The cat in the house - how to educate pet

By Admin | Domestic Affairs
25 March 2016

First of all, you must remember that if you have decided on what to make in my house pet, you will need to stock up considerable patience.

Try to avoid any pleasures that are associated with hunting for your hands or behind curtains and drapes in your apartment.For pets just do not understand why at the tender age they were allowed to jump to his feet to the owner ( and he did, by the way, liked ) or bite his hands, and after only a few months this is already impossible to do.

find in your household things that could safely give your pet the wolves.It can be used the old coil out of the thread, corks from bottles or old tennis ball.

Your pet will be able to chase a toy for a few hours, respectively, and you will not suffer from its claws.
Also be aware that if they came to your house cat, then there should be a special and stand for scratching.

such as the right device to your cat's heart's content could sharpen their claws can be purchased at almost any pet store.Also, if you wish you can do for y

ourself and your pet or pet a scratching rack of wooden bars.

addition, acquired or self-made rack should be placed and securely fix to the flat area where your pet loves most to be.If your pet is not opredёlёnnyh preferences regarding the room, then it is best to place it near the upholstered furniture.You must agree that it is better periodically to remove pieces of wood and fabric than to change the upholstery on your upholstered furniture.

Also be sure to protect your indoor plants, for this you can use the most simple and effective way.Just buy germinated grains and plant them in pots, usually succulent green shoots attract cats are much more than your fig trees and violets, which are your pet immediately forget.

To teach your little pet to defecate to designated locations you just enough to fill the tub filled previously acquired and relate to your pet if you notice that it begins to behave restless and meowing.

If your pet is old enough and insists that his toilet, for example, is the corridor in this case it is better not to argue, because your pet will still make their own way.Just put in the hall bath and a little every day it is shifted to the direction you want.