Choosing the right bedding: the best bedding for healthy sleep

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26 March 2016

How to choose linens The importance of good bedding know everything.That is, after a comfortable bed and pillows, provide the comfortable sleep that is responsible for many processes in life after awakening.Therefore, choose linen is necessary not only for coloring, but also on other important criteria.See also: How to choose bedding for babies.How to make the right choice when buying bed linen?

content of the article:

  • How to choose linens
  • Fabrics for bed linen
  • Dimensions linen
  • Design linen

General rules for the selection of bed linen

How to choose linens Firstly, notconfuse way to weave the fabric and its composition .The terms "calico" or "satin" - that is, information about the way it is woven, and not on the composition of the fibers.

What else you need to consider when choosing bedding ?

  • for baby clothes is the best choice bamboo or Pure cotton .
  • At a cost: the least desolate purse synthetic and blended (polycotton) fabrics, cheap calico.More expensive is the laundry from flannel, poplin, terry cloth,
    .The most expensive are jacquard, silk and cambric kits (laundry is not ashamed to present as a gift).
  • most comfortable for sleeping deemed sets of l L INF O and silk, satin, winter - terry cloth and flannel .
  • the strongest will linen set , and jacquard linen, calico, satin and silk.
  • Lifetime linen.This criterion depends on the density of the weave (ie, the number of threads per 1 kV / cm).The higher the figure, the longer the laundry.
  • Configuration. Standard kit (for guests) - a pair of pillowcases and sheets with a blanket cover.But evrokomplekta sheet - element is not mandatory.
  • smell of mildew from the linen talks about the fragility of the tissue and the presence of microorganisms in it.
  • chemical smell - is the presence in the fabric of formaldehyde or unstable dyes.
  • joints must be double "zaposhivochnym» , otherwise it will disperse almost immediately.
  • Centered linen not be joints / seams .
  • marking linen should reflect full information on the composition of raw materials and producer .

Fabrics for bed linen - which is better?

The choice of bed linen Linens created from flax, bamboo, cotton, silk and synthetics.As for viscose and other (exotic) materials - they are used for these purposes is extremely rare.Although such combinations are permitted as cotton / synthetic, cotton / linen, etc.

More about fabrics:

  • Natural silk is known for its high cost.It's his only drawback.So when you hear that a silk underwear slippery and cold to sleep, that there are "clues", you know - we are talking about artificial silk or linen extremely low quality.
  • Lack flax - this difficulty proglazhivaniem quality linen.The rest - solid advantages: environmental friendliness, comfort, perfect absorption and heat dissipation, wear resistance and the highest strength.
  • mixed fabric cotton / linen - the price is lower proglazhivanie easier, but less strength.A good option sets: Sheets - flax, the rest - cotton linen.
  • Bamboo the domestic market appeared not so long ago.This underwear is shiny and soft, it comfortable in any season, it is different antimicrobial properties.High strength, if you do not neglect the rules of care.
  • Cotton. most common variant.Rates vary according to the quality of raw materials and processing.The best and most durable acknowledged Egyptian cotton.
  • Often you can see the underwear of synthetic .Take it as a rule, because of low cost.Uses of this laundry no, except that it is virtually no need to iron, and drying it for 10 minutes on a balcony.
  • Linen of polycotton (cotton / synthetic) - it's bright fun colors, low price, easy care and durability.But sleep on it very uncomfortable.

Choice linen on the level of density and method of weaving.

  • Fabrics for bed linen - which is better? Calico: dense weave, thick thread, lack luster.The result: a practical fabric, inexpensive, can withstand a considerable number of washes.
  • Satin: twisted yarn, double weaving, shiny fabric.The result: a strong, expensive (compared to the inner side), durable, thick and comfortable sleeping cloth.
  • Poplin: «gloss» and minor scar tissue.The quality - a cross between previous versions.
  • Chintz: thick thread, weaving rare.Low cost, the same quality.
  • Terry fabrics: softness, presence of villi, high hygroscopicity, comfortable for sleeping.
  • Flannel: an excellent choice for our winter - perfectly warm, absorbs excess moisture, pleasant body.
  • Baptiste: rare weaving yarn, light and translucent fabric.This underwear is not too practical, but expensive: it is usually presented with the newlyweds and other special holidays.
  • Jacquard: relief pattern, dense and complex weaving.Durable fabric is ideal for home and gifts.

choose the right size bedding

  • Dimensions of bed linen 1,5-bedroom set - it is usually a sheet 150/210 (or 160/215) 2-4 pillowcases and duvet covers 150/210 cm.
  • 2 bedroom : sheet 210/220, 2-4 pillowcases, duvet cover 175/210.
  • kit Euro: sheet 240/240, 2-4 pillowcases, duvet cover 200/220.
  • Family set : sheet 240/240, 2-4 pillowcases, duvet cover 150/210 (2 pieces).

Dimensions pillowcases, usually, 70/70 or 50/70. Regarding the size of sheets and a blanket cover - they may vary slightly in accordance with the teachings of the manufacturer and cloth.

design clothes - for comfort and beauty

Design bed linen Despite the variety of colors, for many it remains a favorite white linens .This classic fits into any interior.With regard color sets - they are chosen as the mood and the general situation under the bedroom.

  • For kids - bright and cheerful bedding , with multpersonazhami, natural and cosmic subjects.
  • underwear with lace - for romantic natures.
  • Oriental style usually characteristic of business, self-confident people.
  • calm, people choose home pastel shades and light decoration .

When choosing a design importantly - remember the appointment of linen.That is, a healthy sound sleep.Therefore, the laundry or corrosive acid colors in the bedroom completely useless. Colours should calm the nervous system , but not exciting.