10 folk remedies for cleaning the oven from grease and soot

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21 March 2016

Kitchen - a zone of hostilities of any home.Here, every day is a battle for purity, is taking its course cooking and flies in all directions and butter fat.Especially hard it is to keep clean the oven because the oven quickly covered with a layer of congealed fat and cleaning the internal surfaces requires considerable effort.

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But there is a way!Experienced mistress share tips, how quickly wash and clean the oven at home.


  • If you constantly keep an eye on the purity of its appliances, the special effort for the cleaning of the oven you will not have to make.For regular cleaning need only rags, sponges, detergent or lemon juice.It is known that fat acid is dissolved or at least make it more amenable for removal.So if citric or acetic acid wipe the oven, then after a while you can easily remove the fat from the walls.


  • Mistress is advised to use lemon juice , because it not only eliminates the congealed fat, but also removes the sme
    ll of burning, which can be formed by burning baking and meat dishes.


  • can use an ordinary baking and baking powder. At its core, it's soda and citric acid.In contact with water, such a mixture begins to react with the release of the gas, passing corroding carbon deposits.To activate the cleansing power of the powder, it is necessary to put a dry cloth on the dirty place and spray water from a spray bottle, and after a while just to wipe the area with a sponge.


  • Many use ammonia for cleaning ovens.But it is necessary to know that when working with ammonia it is necessary to wear rubber gloves and try to inhale its vapors smaller, ieoperate with open windows.


  • To remove the fat droplets ammonia necessary to moisten the wall and half an hour to wipe the treated surface with a cloth.Remnants of ammonia should be laundered before until completely erode the smell, otherwise all the food is cooked in the oven, it will smell like ammonia.


  • effective method - steaming. Ideal if you have a powerful steam generator, which is easily and quickly soften and wash away all the fat.If you do not have this miracle of technology, it is possible to take advantage of alternatives.To do this, a full pan of water with the addition of detergent and put in the oven and turn the last of the low mode (heating to 150⁰S) for half an hour.During this time the steam will make the fat and soot more pliable, and soon they can be easily removed with a sponge.


  • To clean the glass of the oven from grease and soot , you need to spread it thickly wet soda and leave in this state for 40 minutes.Then wipe with a stiff brush and a sponge to completely remove the ash.Just a good job with fat droplets on the walls and glass doors ordinary detergent for windows.


  • If you, like most people in our country , wash the oven from case to case, and not on a permanent basis, then you should be patient, sponges, rags, and a stiff brush .You may have to soak the walls several times, and only in this case, you will be able to achieve the ideal result.Combine all of the above methods, and continue to carefully monitor its cleanliness.And while cooking, try to cover the dish with parchment, foil, or sleeve for baking.This will protect the walls of the fat droplets.


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How to get rid of the smell of detergent in the oven?

As previously noted, after a successful struggle with fat and soot in the oven can remain the smell of detergents , which, in turn, can ruin a meal.

agree that no one likes - eat meat with the aroma of vinegar or detergent.

is therefore possible:

  • just ventilate the oven
  • boil her water with activated charcoal
  • Rinse lemon juice
  • Clean cut onions and ventilate
  • Very carefully washmeans residues


course you can use and expensive detergents ovens.Or you can save by using home remedies - and achieve the same excellent results .

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Take your pick!

And how do you clean your oven?Share your recipes in the comments below!