How to wash and whiten tile joints?

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24 March 2016

joints between the tiles eventually become contaminated.The reasons for this are lime deposits, humidity, drops of fat, soot, mold, badly eroded detergents.But still - the problem of cleaning tile joints - solved!

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How to clean the tile joints

General rules of care for tile joints:

  • can use shop tools - such as a liquid for protecting joints «Atlas Dolphin», this tool is used, if the joints have not yet had time to be contaminated, or deep cleaning agent - such as Ultrastripper. Also popular «Sif», «Dr. Muscle» , has proved itself a viscous disinfectant for cleaning tiles and joints between BOZO .
  • had detected in time to mold a small area is easily eliminated special markers .Waterproof dye contained therein masks the affected places tile joints.
  • To clean the tiles, without expensive cleaning agents can be prepared pasty mixture consisting of bleach and baking soda .This option is ideal for those who have used the grout without color pigments.Ot
    herwise bleach neutralizes color.Mix the ingredients until a viscous mass, put a spatula on the tiles.Wait until the mixture is dry, and rinse with water using a brush.The brush should be used not tough to bristle not scratch the tiles and tile joints are not spoiled.Alternatively, you can use white and washcloth.Do not forget about the means of protection - rubber gloves should be mandatory.Chlorine-containing agents are effective in the initial stage of occurrence of the fungus.
  • fungus that occurs due to moisture can be removed vinegar .A tablespoon of vinegar mixed with a teaspoon of water softener, 2/3 cup of warm water and a tablespoon of ammonia is a good disinfectant.
  • Professionals advise to clean the tiles in an environmentally sound method - with steam .Thick hot air eliminates any kind of contamination.Specialists use equipment operating on the principle of steam cleaner.The structure of the grout is not broken, there are no smudges or smears.After the seams hot air to wash off the dirt with warm water.In the final cleaning, and tile joints disinfectant recommended to treat fungal agents.
  • fine sandpaper will mechanically remove dirt and fungus from the small joints of the tile.Scraping the outer layer of grout, liquidated and pollution.
  • To clean the joints, do not use soap .The cleaning material consisting of alkali favors the spread of mold spores.

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recipe for homemade cleaners joints between the tiles:

Now I want to tell you how to prepare a bleach for tile joints with their own hands.

  • First you need to wear rubber gloves, because health - above all!
  • Supply air into the room.
  • Then mix baking soda with water at a ratio of 1:14, ie1 glass of soda - 14 glasses of water, add 2/3 cup of lemon juice and half a cup of vinegar.
  • By mixing baking soda with lemon juice or vinegar corresponding reaction occurs with the formation of foam.Therefore, this procedure must be done carefully and cautiously.
  • The resulting solution is mixed and applied with a sponge on the tile grout.
  • After washing, do not wash with a solution seams about 15 minutes.
  • After time Rinse with clean warm water.

Many of those who took advantage of this recipe, happy with the result.

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How to clean the tile joints

decide - what a way to clean the tiles - it is necessary, first of all, analyzing the degree of contamination , and to determine whether there is on the surface of the fungus and stubborn plaque.

And as you brush away dirt and grime from the joints between the tiles?Share your recipes in the comments below!