Three main types of relations of adults to children - which one in your family?

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29 March 2016

relationship between children and parents - a basis of a future life of the child.Much depends on the future of the children, what are the relationships within the family, and whether they are successful.Today there are three main types of relationships between adults and children that reflect the basic situation of the family.

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So, what types of relationships adults and children have families at all, and what type of relationship it has developed in your family?

Types of relations of adults and children in the family

  1. liberal type of relationship of adults and children is inherent in most democratic families
    This type of relationship is based on the fact that parents - authority, but they listen to the views of their child, and take it into account.In a family where there is a liberal type of communication, child to maintain discipline and certain rules, but he knows that his parents always listen and support.
    Types of relations of adults and children in the family
    Children who grew up in such a family, usually
    very responsive, able to control myself, independent, confident .
    This type of communication in the family is considered to be very effective , as it helps not to lose contact with the child.
  2. permissive type of relationship with adult children - the anarchic style of family life
    In a family where there is permissive style of communication, most often thrives anarchy, as the child is given too much freedom.The child becomes dictator for their own parents and does not accept anyone in your family seriously.Parents in such families often much pampered children and allow them to more than allow the other children.
    first consequences of such a communication in the family will begin immediately after the child goes to the garden.In kindergartens there are clear rules, and children in such families are not used at all to any rules .
    Types of relations of adults and children in the family
    The older child will become grown in "permissive family," the greater the problems.These children are not accustomed to limitations and believe that they can do whatever they want.
    If the parent wants to maintain good relations with the child, should set boundaries for the child and make comply with the rules of conduct.You can not begin to scold a child when you are already tired of his disobedience.This is best done when you are calm and able to explain, without unnecessary emotions - this will help the child to understand what exactly do you expect from him.
  3. authoritarian type of relationship of adults and children in the family is based on a strict subordination and violence
    This type of relationship implies that parents too much to expect from their kids .The children in such a family is usually very low self-esteem , sometimes they occur complexes about their abilities, their appearance.Parents in such families behave freely and fully confident in his authority.They believe that children should fully obey them .And quite often the case that a parent can not even explain their demands, but simply puts pressure on your child's authority.See also: The negative consequences of family conflict for the child.
    Types of relations of adults and children in the family
    For faults and improper child severely punished .And sometimes punished for no reason - just because the parents do not have the mood.Reputable parents do not show feelings for her child , so it is often children begin to doubt - whether they like it at all.Such parents not give the child the right to choose (often even a spouse and work - choice of parents).Children of authoritative parents used to unquestioningly obey , therefore, at school and at work it pretty hard - in groups of weak people do not like.

In its pure form, these types of relationships can be found very rarely. most often in families combine several styles of communication .Father may be authoritarian, and my mother adheres to "democracy" and freedom of choice.

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In any case, children absorb all the "fruits" of communication and education - and parents should always remember about it.

And what type of relationship formed adults and children in your family and how you solve the problem?We appreciate your feedback!