The clean, modern plumbing mistress?

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19 March 2016

No wonder they say that the toilet - it is the conscience of the mistress, because this white porcelain pieces speaks abilities homemakers observe cleanliness in the house.And yet, cleaning plumbing - this is the most difficult type of cleaning.After all, there are numerous accumulated colonies of bacteria, settles deposit and rust, as well as other dirt .

The long struggle for the purity of the mistress of the leaders identified household chemicals to clean the plumbing - all of them are in our rankings.

best cleaners plumbing

  • Most housewives best means chosen Cillit

Many wonder if there is a perfect tool that can get rid of the plaque and rust , and remove yellowness with white porcelain. This means there!Cillit really eliminates all these contaminants, even with the old coating.Therefore, you can not safely change the old toilet, but just clean it Cillitom.


Lack this means that it has a persistent, unpleasant odor. Even if there is a part of aromatic fragrances, they

still are not slaughtered the acidic smell.Hostess need to know that you can not use a means for enamel surfaces .Since the composition has a hydrochloric acid which corrodes the enamel.Keep this in mind, undertaking cleaning the bathroom.But Cillitom can soak stubborn dirt even at night .

Price this means about 120 rubles per bottle .

  • next vehicle - a «Comet 7 days of purity»

Many housewives noticed that his advertising did not really lying.This tool works very , is already amazing.It is necessary to put a thick gel on the contaminated surface and leave it in this state for 5-7 minutes.During this time Comet eat all the dirt, stains and rust .Thus, the owner will not have a long and hard to rub the tiles with a brush and scrape down the bowl with the brush.Comets

Comet has the same drawback , as Cillit - he sharply untidy and smells. This is the content of corrosive acids, which explains its cleansing character.Work with the tool is necessary only in gloves and with the windows open.He also has watery consistency.If manufacturers are thinking about a dense composition, it would be enough Cometa twice.

Price this means about 140 rubles, which is 20 rubles more Cillita with identical quality indicators.

  • third means - Toilet Duck

This is exactly what characterizes the phrase «Cheap and cheerful." The composition of this medium is also included hydrochloric acid, because Duckling effectively clears the plumbing.But be careful - for the same reason Dressing Duck damaging to enamel. And it's easy to spoil your hands , so be sure to wear rubber gloves when cleaning plumbing.

dressing Duckling

As for the quality of the workers this means they are good enough. Dressing Duck removes rust, yellow stains and plaque in cases not started.But liquid consistency makes the vehicle owner applied in two coats for a perfect result.All this creates some difficulties, which, in turn, is more than covered by the economical price.
cost of this universal means about 80 rubles.

  • fourth and most famous vehicle - Domestos

Despite his fame, the hostess did not give him his preference and did not put forward are not the first line, to have a good reason.After pollution Domestos copes worse. example, inveterate rust he withdraws , lime and succumb only after enormous effort applied to the brush.But compared with all previous means Domestos really bad smell .There are even hints of lemon, sea breeze and pine needles, and not just harsh, corrosive acid smell.Domestos

This tool is suitable for non-serious pollution on plumbing.So if you have a new toilet, Domestos is great cope with the periodic cleaning and pollution prevention.In addition, this versatile tool can be used for washing floors , during wet cleaning, and even e A washing refrigerators .Cost Domestos - about 150 rubles .

  • Sanoks - super cheap, super efficient and super versatile tool

Many housewives do not think more about the choice of means for cleaning sanitary ware, they use only Sanoks .Of course, with complex contaminants, such as a three-year or two-week rust lime, it can not cope.But standard pollution our house Sanoks ideal .It can be used for washing floors , and cleaning plumbing .He has no unpleasant odor.

From deficiencies can be identified only liquid consistency and fragile package .This stems from the thin plastic cover and breaks down quickly.Like most previous Sanoks funds must not be left on the surface of sanitary ware for a long time.Because he eats fast smooth enamel .

most Sanoksa trump card - is its price - about 50 rubles .

  • At last - cleaner Sarma

Its advertised as a cleaning agent with an antimicrobial effect.Unfortunately, the removal of the bacteria in the home is difficult to assess, but the cleaning capacity can be easily verified. noticed , that:

  1. rust Sarma cope 4 minus - have to rub.
  2. For removal of lime Sarma receives no more than three. way, need to be cleaned immediately, leaving the gel on the surface for long.
  3. obvious plus of this tool - a smell . very pleasant, non-toxic .As well as good, nice packaging.Samra

Sarma excellent for cleanliness and prevention of pollution.The price of this means 40 rubles per pack.Keep the house clean is not an easy task, but the modern household products simplify the task for many people.

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