Top 10 popular recipes against food moths in cereals and other products

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22 March 2016

gray-brown butterfly (food moths) can be got from each family.The reason can be bought packages with groats, flour and other dry bulk products, infected larvae of moths.Mole attracts long stored cereals, and, going to his goal, it does not stop nor closed packs or plastic bags.


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  • top 10 folk remedies
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How to get rid of moles in the products?

First, you need to get rid of cereals, which has already visited mole.

After a thorough revision to deal with the food eaten can be tested folk remedies:

  • smell of lavender and citrus mole can not stand. decomposed peel orange, lemon in the corners of cabinets, as well as applied to cotton swabs lavender wrapped in cheesecloth or a small bouquet of flowers, to help get rid of the food moths.


  • Processing lockers vinegar is also effective. First you need to thoroughly wash all the difficult places, cracks soapy water, ventilate the room, and then the entire surface of the cabinet, which holds the
    bulk, rub vinegar.


  • To help in the fight against moths come garlic.If you put zubochki garlic in containers where cereals are stored, then the smell will scare off intruders.On the smell of cereals and their taste garlic is not affected.


  • Bay leaves also did not like the food moths. necessary to expand the bay leaves on the perimeter shelves with cereals, as well as jars where food is stored, attracting mole.


  • Mole repel odors clove, geranium, rosemary, tansy, fir, rosemary, basil.It should be applied to these aromatic oils smell on cotton pads and put in places where it can be got mole.


  • smell of sagebrush mole likes .Small clumps of sagebrush, spread out in storage products, I love moths scare her.


  • walnut leaves with a specific smell , well help in the fight against moths.Suffice it to spread in the corners locker a few fresh leaves of walnut, to moles long forgotten the way to the product stored there.


  • proven tool is a natural camphor and camphor essential oil .Camphor smell of moth will not settle in the cupboards with food.


  • rejection moth tobacco smell. expansion on the shelves of tobacco is a good remedy for the food moths.


  • pungent smell repel moles. can, after a thorough cleaning and elimination of contaminated products, sprinkle perfume in a locker.Thus, the unpleasant smell of moth will not spoil the products.

Prevention methods moth in the kitchen - advising housewives

  • After buying cereals in store certainly calcine it in the oven, and then pour into glass containers, cans or plastic container with a tight lid;
  • Keep Your Kitchen Clean: wipe shelves bite to air, apply the oil of plants, with the smell, unpleasant for the moths;
  • periodically review the reserves dolgohranyaschiesya cereals and, if necessary, roast thoroughly in the oven for 15 minutes at a temperature of 60 degrees;
  • worth investigating littered corners of the house : long been lying things grandmother's dowry (shawls, quilts, sweaters, pillows, rolled carpets).For moles can live not only in grains but in things.And, if not eliminate it completely lair, then after a time she will again visit the kitchen.

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