The list of things for walks with the child in the summer - what to buy for the birth of the baby for a walk?

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28 March 2016

babies also love to walk and always enjoyed a little adventure.Although the baby is still in a wheelchair, he can watch the animals run past, listen to the chirping of birds and the rustle of leaves.Well, the most interesting thing he can recognize you and learn new people - their future environment.

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So, that can be useful for a walk with a child in the summer?

What to buy for walking with a newborn

to walk with a newborn has been a pleasure, it is necessary to prepare all the necessary things, and before going out to put them in a bag for moms, which is attached to the stroller.

  • bottle of water to drink
    If your baby is on a mixed or artificial feeding, it is necessary to provide vodichku to not have to go to the store, with its inaccessible stairs or doors.So, in advance, prepare a bottle of drinking water or filtered home.
  • Headdress sun for mother and child, at the request of - sun glasses
    Sunny useful only in small quantities, which is enough t
    o obtain a light tan and the importance of vitamin D. In the summer is necessary to protect the delicate skin of the child, which readily reactsoverheating in the form of sunburn or sunstroke.
    selection of children's hats is great: scarves, bandanas, waistcoats, caps, hats - choose what your darling please.And do not forget about yourself, because this will be a good example for your child.
  • Mini kit
    Perhaps this kit is useful to you or others, but the birth of a child a set of easy to put into the carriage.You want to have a reputation as the most prudent mom?In miniaptechke to walk a newborn baby can be: a means for healing wounds, patches antibacterial tea tree oil, iodine marker, hydrogen peroxide, bandages, anti-drug and heart drops.See also: Home first aid kit for newborn baby - what to buy in the first aid kit for the baby?
  • Antibacterial wet wipes
    fight against "dirty hands" - the first rule for the prevention of infectious diseases, according to experts.Do not forget to wipe your hands with antibacterial wipes before you touch anything that will touch your baby's mouth.For example, his fingers, pacifiers, bottles, rattles.
  • Toys
    Given the small age of the baby, preferably take small soft toys or rattles, Tweeters voiced at the carriage and pen.The main thing - choose only high-quality, certified toys that do not injure the child, and will not cause an allergic reaction.
  • useful snack
    until the baby does not eat regular food, you can take food only for themselves.Thus, you can, slowly, eat until your child is considering the neighborhood.If you are on a diet nursing moms, the food should be healthy and light, but - not to replace the volume for a full lunch or dinner.Apples, bananas, juice, yogurt or curds, whole-grain breads, sandwiches with vegetables and cheese.Well, and, of course, do not forget to vodichku himself in a bottle or tea in a thermos.
  • change of clothes for the cold snap or warming
    Let nothing harm your walk and do not spoil the mood of the already filled head!Take the rain slicker for themselves and for carriage from the cold - light jacket, and from the heat - a removable top.
  • Mobile phone with headphones
    Oh, that - irreplaceable thing for mothers who have given birth only!This is a serious communication with the outside world will help prevent postpartum depression or long adaptation to sudden changes in your life.

  • camera can take high-quality images to separate or take pictures while walking on a camera phone.Some moms an exciting experience turns into a hobby for the coming years.
  • Plaid
    soft blanket handy for a picnic, relax and crawling through the grass.And if cold, it can be used as a blanket in the stroller.Choose fleece blankets - they are light, resistant to dirt, good breathable and easy to wash.You can still buy a special blanket to nature with a waterproof base.
  • and Pampers disposable diapers
    couple of diapers and disposable diapers, believe, could be useful.Firstly, the diaper may leak, and thus useful diaper.Secondly, in the heat we consume and allocate more fluid, so the baby diaper needs to be changed as often as possible.
  • Sling
    Feedback from experienced mothers, sling - an indispensable tool for a walk with the baby.He will easily feed breast ukachat or show the baby carriage outside world.Also, you will be prepared for the situation with the shutdown of the elevator or impossible for wheelchair entry.

We hope that our detailed list of prompts, what to buy for the birth of the baby for a walk with him outside in the warmer months .

Keep your good mood, and enjoy walks with a newborn - and the winter and summer !