Bed linen for children - which is better?

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27 March 2016

Child bedding For our tiny active men dream - this time, for which they gain strength, grow and grow stronger.All day long they are naughty and behave disgracefully like devils, and the night turned into innocent sleeping angels.And, of course, every mother wants to sleep crumbs was exceptionally quiet, strong and sweet.Linen plays in this case an important role.

content of the article:

  • How to choose a baby bedding?
  • Bed baby clothes.What
    material to choose?
  • What fabrics are selected for mother of baby bedding?
  • color linen for children - what to choose?
  • Recommendations regarding the selection of bed linen for children

How to choose a baby bedding?

Bed linen for children baby to sleep was comfortable and serene, bed linen has to be, first of all, quality.Modern materials on the market, made of natural-based, do not cause allergic skin reactions, not attract dust and is not electrified.There are a few basic criteria selection of bed linen for the baby:

  • colors.
  • material.
  • size.

Bed baby clothes.What material to choose?

Bed linen for children material - this is one of the main criteria for the selection of baby bedding.Remember you need to following characteristics :

  • hypoallergenic and hygienic.Preferably take textiles made of cotton, linen, modern fabrics.
  • quality. not buy clothes, which is subject to rapid wear, dust collection and electrification.
  • Easy care. clear that children's underwear is exposed to the most common washing.Accordingly, the fabric must be well tolerated linen intense and constant washing, followed by the appearance of the fabric should not spoil.

Bed linen for children Textiles for baby cot - a special kind of fabrics for bed linen.The baby spill, quality linen should be very high. no synthetic - only natural fabrics.If a pipsqueak - allergies, then to the laundry and did approach should be special - special, hypoallergenic fabric, and it is clear that not a city market.

What fabrics are choosing mothers for baby bedding?

Child bedding

  • Cotton (100%). The most popular material, both in pure form and with the fibers in the total blend fabrics.Bed linen of cotton is not an electric shock, will not slip and stick to your body - it comfortable in any season.
  • Chintz. cotton stuffed diaper or low cost.Suitable for regular use.Minus - low wear.
  • Child bedding Satin. Light cotton fabric (twisted yarn double weave).Satin is stronger than cotton - can withstand up to three hundred of intense washes.Not crushed, comfortable skin.
  • mixed fabrics (synthetic / cotton). worth substantially less cotton, even "by eye" to find the differences will be very difficult.Cons: quickly loses appearance after washing, does not give the skin to fully breathe.
  • Calico. popular material for daily linen.More dense and hard, for example, than satin.Strong, durable, resistant to a great number of washings, and the most breathable.Minus - can shed when washing.
  • Len. most strong, wear-resistant and durable fabric.Eco-friendly, comfortable in any season, maintains optimal thermal conditions, perfectly absorbs moisture.Cons - denim for baby's skin, responds poorly to ironing, a lot of worth.
  • Child bedding Bamboo. This modern bamboo fabric has already gained popularity thanks to its unique properties - antimicrobial properties, taking care of the temperature and humidity conditions, high strength under the conditions of washing, softness.

For almost born crumbs, of course, the best choice would be satin - soft, pleasant material worthy of enduring a lot of washes.

color linen for children - what to choose?

Child bedding This criterion depends on the age and wishes of the child, as well as the style in which the decorated children's room.Win-win situation - neutral, pastel colors , in a position to sleep and stimulates the sensitive nervous system remains.Sharp scales to choose desirable.

  • Choose shades of delicate flowers - peach, beige, cream, pink, blue, sand, terracotta, ocher.
  • Child bedding For newborns should not take the laundry with prominent figures , better - with subtle or no.
  • For older kids fit underwear with their favorite cartoon characters .This lingerie will facilitate easier placing children into bed and restful sleep.And in the company of your favorite heroes baby will feel comfortable and secure.
  • Child bedding bright, contrasting colors are not conducive to rest - they are a stimulant to the nervous system.And some colors (for example, black, purple, or gray) and all are depressing, on them should be abandoned .

Recommendations regarding the selection of bed linen for children

Child bedding

  • Material bed baby clothes will subjected to frequent washing .Accordingly, it should be durable and resistant even to boiling.Based on this fact, it is better to stay on cotton, satin, flannel and linen light shades.Also note features laundry Allergy children.
  • ruffles, lace, buttons and many ribbons - this, of course, beautiful and very cute.But the beauty of this should be more careful.If it is present in the bed linen, check in advance - whether tightly sewn details, not whether to break away.Some unscrupulous manufacturers can afford to draw linen with an careful.
  • unacceptable to mount parts on the inside linen - only from the outside.
  • Make sure no electrostatic effect .
  • Pay attention filler - it should only consist of natural fibers (lint, wool).
  • Child bedding sheets with elastic bands or string not give underwear to stray when the baby stirs in his sleep.This will prevent wrinkles and folds of fabric, ensuring a restful sleep crumbs.
  • Use underwear for the season. Winter - flannel, terry cotton.Summer - satin, cotton, calico.

When choosing bedding for your crumbs rely not only on the recommendations and the visual appeal of fabric - listen to the wishes of the child .

And - sweet dreams your kids healthy!