Top bins for the kitchen - how to choose the most convenient trash?

By Admin | Domestic Affairs
22 March 2016

There is no such home who could do without the trash.Indeed, in the home may not be a toilet or bathroom but rubbish bin is always there.Today invented mass comfortable and that much important, beautiful waste heat recovery.But among such a variety to make the right choice?

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to find the best bucket for the kitchen, you need to follow our advice.

Top bins for the kitchen

When selecting bin worth paying attention to:

  • size
    It depends on how often you intend to throw a bucket of the number of members in the family and on your ability to produce litter.For instance, one family fed intermediates.And one day in their urn few cardboard boxes from the cutlets.And another family uses only natural products, so the day in their bucket adds several packages, boxes, half a kilo of potato peelings, onion skins and so on.Thus, the latter has to take out the garbage every day, and the first time in three or four days.
  • Material production
    Today the market is full of plastic buckets.Less can be found iron - they are characterized by high strength, survive neglect of children and adolescents.
  • beauty and aesthetics
    Kitchen today - it's not just a room for cooking, it is a separate world, the atmosphere, create comfort and coziness.And the trash is increasingly becoming part of the interior.
  • Form bucket determines the placement
    Because the square, triangular and rectangular occupy less space and can be put in a corner.
  • Usability
    Of course, you can use galvanized and simple.But it is much more convenient to deal with touch, pedal or pressed waste bucket.

Top bins for the kitchen

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Types bins - a trash can in the kitchen you choose?

  1. Cart - the easiest bin
    used for dry waste, such as paper.But it could be an additional kitchen waste heat.
    Top bins for the kitchen
    Benefits : low cost, availability, ease of use.
    Disadvantages: not suitable for food waste.
    cost - 50 rubles.
  2. Withdrawable bucket mounted on a highway under the sink
    When you open the door mechanism highway pushes a bucket forward.
    Top bins for the kitchen
    Benefits: ease of use, simplicity of design and ease of maintenance.
    Disadvantages: not suitable for all types of cuisines.
    cost this bucket around 1,500 rubles.
  3. simplest bucket with a lid - a timeless classic waste bin
    It - Economy option is very convenient and easy to use.
    Top bins for the kitchen
    Benefits: low price, ease of use, accessibility.
    Disadvantages: low level of comfort, the lack of advanced features.
    Price such products - about 200 rubles.
  4. bucket with pedal
    opening mechanism allows the cover not to touch the urn with his hands.This is very handy if your hands are stained with food or foam.Urn with lid blocks odors and prevents debris falling from the bucket.It can be performed in any materials.But most of these buckets are made of metal.
    Top bins for the kitchen
    Benefits: simplicity of design, strength, durability and affordability.These buckets are in any hardware store.
    Disadvantages: mechanism may eventually warp, then the lid will fill up on its side.
    cost bin with pedal about 2000 - 6000 rubles.depending on the complexity of design and execution.
  5. new word garbage equipment - bucket sensor
    It is itself open the lid, you only bring him the garbage.Moreover, some models will calculate the dimensions of debris and open the lid just as much as it is required.
    researchers went further and invented a bucket with a lid that opens like a door supermarket.Now you can throw in the trash apple core, the urn "caught his eye", and open the door slammed shut as soon as the debris is inside.
    Top bins for the kitchen
    Benefits : comfort of use, beautiful and stylish design.This bucket can be even present.This urn is not ashamed to boast.
    Disadvantages: difficulties care - replacement batteries, cleanliness and door sensor.
    approximate cost - from 1900 rubles.
  6. bucket with color indicator
    Such trash tells how it is complete, with the help of color.So, green light - empty, orange - half full, red - complete.
    Top bins for the kitchen
    Benefits: comfortable interior detail and creative cuisine.
    Disadvantages: are the same as in the preceding species.Moreover, this gadget - a rare thing, even on the Internet.
    cost such boxes - from 3000 rubles.
  7. press bucket - for those who do not like to throw garbage
    It is usually made of steel, equipped with pressure on the pedal, manual or electric traction.
    Top bins for the kitchen
    Benefits: allows for longer do not throw garbage into useful forms his briquettes, wrapped in polythene.
    Disadvantages: not suitable for food waste.
    cost this bucket from 3500 rubles.
  8. bucket with compartments for different types of garbage
    bucket for different types of waste: dry, for example - paper, glass, plastic and food waste.Today, in an era of concern about the world, even the garbage cans in the streets are divided by origin of garbage.This makes it easier to recycle and how to increase the sustainability of entire cities, and individual companies.Especially for the convenience of working with this technology and we come up with an urn with divisions.
    Top bins for the kitchen
    Benefits: convenience of garbage sorting, low price, easy of use.
    Disadvantages: absent.
    cost these buckets is minimal - from 100 rubles.
  9. Bucket - compost huge
    more suitable for private homes and summer kitchen.This urn is only for food waste.Unlike ordinary punch it do not work worms and microorganisms that convert waste into fertilizer.After 7 days, the former garbage can already make in the aisles.
    Top bins for the kitchen
    Benefits: undeniable comfort for summer resident - their udobrneniya, consumption of products without waste, saving the family budget.
    Disadvantages: impossible to use in a city apartment.
    cost such buckets from 700 rubles.

Bin - not just a means of waste disposal.A huge number of functions combines the easy thing - kitchen decor, protecting the environment, saving money and high-tech entertainment .And - who knows - maybe soon in the bins can fly.

And what trash you chose for the kitchen?Share your master's experiences in the comments below!