As a Russian housewife succeed, or the subjugation of woman fly

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26 March 2016

What is the system Fly Lady Once an unknown at the time of Scilly Marl, tired from the home of eternal chaos, the thought came - not whether to create a system of maintaining order for the housewife to the house was perfectly clean, and while the woman remained a woman, and notwashing machine with the functions of a vacuum cleaner, dishwasher and so on. The idea is not flew past, and materialized in "Fly Lady", known today around the world.

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What is this system?

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  • What is Fly Lady
  • Basics of Fly Lady
  • Principles cleaning lady fly
  • Fly Lady Russian style
  • Reviews winged housewives

Whata lady fly, or good housewives universities

System Fly Lady «FlyLady» - this is the beginning, "nick" Marla's page on the Internet in 2001.Girls who indulged subscribers recommendations for cleaning the apartment.Within six years, the number of subscribers Marla exceeded 400 thousand, and later in Russia have been created such a society housewives wher

e «FlyLady» stands for «winged (flying) Housewife» .The system of "Fly Lady" today - is cleaning the house with little effort and rational use of free time and fun in the process of restoring order.In short, Marla Scilly became that "fairy", which has helped many women, tired of the endless heavy cleaning.

Basics of Fly Lady: zone routine audit trail Fly Lady

The principles of fly ladies The system "Fly Lady", of course, has its own terminology, rules, tenets and principles.

  • hotspot . This term is called the angle / position in the apartment where one grows tiny pieces of paper trash Everest.
  • Boogie 27 shots - daily search for and removal of 27 completely unnecessary things in the apartment.
  • routine. One of the main terms "Fly Lady".Does the list of minor, but required cases in the morning (to make the bed, put himself in divine form and so forth.), Day (the main business and affairs) and evening (compiling a list of cases for the next day, returning things to their rightful places, preparing to sleep andetc.).
  • audit trail. This term is a book that lists all the work (routine) at home, shopping lists, phone numbers, dates, etc..
  • Zones are those areas of the house that need to order - kitchen (zone 1)bathroom (zone 2) and so on.For each zone, - the time of cleaning.
  • timer. Without it, a real fly lady can not do.Because the time for cleaning - is 15 minutes, and no more.
  • Fundamentals of flayledi Sink . One of the main rules - it must always shine.And no mountain dishes - she washed immediately after a meal.It's such a good a good habit.
  • no slippers! Houses do not relax.Fly lady should be dressed at home, as if at any moment can descend guests.This means that the word "lazy" does not exist: hairstyle, look, makeup, manicure - everything must be in perfect, at its best.

cleaning lady fly - the basic principles of winged housewife

  • FlyLady Weekend - time for a rest and friends.No cleanups!
  • General cleaning is not necessary! Following System "Fly Lady", the order induced by regular cleaning of each zone is strictly for 15 minutes.
  • Cleaning should begin not at the moment when it becomes dirty, and regularly and regardless of the status of sex / things / home appliance / plumbing.
  • Any thing back into place immediately after use.
  • is not hoard the extra stuff in the house. No matter how sad or sorry memorably - give (throw away) the things that I do not use.Getting rid of belongings, no matter what.We are treated from the "materialism".
  • Continuously monitor corners home , which are converted to "shed" more than others.Excludes such conversion routine cleaning.
  • Do not try to do everything at once - start small.Gradually the habit to wash the sink, stove and then - immediately after use, etc.
  • FlyLady does not acquire a new, as there is "old » , and do not do stocks.There is a package of buckwheat?So, a couple of kilograms is superfluous.Bought new towels for the kitchen?The old - in the trash.And it is not hoard in each box lids, plastic boxes of mayonnaise and packages for all occasions.
  • In Time "extinguish" all hotspots . Such as, for example, a bedside table in the hall, where the evening is going to a bunch of keys, trivia and necessary papers - dismantle twice a day.

Fly Lady Russian style: what Russian housewives can learn from the system flylady?

Fly Lady in the Russian style The system is good fly lady?It is available to all , and for her not need complicated instructions on a book.Despite the fact that the system is fly lady is more popular in the West, and our women can easily master its basic principles (the most successful and engaged).The majority of our women the main part of the day takes place at work.That is, the time for a complete cleaning and the beloved, is very little.This system allows you to create your own convenient schedule cleaning of the apartment for a week, and at the same time - do not feel mired in perpetual restoring order. Fly Lady helps streamline and systematize the process of cleaning , so as not to fall to the night of fatigue and, at the same time, keep up with everything.Why does it work?What is the reason for the popularity of the system and the benefits?

  • ease and availability of the system. possibility of maintaining order with the release of productive time for yourself.
  • FlyLady Training Factor . system Fly Lady teaches us to love your home and clean up with pleasure, without making cleaning hard labor.
  • «Order of the apartment suggests the order in the head and in life." women able to streamline your life, it is easy to cope with any challenges in life.

And you tried to organize the order of the house system fly lady?We will be happy to hear your opinion about it!