How to restore and maintain order in the closet with clothes - a useful guide for housewives

By Admin | Domestic Affairs
23 March 2016

keep in order your work area, kitchen and bath for any responsible guardian of the family hearth - a task of paramount importance.But in the cleaning closet life- "Centrifuge" with its legwork "school-work-shop, lessons dinner" almost no time left.Especially if the family - it's more than three people.And even more so if one large closet divides the whole family.Oddly enough, even if things keep coming back in their rightful places, a week or two to dig the required jacket in the closet - is almost an impossible task.

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How to order "duffel chaos" in the closet and save time on cleaning?

How to clean up the cabinet

  • Divide all things seasonal
    If the winter is far behind, you absolutely nowhere in the closet warm sweaters, pants and skirts.After washing, remove warm clothes in special bags with zippers and hide in the dressing room (closet, a spare closet, mezzanine and so on.).
    How to clean up the cabinet
    If the window frost - respectively, and audited to remov
    e all summer tops, shorts, bathing suits and light dresses.
  • Elegant things
    assigns them a special place in the closet and packed in bags.
  • audit
    Ruthlessly sort the contents of the cabinet.
    Axiom: things that do not use more than a year, you can safely give (make, sell, and so forth.) .
    How to clean up the cabinet
    things that you would never wear - into the same pile
    Things are small, large, out of fashion - the same stack, the cottage or on the mezzanine (if you plan to ever wear them again).
  • you throw
    Ruthlessly - all the things that finally lost look, stretched hopelessly soiled.Do not leave these things "in reserve", not in piles Storage of "just in case" and not hide in the locker "rags" - only in the trash.
    How to clean up the cabinet
    the same time get rid of the habit "to testify, cleaning the house - come down" - the woman, even during maintenance, weeding flower beds and cleaning the apartment should look stunning.
  • New things
    Every woman in the cabinet have at least 2-3 things that just did not fit, or who abruptly lost interest.Give them to those they come in handy - familiar to charity and so forth.

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sorting the right, and unnecessary "and let it be», proceed to the distribution ofthings in the closet :

  • first principle - balance
    That is, the optimal use of space without crowding and void.Why dismantle things by size and put aside those that can be stored in boxes (boxes).
    How to clean up the cabinet
    Clothing should be placed on the shelves so that you can get it in a few seconds.Moreover, clean and ready to wear.If, after cleaning, to get a T-shirt, we have to search through piles of blouses couple - the order of things in the closet should be reconsidered.
  • on the cabinet door is no mirror?
    Buy a wardrobe with a mirror or ask a husband to hang a mirror on the door - you will save yourself time and avoid scattered throughout the apartment (in the process of fitting) things.See also: How to clean the mirrors in the home correctly.
  • socks, tights, underwear
    If special boxes (cardboard and organizers) for these things you do not buy special boxes (they are today almost everywhere).
    How to clean up the cabinet
    These boxes are very convenient for storage literate underwear and socks, and shelf space can be used entirely.Do not forget to sort things by color and purpose.
  • You have a lot of shoes?
    Take her to a compartment in the cabinet or even a separate cabinet.Sort the shoes in boxes and glue them pictures of shoes / boots, so you do not dig all the boxes.
  • Shirts, sweaters, T-shirts
    In the absence of drawers with high sides, folding these things on the shelves.But it is not the usual method, and rolling up into neat rolls - so they will be less wrinkle, and the free space left over.
  • Ties, straps and belts
    They hang on the door or rolled into a «snail», hide in special organizer.
    How to clean up the cabinet
    on shelves and in drawers, dividers create partitions or, again, the organizers buy-liners.
  • Hangers
    For things of soft tissue gain only soft shoulders.Do not hang the white stuff on wooden hangers, then not to display the yellow stains from clothing.Select hanger with rounded edges to deform the fabric.
    skirts, pants, dresses and blouses hang / sort separately, so you do not dig out your favorite dress among dozens of items 2-3.
  • top shelf
    They place the things that are unlikely to be useful in the next 2-6 months.

And what are the secrets of restoring order in the closet you know?Give us your master's experience!