagova. By replacing the mixers Rychagova can achieve significant water savings due to more rapid mixing of hot and cold water.That is greatly reduced the time between receipt of need water temperature and turn on the tap - and as a consequence, reduces unnecessary water consumption.
  • use touch faucets. The principle of sensory faucets is that the water starts to flow for presentation of hands and closes automatically when the hands are removed.Reacting to the motion, the infrared sensor switches off automatically and turn on the tap.Even more economical use of the device can be achieved while setting the desired water temperature.
  • Intact cranes. It should be noted that in the day by a trickle can escape from three hundred to five hundred liters of water.
  • when brushing your teeth or shaving, use a glass of water.


  • Do not thaw frozen food under running cold water , it will save a huge amount of water.
  • for washing dishes in the sink should be used cork .
  • Wash in the bathroom over a bucket or basin .The accumulated water can be used for draining the toilet.
  • acquisition of drinking water. If the area where you live, there are natural water sources - do not neglect them.Collect water from wells or pump room, it will help save you money.
  • household filter systems. If possible, install the home, though not cheap, but useful household water filtration system, designed for a long period of use.In the domestic fixed cost of water filters is a more low and acceptable.

Through these simple tips, you can efficiently use water and to save on utility bills.

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Tell us your recipes to save water at home!