Pregnancy 19 weeks - the development of the fetus and the woman's feeling

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20 April 2016

Midwifery Week 19 - Week 17 is the life of your baby.If a few months, it is normal middle and end of the fifth lunar month.

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  • What a woman feels?
  • changes in women
  • Fetal development
  • ultrasound photo
  • Recommendations and advice

Sensations woman at the 19th week

At this time, multiparous woman already well feel your baby move.

If you wear your first-born, that have not yet felt its perturbations.Do not worry, it is possible - you have to wait a few weeks.Yet often the woman is already feeling the quickening clear, they look like shocks and tapping.

addition to a sense of movement gorgeous baby, expectant mother there are other sensations:

  • During the period of pregnancy you typed in weight about 3-5 kg ​​.Now I feel much plumper.But this is only the beginning, for the entire period you type about 10-11 kg, and maybe more.Expectant mother already notices how she increased chest and buttocks .Tummy you already reaches the navel, and he was clearly visib
  • your hair shiny and thick steel, and the skin - sensitive.In this period, you do not need to spend much time in the sun and sunbathe because there may appear dark spots.Also, do not experiment with new makeup, it can cause an allergic reaction;
  • on the abdomen may feel itchy skin .Be careful, it can cause stretch marks, so take advantage of special cosmetics, which would warn them, because after the birth of them very difficult to get rid of.

a whole continues to the most favorable period.Your habitual way of life has not changed, even sex.Do you still go to work and do all the loads that you can still manage.

And almost all the sensations that you are experiencing, you can call temporary inconvenience , namely:

  • Pain in the lower abdomen and pelvis;
  • Breathlessness and suffocation;
  • discharge from the breasts;
  • Nasal congestion;
  • drops in blood pressure;
  • Heartburn, bloating, constipation;
  • leg cramps;
  • Vaginal discharge;
  • Bleeding gums;
  • forgetfulness and distraction.

reviews on the forums:


We are at the 19th week.I feel great.Wiggling until you feel, but look forward to them.


feels great.I was looking forward to the first stirring, and when the baby moved first, did not understand what happened.There was a feeling that the stomach jump soap bubbles.


little sore back.A few days later we go to the US, I hope, know who we will be.


I'm a little worried.I already 19 th week, but I had no tummy is growing and I do not feel perturbations.


That began 19 weeks.A week ago, I began to feel her baby.It's just great, I'm so happy.

What happens in the body at the 19th week?

  • In this period, you began to experience some discomfort associated with an increase in the abdomen.Now night you can not go backwards on my stomach , except now you pretty difficult to take a comfortable position to sleep.Many doctors recommend sleeping on your left side and put it under his leg and thigh pad;
  • 19 minutes a week a failed motion may appear severe pain in his side, often in the right .If you change position, they pass quickly.Their reason is they stretch ligaments of the uterus.Such pain is not dangerous for the baby not the mother.What they were not, use prenatal bandage , which will also help you prevent stretch marks;
  • At this period in a woman may increase the allocation of cables , this is due to a very quick update of the epithelium in the vagina and the high levels of hormones.Also, a woman can begin to bother sweating, bleeding and sore gums, tooth decay.Therefore planned visit a dentist.Very often women in this period complaining of malaise, dizziness, headaches and low blood pressure;
  • your overall weight has increased somewhere at 3 kg, and maybe more.This is due to the fact that the early lines of early toxicity fault you're a little lost weight.Whatever was now catering for you is very important, because if you're wrong to eat the risk of overweight.And do not forget that you need to provide your baby with all necessary materials.

development of the fetus in the 19th week

It - 17th week of your baby's life.He now weighs about 300g, and its height is 25 cm.

At this stage, systems and organs of your baby are at a stage of development:

  • baby skin is still wrinkled, but not so red and thin .Her wrinkles are protected syrovidnoy grease.Gradually begins to form subcutaneous fat, which will be a very valuable source of energy in the first days after birth.Primarily subcutaneous fat is stored in the neck, kidney and breast;
  • actively developing central nervous system of the child and between nerve cells there are numerous communication increases the cerebral cortex.Through this reflex activity of the child becomes more complicated.He moves the arms and legs, sucks, swallows, blinks, frowns, grimaces, gasps and looks.Kid reacts to loud sounds, the sudden shouts and the noise starts, and at the sound of quiet music or in silence settles down;
  • digestive system of the baby every day becoming more and more perfect .The intestine starts to accumulate original cal - Micon, which consists of peeling intestinal cells, dead cells of the skin epithelium, bile that to get along with the ingestion of amniotic fluid;
  • baby's kidneys begin to work , they actively withdrawn his urine;
  • have already completed the development of fetal lung .

In general, almost all organs and systems of the baby is already formed and started to work.But still, the child has no chance of survival if he decides to come to light, because it is very vulnerable.Young mum must carefully monitor their health, because harmful effects on the child's body can lead to the development of pathologies.

ultrasound at the 19th week, photos of the fetus, the mother's belly Photo

Almost all women are at 19 week ultrasound, because it makes the second line screening.This is - one of the most fascinating studies in the second trimester of pregnancy, because the size of the fetus still allows him to fit completely on the screen.

Also in this period doctor can tell you the exact gender of the baby.

Ultrasound 19 Weeks Pregnant

ultrasound 19 weeks

Photo fetal ultrasound at the 19th week

Photo fetal ultrasound in the 19th week

It looks like the belly expectant mother at time of 19 weeks

It looks like the belly expectant mother in the 19 weeks

Photos of the fetus at the 19th week of obstetric

Photo fetus at 19th week obstetric

Video: What happens at the nineteenth week of pregnancy ?

Video: ultrasound at the 19th week

recommendations and advice for the expectant mother

  • In this period many women worried about back pain, so doctors recommend starting wearing prenatal bandage .They are of two kinds: a bandage pants and a bandage belt.First you need to dress just lying down, it captures not only the stomach, but also the uterus.Bondage waist support abdomen, it can be put on and standing, and lying, and sitting.With any band must be every three hours to do a half-hour break;
  • Also at the 19th week is often difficult for women to find a comfortable position to sleep. recommended to sleep on your left side , and that would be more convenient buy a special pillow for pregnant , which later will come in handy for feeding;
  • And of course do not forget about proper nutrition , in fact now depends on whether all the necessary trace elements your child will receive.
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And what you feel at the 19th week?Share your feelings with us!