14 best folk remedies for cleaning silver

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21 March 2016

Every owner of silver jewelery, silverware or antique silver coins once faced with the need to clean these products.Silver darkens for a variety of reasons: improper care and storage of additives in silver, the chemical reaction on the characteristics of the organism and so forth.

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Whatever the cause darkening of the metal, «home» methods of cleaning silver remain unchanged ...


  • ammonia . One of the most popular and well-known methods.Fill a small glass container 10 protsetny ammonia (1:10 with water), put in a container decoration and wait 15-20 minutes.Then simply wash jewelry under warm water and dry.The method is suitable for mild cases, and darkening for prevention.You can simply wipe the silver product woolen cloth soaked in ammonia.


  • ammonia + toothpaste. method for "advanced cases."Ordinary toothpaste put on an old toothbrush and clean each decoration on all sides.After cleaning wash ware under warm water and dro
    p into a container with liquid ammonia (10%) for 15 minutes.Again, wash and dry.The method is undesirable to use for jewelry with stones.


  • Soda. couple Dissolve item / spoons of soda in 0.5 liters of water heated on the fire.After boiling water, throw in a small piece of food foil (the size - with a chocolate wrapper) and put yourself decorating.Get over 15 minutes and rinse with water.


  • Sol. Fill the container 0.2 liters of water, add the h / l of salt, stir, add up the silver ornaments and "soaked" for 4-5 hours (the method is suitable for cleaning silver jewelry and tableware).For a more thorough cleaning, you can boil jewelry in this solution for 15 minutes (silverware and jewelery with stones to boil it is not necessary).


  • Ammonia + hydrogen peroxide + liquid baby soap. mixed in equal parts and diluted in a glass of water.Fold in decorating solution for 15 minutes.After washed with water and polish with woolen cloth.
  • Potatoes. Boiled potatoes take out of the pan, drain the water into a separate container, put to the same piece of food foil and decoration for 5-7 minutes.Once washed, dry them, polish.


  • vinegar. heated 9 percent vinegar in the container, omit it ornaments (without stones) for 10 minutes, take out, wash, wipe suede.


  • Tooth powder. Moisten the product with warm water, dip them in a jar with tooth powder, rub with a woolen cloth or chamois, rinse, dry.The method is suitable for jewelry without stones and silverware.


  • soda (1 tbsp / L) + G (the same way) + dishwashing detergent (spoon). Stir ingredients in a liter of water in an aluminum container, put on a small fire, add up the decorations in the solution and boil for about 20 minutes (according to the result).Wash, dry them, polishing chamois.


  • Water from cooking eggs. take out boiled eggs out of the container, cool water from the warm them up, down decorations for 15-20 minutes at the "soup."Then wash and dry it thoroughly.The method is not suitable for jewelery with stones (like any other method of boiling silver).


  • Citric acid. divorce in 0.7 liters of water bag (100 g), citric acid, put in a water bath, sink to the bottom of the piece of wire (copper) and the decorations themselves for half an hour.Wash, dry them, polish.


  • Coca-Cola. Pour soda into a container, add up the decorations, set on low heat for 7 minutes.Once washed, dry them.


  • Tooth powder + liquid ammonia (10%). This mixture is suitable for cleaning products with stones and enamel.Mix the ingredients, put the mixture on the suede cloth (wool) and clean product.Then rinse, dry, polish.


  • For such stones like amber, moonstone, turquoise and malachite, better to use an easier way - with a soft cloth and soapy water (1/2 cup water + ammonia 3-4+ spoon drops of liquid soap).Without strong abrasives.After a wash and polish flannel.


To prevent darkening of silver do not forget to wipe dry with a flannel products after use or contact with moist skin.Do not allow silverware with chemicals (remove jewelry during cleaning and hand washing, as well as before applying creams and other cosmetic's Skin funds).

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Silver items that you do not use, keep separate from each other, their pre-wrapped in foil have to prevent oxidation and browning.

And what are recipes for cleaning silverware you know?Share your experiences in the comments below!