How to distinguish a month from implantation bleeding?

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24 April 2016

Implantation bleeding usually occurs a week before the expected menstruation.Bloody neobilnye allocation after ovulation is likely to talk about the possibility of conception.But such separation immediately prior to the expected menstrual period suggest otherwise.

What is implantation bleeding?

Implantation bleeding - it minor bleeding , which occurs at the time of how a fertilized egg in the uterine wall gets used.This phenomenon does not occur with all women.And in most cases, can remain unnoticed altogether.

In fact, implantation bleeding - it's just not abundant selection pink or brown .Their length is from several hours to several days (in rare cases).For this reason, it is usually left unnoticed or is taken for the beginning of menstruation.

However, pay attention to the pronounced spotting, as they may be caused by other reasons.Among them can be miscarriage in early pregnancy or dysfunctional uterine bleeding.

As there is bleeding at implantation

Implantation bleeding i

s one of the early signs of pregnancy.It comes even before a woman finds the delay menstruation.It should be noted that implantation bleeding does not affect the course of pregnancy in general.About 3% of women experience this phenomenon and take it for menstruation, and soon learned that are already pregnant.

Fertilization takes place in the already matured egg, that is, during or after ovulation.Ovulation is in the middle of the cycle.

For example, if the cycle is 30 days, ovulation occurs on day 13-16, and about 10 days is required for the migration of mature egg to the uterus through the pipes.Accordingly, the implantation of the egg in the uterine wall takes about 23-28 day cycle.

turns out that implantation bleeding occurs just shortly before the expected menstruation.

itself implantation bleeding is perfectly normal natural phenomenon for the female body, for attachment to the egg to the uterus begins a global hormonal changes.The main thing - time to distinguish it from other possible vaginal bleeding.

Signs of implantation bleeding

  • should pay attention to the nature of the discharge .Typically, implant selection and scant color lighter or darker than normal menstruation.Spotting associated with the partial destruction of the vascular wall of the uterus during implantation.
  • necessary to listen to the sensations in the abdomen .Usually associated with the implantation of the weak "nagging" pain in the abdomen.This is due to spasm of the muscles of the uterus during implantation of the egg.
  • If you're keeping basal temperature , check your schedule.If pregnancy occurs the temperature rises to 37.1 - 37.3.However, it should be noted that at 7 days after ovulation may be a decrease in temperature that indicates pregnancy.
  • If you're menstruation calendar , note the date of last menstrual period.With stable cycle in 28-30 days, ovulation occurs on day 14-16.If the egg is successfully fertilized, implantation occurs within 10 days after ovulation.Therefore, we can easily calculate the expected date of implantation.
  • Note whether you have unprotected sex for a couple of days before and after ovulation.These days are very favorable for conception.

How to distinguish menstrual bleeding implantation?

Character discharge

menstruation usually begins with scant secretions, which then become more abundant.However, in very rare cases, implantation bleeding occurs just before menstruation or during it.Then you need to pay attention to the color and profusion of menstruation.

If there is bleeding to be sure you can take a pregnancy test.It can be done already in 8-10 days after ovulation.It is likely that the result will be positive.

What else can confuse implantation bleeding?

Bloody neobilnye isolation in the middle of the menstrual cycle can also talk about the following diseases:

  • infections, sexually transmitted (chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis).
  • Bacterial vaginosis and endometriosis may be accompanied by spotting.
  • If selection cutting accompanied by abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea and dizziness, you should suspect an ectopic pregnancy , and miscarriage.
  • also highlight can talk about hormonal dysfunction , inflammation of the uterus or appendages , damaged during intercourse .

In all the above cases, you should immediately seek medical help.

Reviews women on this issue


Girls, tell me, who knows about implantation bleeding?Monthly I should start in 10 days, but today found on the panties drop of blood in clear phlegm, and stomach all day whining like before menstruation.This month felt good ovulation.Yes, and my husband and I tried to get it.Just do not talk about tests and blood tests, this has never happened.Sexual intercourse was 11,14,15 days of the cycle.Today the 20th day.


Similar isolation sometimes during ovulation happen.


I last month, the same thing happened, and now I have a huge delay and a lot of negative tests ...


I was so on the 10th day after intercourse.This happens when the fertilized egg attaches to the uterine wall.


It happens quite often.The main thing is not to rush time - earlier still do not know!Ovulation bleeding can occur just as implantation.


You need to measure the basal temperature in the morning, preferably at the same time, not getting up, if the temperature is above 36,8-37,0 month and will not come.And it will last at least a week, so it was implantation bleeding and you can congratulate pregnancy.


I've also exactly 6 days there was a drop of rose-brown discharge hopefully pregnant.And I have some heat in the abdomen, can happen to anyone is it?


also recently appeared two brownish stains, and then a little pinkish blood.Breasts swollen, sometimes felt a nagging pain in the abdomen, to monthly 3-4 days ...


I so happened that on the 6th day after intercourse in the evening appeared pinkish discharge.I was very scared of this, 3 months ago, I had a miscarriage.Yet the next day a little bit brownish anointed, and then it was clean.Nipples began to ache.Do the test after 14 days, the result is negative.Now here I am suffering, not knowing pregnant, or maybe it's something else.And the delay can not determine exactly, since the sexual act was a couple of days before the expected menstruation.


On the fifth day of the delay, I did a test, which was positive ... I was very happy and immediately ran to the doctor to confirm a pregnancy as to whether or not ... yet there the doctor drove me to the chair and during the inspection insidefound blood ... the blood of her confused, I was sent to the hospital.The result was the appearance of blood 3 options: either this month began or began miscarriage or implantation of the ovum.To make US and analyzes.My pregnancy was confirmed.Blood was no more.It turned out that it really was the implantation, but if I did not go for a visit to the doctor and found out she did not have blood, I would have never guessed the manifestation of implantation bleeding.As I understand, if implanted, the blood should be quite a bit.


I had implantation bleeding.Only it looked more like a small streaks of blood may be as spotting.It happened on the 7th day after ovulation.I then measured the basal temperature.So, during implantation can still happen implantation drop basal temperature.This means that it falls to 0.2-0.4 degrees, and then rises again.What I have and what happened.


And I implantation occurred seven days after ovulation, and thus sexual intercourse.In the morning I found blood, but not brown, and light red selection, they quickly passed and now all the time pulling the stomach and back.Chest hurt, but almost gone.So I hope that's all it was implantation bleeding.


I have a week before the monthly evening was bleeding like monthly begun.I was scared terribly easy!This had not happened!I did not know what to think!But in the morning there was nothing there.I make an appointment with a gynecologist, but he was appointed only a week.The husband consulted with someone and he said that maybe I was pregnant, and we're all spoiled intercourse and had a miscarriage ... I was disappointed in earnest.The husband then I calmed as he could!He promised that try again.A week later, menstruation did not come, but the pregnancy test was positive!So I went to the gynecologist has to get registered.