Folk remedies for the smell in the fridge: 10 recipes freshness

By Admin | Domestic Affairs
25 March 2016

Folk remedies for the smell in the refrigerator unbearable smell from the fridge?As soon as the door opens, everyone in the kitchen clamped noses?do not worry.The solution is quite simple, with a host of invented for this purpose funds.However, you should first understand - what is the cause of this nightmare.

From the smell in the fridge?

As a rule, the reasons are not so much:

  • new refrigerator. That is, the smell of his new parts, plastic and so on. He leaves with time on their own.It is enough to wash properly all the cameras and equipment to ventilate for 2-6 days.See also: How to choose when buying a refrigerator.
  • «Aroma» of any product. example, sauerkraut, cabbage soup and so forth.
  • Waste products harmful microorganisms.But the trouble she had not held.
  • clogged defrost system.
  • clogged drain.

Folk remedies for the smell in the refrigerator

So how do you get rid of the smell?

Getting rid of the smell from the refrigerator traditional methods.
primary objective - disconnect equipment from mains, remove the contents and how to wash all the walls, shelves, cameras,

and even seal the drain hose and the drip tray.Just do household cleaning!Use soda or vinegar solution , this will save your health.And then use the funds that are most suited to you: a special tool (the adsorbent) from the store or one of the popular methods :

  1. slice of black bread dry on each shelf, near the product (for not very strong odors).
  2. Crude potato , cut in half (to keep in the same place, near the product).
  3. Tutu soda on the bottom shelf (3-4 weeks).
  4. ground coffee beans or rice cereal .
  5. citrus peel.
  6. Ideal - lemon halves filled with soda.
  7. activated carbon. Crush forty tablets and poured into a container, leave on the shelf.After a few weeks can hold coal in oven for 10-15 minutes and then used as an adsorbent.
  8. vinegar.Mix it 1 to 1 st.Leave the solution or glass wool soaked them for a few hours in the chamber, then ventilate it.
  9. ammonia. tablespoon per gallon of water resources.Proceed as in the scheme with vinegar.
  10. Lemon vodka (1:10).

Folk remedies for the smell in the refrigerator

from strong odors in the refrigerator can help modern means of the store - ionizer.This mini-box can be left on the shelf in the chamber, and the smell will be forgotten for 1.5-2 months.However, they should not be abused.In large quantities, ozone is harmful to the lungs.And, of course, aware of the preventive measures : all products must be stored only in sealed containers;wipe spills immediately and regularly wash chamber.