8 best dishwashing detergents - rated detergent composition, price

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20 March 2016

Surely you, like most families, the kitchen has a bottle of dish detergent.Want to know what dishwashing detergent is very popular among housewives, and that all they think about proposed in our market dishwashing detergent?

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The best dish detergents

  1. Tools for crockery Myth and Fairy by Procter & amp;Gamble
    widespread dish detergents international concern Procter & amp;Gamble - such as "The Myth" and «Fairy».They are affordable: 1000ml bottle "Fairy" can be bought at the price of 115 rubles, and 0, 5l "Myth" - from 30 rubles.
    The best dish detergents
    Manufacturers offer them with a variety of fragrances.For example, with the smell of lemon, orange, fruit, apple.The wide range of tools for you to find such dishes, which added vitamin E, chamomile extract to protect your hands.
  2. Dishwashing detergent Frosch from Werner & amp; Mertz GmbH
    German company Werner & amp;Mertz GmbH - a manufacturer known dishwashing detergent «Frosch» - offers lemon and pomegranate balms that dissolv
    e grease and dirt is removed using lipid solvents, derived from the outer shell of lemon and pomegranate extract.
    The best dish detergents
    care of the skin of hands takes on aloe vera.The constituent components of the tool for cookware are from 5 to 15% anionic surfactants, ampholytic surfactants and less than 5% nonionic surfactant.
    for a half-liter bottle of the funds necessary to pay 190 - 200rubley.
    But, according to consumers, the consumption of resources is minimal, so it will last a long time: 4ml funds for 5litrov water.
  3. Pemolyuks and Pril - dishwashing detergent from Henkel
    Henkel supplies means for dishes Pemolyuks and Pril.«Pril» -dermatologicheski tested with PH - neutral agent effective against grease and has no dyes.It does not dry or irritate the skin, has a convenient dosing cap funds.Available as part of a component of aloe - vera, does not violate the protective layer of the skin.
    Pemolyuks and Pril
    Consumption: 5 liters of water - 1 teaspoon of funds.The advantage is that the tool is not expensive, but it works as expensive.1l Pril is 140 rubles.
  4. Dishwashing detergent Eared nannies from the Neva cosmetics
    Neva cosmetics not inferior in quality to Western producers."Eared nannies" - a means for dishes, loved by many, especially the young mums who care about children's health and children's washing dishes.
    The best dish detergents
    tool made without dyes, works in cold water, do not cause irritation on the hands and completely washed off the dishes.
    half-liter bottle of "Eared nanny" for utensils worth 450 rubles.
  5. AOS, Sorti, Biolan - detergent for dishes from Nafis Cosmetics
    Kazan company "Nafis Cosmetics" already owns such well-known brands "AOS», «Sorti», Biolan ".The main direction of the brand, "AOS" - dishwashing detergent.
    The best dish detergents
    Many Russian housewives consider it the best tool.The secret of success - in the proven facts.Recorded in the Russian Book of Records entry unique formula means it proves that one bottle "AOS" enough to wash up plates 9664.
    excellent foaming agent, is easily washed off, does not leave stains, it contains caring balm for hands and vitamins.
    500ml funds worth 160 rubles.
  6. Dishwashing detergent Dosia by Reckitt Benckiser
    Reckitt Benckiser - a world famous company that sells household goods to more than 60 countries, offers a dishwashing detergent Dosia.
    It consists of: surfactants, mineral salt, alkali - to combat pollution.Dyes - for color matching, complexing agents - soften water, sodium laureth sulfate - for the formation of foam.
    The best dish detergents
    to protect your hands from the negative effects in means of added glycerin, natural extracts from plants, aloe - vera.
    0,5 liter concentrated means «Dosia» worth 34 rubles.
  7. Dishwashing detergent Morning Fresh
    lot of positive feedback received dishwashing detergent «Morning Fresh».900ml.money can buy for 60 - 90 rubles.
    Morning Fresh
    consists of water, perfumes, 15-30% surfactant (anionic) dyes and preservatives.Good foams, protects hands.
  8. Dishwashing detergent Lapis TM Stork
    «Lapis" - washing-up liquid crystal, earthenware, glass, porcelain, plastics and ceramics.This tool is represented TM "Stork", manufactured according to TU, designed in 2002.The latest development allows, according to the manufacturer, to win and to protect the fat with the hands.
    Lapis - means for tableware
    tool specially designed for dry and sensitive skin: Vitamin F - heals microcracks and softens the skin, while aloe extract - prevents moisture loss.
    500ml.funds will cost 35 rubles.

And what modern detergents for dishes you prefer?It is very important to know your opinion!